Ethics of Advertising

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Is this advertising (product placement), the writer asked, ethical for a news show? In the answer to this question Chuck Klosterman, the ethicist, says that the display of a logo or the mention of a particular designer’s name does not constitute advertisement if there is no payment and if the person has no intention of advertising. Advertising ethics of advertising product placementIn a recent article of The Ethicist in the NYTimes ( [link]. )

Stop Advertising and Start Communicating

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Businesses who use old media advertise at us instead of communicating with us. I want to be in a conversation with you, not be a target for advertising. Tags: Advertising Communication Facebook Twitter

Conde Nast - Shift from Advertising to Paywall

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More recently Conde Nast had relied on advertising for about 70% of revenue. With Google and Facebook sucking in so much advertising, it has been difficult for other publishers to earn enough from ads. Will this represent a major trend in publishing?

Trumpism - Will It Be Death of Advertising

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  That's so much the situation that the panel on last night's "Gillmor Gang" speculated if Trumpism will be the death of advertising, as we know it. And, so, why purchase advertising? The technology for this shift away from advertising is already in-place.

Ugly Advertising - Not New, But Highly Sticky in Era of Slick

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Taco Bell, Beto O'Rourke, and General Mills are among those using what is called "Ugly Advertising."  Those who know the history of marketing understand the power of subpar advertising.

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Advertiser or Expert?

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I’ve been preaching the “expert first&# idea for a long time, so excuse me if I’m repeating myself. If a client’s first impression of you was: a) reading your article in an industry mag. b) seeing a print ad for your business which do you think would have more impact?

BuzzFeed Cuts 100 - Google, Facebook Own Digital Advertising

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Media properties, such as Buzzfeed, which depend on digital advertising for a significant portion of revenue have to re-think their business models.   Essentially, Google and Facebook own the digital advertising territory.

Snap Offers Instagram Advertisers Free Ad Space (another aggressive move against Facebook)

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  And, also, it has turned aggressive in trying to poach advertisers from Instagram and other competitors. " To take advantage of this offer, advertisers go to the Snap online application.

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Public Speaking - Advertising Humor

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Advertising is the fine art of making you think you have longed for something all your life that you never heard of before. Advertising is the fine art of convincing people that debt is better than frustration. Advertising is the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it. Advertising is like marriage. In good times business people want to advertise. Samson had the right idea about advertising.

Presentation Props - Advertisements

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Besides having really funny headlines from newspapers and magazines, the books have lots of blooper advertisements along with commentary from Jay. You can concoct fake ads, or use real ads that are funny in your presentation. They can be read aloud, projected, or distributed as handouts.

Kardashians, et al. - Will Truth in Advertising Blow Up Alleged Paid Social-Media Influencer Game

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The folks in Truth in Advertising have sprung into action. They want the influencer type of advertising explicitly labeled as such. There was no ambiguity about what was advertising. Truth in Advertising needs to assign some mystery shoppers to answer those help-wanted.

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Facebook: Baby Boomers Take Over, Implications for Advertisers

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  Advertisers can make a bundle pitching to us. TECH CRUNCH has joined the media conga line documenting that teens in developed economies have lost their obsession with Facebook and are currently addicted to SnapChat and Twitter.  But overall use of Facebok is still high.

The iPhone 4 Camera Is As Good As Advertised

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Good advice for advertising & good advice for speechwriting

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I’ve long admired advertising genius David Ogilvy. When I was in the account executive training program at Wells Rich Greene Advertising in NYC, I tried to learn as much as possible about communication. And one thing I learned? Heed David Ogilvy. Here’s an Ogilvy quote I’ve used as a mantra for my speechwriting business: “Some […]. Speechwriting

"Hulk Hogan v Gawker" - Would you advertise on that gossip site, hire former staff?

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What could kill of Gawker, way before the legalities are over, is the pull-back from deep pockets to advertise on Gawker. No surprise, the Florida-based trial of "Hulk Hogan v Gawker" is receiving heavy media coverage.

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Twitter: Is it too sophisticated for lots and lots of mainstream advertising?

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But niche players, unlike Facebook, are only able to attract a limited number of advertisers. Also, there could be more targeted pitching to potential advertisers which would be the ideal fit for appearing in Twitter.

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Display Advertising: Dog fight on digital by digitals

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

AOL, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook are all going after those display ads which are large, attention-getting, and dominate web pages.    Reuters  reports that in this dog fight by digitals, Facebook is doing better and better and AOL is losing its share of that piece of ad dollars. 

Name your price: the curious language of television advertising

Max Atkinson

More and more British television advertisements are referring to prices in a way that bears little or no relationship to the way we talk about prices in everyday life. Tags: O'Barr Language of advertising

Ch. 32: Advertising and Promotion (Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing)

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Advertising is ubiquitous, but ask freelance writers if they advertise their services and they look at you as though you are daft. Spend money promoting my business? Why would I? I am a freelance writer!” Beyond spending money on business cards and maybe a website, most writers do not spend money promoting their businesses. The number of writers I meet who do not yet have websites constantly surprises me. Yes, it costs money to register a website address.

Micro Targeting: Facebook launches zip code advertising, sponsored articles

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  According to the features of this new tool, reports Ben Smith in POLITICO : " advertisers can cause their ads and sponsored stories to appear only for users and in specified zip codes." Call it part of the 80/20 or Pareto law.    That means that 80% of our whatever - revenues, leads, or votes - comes from 20% of the pool of whatever - customers, clients, or eligible voters.    The right zip code can get you right in to the 20%. 

Advertising: It's back and shock shock, especially on TV

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Advertising is not only back.  Advertising is also thriving on the Internet.    Unlike in previous downturns, it's leading the recovery rather than being a laggard.    That's what THE ECONOMIST reports.    There's another surprise.    Television is where a lot of the current ad dollars are growing.    Nielsen found that the average American spends 158 hours per month watching TV. 

THE Executive Speech Coach, Great Advertising, Best Copywriter

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Gene Schwartz was one of the greatest advertising writers who ever lived. Bob Bly is one of country's best copywriters. This is from his newsletter. Yet he eschewed the so-called creativity of Madison Avenue, and many of his ads were written using formulas. Here are 10 of his favorite ad writing formulas: 1-Numbered lists. Example: "The Seven Deadliest Crimes Against Yourself." " 2-How-to headlines. Example: "How to Make Anybody Like You!" " 3-Secrets.

Quinnipac Law Student Advertises Soul for $100K: Success Gen Implodes

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  And, simultaneously, a law student at Quinnipiac, just down the road from me, is advertising the sale of his soul for $100,000.  This is just the beginning of the implosion of the Success Generation.    They planned their lives for that one goal.    And in a linear fashion:  The right schools, the right tutoring for standardized tests, the right courses, the right networks, the right internships/summer jobs, and the right persona. 

Are the Belgians Trolling American Beer Drinkers?

Dahle Communication

Advertising Beer Communication MessagingI know it's been sometime since I've posted here (is a 3 year hiatus a bad thing.) but I've been wanting to get back into writing more consistently, so why not talk about beer. And not just any beer, but America!

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Ad in books? Of course, if we consider advertising a form of art

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Also, if we consider advertising a form of art, though the art would probably be pop culture, a book might be the right place to house it.  This is an innovation which Don Draper from "Mad Men" might have thought up: ads in books.   Those are technologically possible now that the standard book will be digital.    It might also be necessary if authors and everyone else in the book loop will be fairly compensated. 

Effective use of Twitter by businesses

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While the Gas Stop threw in some advertising, they were making it personal by saying - 'hey, we've also got retro coke and its on sale." Advertising Communication Twitter

Tiger Woods and President Obama

Matt Eventoff

A week after the crisis began, with no response from Tiger, cracks in the empire are showing – sponsors are leaving , advertisements are getting pulled , etc. . Define yourself before your opponent, or anyone else defines you (and if you don’t define yourself first, someone WILL take the opportunity to define you).

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Dr Pepper Ten - is it manly or offending?

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Maybe its because I'm the only guy in a house with 3 other women or I'm just secure enough of a man, but I just don't get the whole "manly" advertising of some companies. The latest attempt at advertising directly to men is Dr. Pepper Ten.

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Mitt Romney refusing to do More Interviews Until After the election?

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Rush Limbaugh Show Survives

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Are the Belgians Trolling American Beer Drinkers?

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Advertising Beer Communication MessagingI know it's been sometime since I've posted here (is a 3 year hiatus a bad thing.) but I've been wanting to get back into writing more consistently, so why not talk about beer. And not just any beer, but America! In case you haven't heard, this summer, Budweiser is changing it's name to America until the end of the election in November. No I'm not kidding. This is a real thing that is happening.

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End of publishing, advertising, publicity as we've known it - Legal Services too

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The digital revolution has not only turned publishing, advertising, and publicity as we've known them on their ear.  Those of us feeling sorry for ourselves might cheer up that we have more and more company in: Change or die.    It's also beginning to upend the staid profession and business of law.    The brutal and widespread layoffs among lawyers, including partners, are not just a result of the economic downturn. 

Cats have 9 lives. Do Tigers*?

Matt Eventoff

*Pardon the joke, and I believe that this Tiger can still resurrect his career. Even a gas leak at his home is newsworthy ! It is impossible to escape the nonstop headlines , blog posts and breaking cable news stories about Tiger Woods and his alleged dalliances. Every day (often every hour) brings new allegations, rumors, stories and general drama. . From a crisis management standpoint, I believe that this week has been Tiger’s best.

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Know Your Audience - IBM marketing should read this article

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With any form of advertising or marketing, you need to know your audience. Tags: Advertising IBM listening Marketing ppt Presentations Public Speaking An important feature when speaking is knowing who your audience is.

John McCain: Citizens United Is ‘Worst Decision Ever’ … ‘Money Is Money,’ Not Free Speech – Huffpo

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Can Focus Be Financially Fatal?

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Day 3 of the previously advertised 51 Day Challenge. My outcomes, and today's podcast, are below

A fee, some tea - and advertising for free!

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

Obama Campaign Unleashes new Big Bird Anti-Romney Ad

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Obama Is Even in TV Ad Race Despite PACs

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Stephanie Cutter Is a Messenger Who Does the Shooting for Obama – NYTimes

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Super Bowl Ads Just Ain’t What They Used to Be

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Advertising Marketing Super BowlThe following is a guest post by Brett Duncan of Marketing In Progress. I love Brett's stuff and he has been gracious enough to do a guest post here.   I must be getting old, because I find myself looking back on the “good ol’ days” at a much higher frequency than ever before. And I’m about to spring it on the ads for this year’s Super Bowl.

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Tiger Woods is Right

Matt Eventoff

Tags: Uncategorized Accenture must be wondering if their Tiger Woods advertisements are turning into a very expensive joke Chevron World Challenge Elin Nordegren media strategy jaimee grubbs Mark Steinberg Rachel Uchitel tiger woods img tiger woods media strategy tiger woods media training tiger woods presentation skills tiger woods public speaking Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress Woods' agent

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How do you communicate with someone you disagree with?

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