Make your talk better with practice and memorization

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At most conferences, you get a mix of people reading from PowerPoint decks, using teleprompters, or simply ad-libbing around loose outlines. From the article: All the live practice began to reshape the talk itself. This, too, comes easier with practice.

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Why memorizing your high-stakes speech frees you: Sen. Amy Klobuchar

The Eloquent Woman

Just ask U.S. Did you ad-lib? I completely ad-libbed because I decided if they were having technological problems… Too often, I see speakers look at memorizing your speech as something awful--limiting, structured, nervous-making.

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7 little-known facts about the teleprompter

The Eloquent Woman

Former U.S. His ad-libs prompted him to explain that the device would need to restart--cluing the audience in to the device for the first time, live. In the New York Times obituary for teleprompter inventor Hubert J. Schlafly, Jr.,

Melting Speaker's Brain Freeze: The Show Must Go On.

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He had been sailing along through his story, and abruptly broke out of his speaking mode, standing up straight and proclaiming "Wow - I've practiced this speech so many times, and now it's just gone. Push Through Practice - most people stop and start when they practice.

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I ad- libbed, “I guess I won’t toss a bag to a lady if a guy as big as you can’t open that.&# Practice makes us better so I’m grateful to each of my SHOUT OUTS for the practice they provided.

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Trust Me. Give Your Speech, Change the World.

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It has to do with transparency of motive and intention or when people show us their hearts.“ You say that “leaders who rely on ad-libbing and improvisation risk looking unprepared and stilted”. And that leaders need to practice to look spontaneous.

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Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

Most of us have an opportunity to speak, perhaps at your industry event, or your companys sales conference, or to a local club. Prepare and practice. A lot of times here in the US, you tend to get an audience who feels that the conference is a venue for them to "work" Great stuff David. I was curious though, as an experienced speaker, when you were first starting out how many times would you practice your presentation before your speaking engagement?

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