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He had been sailing along through his story, and abruptly broke out of his speaking mode, standing up straight and proclaiming "Wow - I've practiced this speech so many times, and now it's just gone. It's your speech, filled with your stories, and your ideas.

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How to give a great ignite talk

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This is super short, which means it’s easy to practice. There is no excuse for not practicing until it feels good. Practice with a timer before you make a single slide. When you practice, practice breathing. Pick strong stories and big themes.

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Speak and Deliver

During my presentation, I told a story about the power of gratitude in building strong business relationships. A woman raised her hand and asked if she could tell a quick story related to my topic.

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Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

Tell stories. When someone says: "Let me tell you a story.," Stories are exciting. Open with a story. Tell stories to illustrate your point. Its fascinating to see an audience sit up and pay attention when you start to tell a story on the stage. Prepare and practice. I was curious though, as an experienced speaker, when you were first starting out how many times would you practice your presentation before your speaking engagement?

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