Make your talk better with practice and memorization

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At most conferences, you get a mix of people reading from PowerPoint decks, using teleprompters, or simply ad-libbing around loose outlines. From the article: All the live practice began to reshape the talk itself. This, too, comes easier with practice.

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Why memorizing your high-stakes speech frees you: Sen. Amy Klobuchar

The Eloquent Woman

Did you ad-lib? I completely ad-libbed because I decided if they were having technological problems… Too often, I see speakers look at memorizing your speech as something awful--limiting, structured, nervous-making.

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The 135 Rule


But he also liked to ad-lib. The 135 Rule lasts as long as the first practice. So if you can be in the room – with a stopwatch – when the speaker practices, do it. Heres a question that comes up nearly every week from someone: How much do I need to write for a speech of XX minutes? Seems like an innocent question. Unfortunately, reality and experience suggest otherwise.

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Gestures - 7 Questions Before You Make a Move

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For the most part, these gestures are planned, though I'm sure one can spontaneously ad-lib a practiced move with experience. Planned gestures only look wooden, mistimed, and over-the-top when they are poorly planned and under-practiced.

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Trust Me. Give Your Speech, Change the World.

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You say that “leaders who rely on ad-libbing and improvisation risk looking unprepared and stilted”. And that leaders need to practice to look spontaneous. What you think is a tantalizing blog title, is in reality the titles of two of Nick Morgan’s books.

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7 little-known facts about the teleprompter

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His ad-libs prompted him to explain that the device would need to restart--cluing the audience in to the device for the first time, live. In the New York Times obituary for teleprompter inventor Hubert J. Schlafly, Jr.,

Public Speaking - No Backfires Please

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When staging a practical joke you must plan the many details carefully. Even if you plan the joke carefully, once the person or group is "on stage" they must be able to ad lib and adjust to whatever situation arises.

How to give a great ignite talk

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This is super short, which means it’s easy to practice. There is no excuse for not practicing until it feels good. Practice with a timer before you make a single slide. When you practice, practice breathing.

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Melting Speaker's Brain Freeze: The Show Must Go On.

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He had been sailing along through his story, and abruptly broke out of his speaking mode, standing up straight and proclaiming "Wow - I've practiced this speech so many times, and now it's just gone. Push Through Practice - most people stop and start when they practice.

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Ronald Reagan's master class on how to cope when the teleprompter lets you down

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But it only took three seconds for the 'great communicator' to see the problem and come up with a solution: an unscripted ad lib - "In the." TWO PRACTICAL TIPS FROM THE MAESTRO Quick though his recovery was, it lasted long enough for me to wory about two things before he carried on.

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I ad- libbed, “I guess I won’t toss a bag to a lady if a guy as big as you can’t open that.&# Practice makes us better so I’m grateful to each of my SHOUT OUTS for the practice they provided.

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Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

Prepare and practice. I was curious though, as an experienced speaker, when you were first starting out how many times would you practice your presentation before your speaking engagement? Practice in front of a webcam? They used to do a practice called table topics where you would learn to speak on the fly about any object, subject or situation that was presented to you.

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Rands In Repose: Keynote Kung-fu Two

That seven-slide deck that turned into an hour of ad-libbed brilliance. How To Not Throw Up and Out Loud walk you through the basics of constructing and practicing your presentation, but there’s more to say about Keynote because, as with any well-designed tool, the more you use it, the better you get and the more layers of awesomeness you will find. In your practicing, you’re going to know the regular flow of your deck, but what about when you screw up?