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At most conferences, you get a mix of people reading from PowerPoint decks, using teleprompters, or simply ad-libbing around loose outlines. Mind you, there's not a thing wrong with reading from a text.except that it's not what I've come to expect from TED.

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The 135 Rule


But he also liked to ad-lib. They’ve already built in a “the speaker will stop here” mindset and when the speaker goes past that – when they’ve violated that audience expectation – the audience tends to tune them out. The 135 Rule lasts as long as the first practice. So if you can be in the room – with a stopwatch – when the speaker practices, do it.

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Ronald Reagan's master class on how to cope when the teleprompter lets you down

Max Atkinson

little expecting the potential disaster awaiting him about half a minute into the speech. But it only took three seconds for the 'great communicator' to see the problem and come up with a solution: an unscripted ad lib - "In the." TWO PRACTICAL TIPS FROM THE MAESTRO Quick though his recovery was, it lasted long enough for me to wory about two things before he carried on.

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