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Public speaking, media training, presentation training, crisis communications Home Live Video About TJ Products & Services FAQs « Excessive Blinking on TV Chris Brown’s Tantrum at Good Morning America » Planning Your Way to the Ad-Lib To ad lib is to speak without planning, to be spontaneous. But I’ve noticed that many executives have a curious understanding as to what an ad-lib speech or presentation is.

Public Speaking: False Guest Speaker Gag

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A better version includes a presentation that is customized for the group. Really good speakers open up the microphone for a question and answer session in which they ad-lib or give pre-written comical answers to expected or planted questions. One thing to avoid, unless you are really good at ad-libbing, is being pinned down before the program on questions you couldn't possibly answer. One of my favorite gags is the false guest speaker.

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Public Speaking: Malaprops, Parody and Funny Words

Great Public Speaking

In public speaking, adding malaprops to your presentation can make the members of your audience stop and question what they think you said and what you actually said. The way to acknowledge your mistake is to use an ad-lib or quotation to make fun of yourself. Select a well-known song and change the words to customize it to the audience. Public speakers say many words over their careers.

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I ad- libbed, “I guess I won’t toss a bag to a lady if a guy as big as you can’t open that.&# networking, relationship building, customer loyalty, gratitude, social media, entrepreneurship, communication, sales and marketing.

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Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

Even if you’re asked to speak about your company or your products, make it about your customers or the problem you solve instead. This was great for learning to ad-lib when you need it but I also agree with your statements of be organized, focused, back up files and don't use PowerPoint as a crutch. Each presentation was slightly different but each looked like it had been totally customized for the audience.

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Rands In Repose: Keynote Kung-fu Two

That seven-slide deck that turned into an hour of ad-libbed brilliance. Rather than building a custom layout for each new slide, I stick to using this default layout as much as possible for early drafts. Multiple inspectors: Keynote added an additional mini-toolbar, which includes many of the common inspector options, and I use it a ton, but I still need the inspector window.