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At most conferences, you get a mix of people reading from PowerPoint decks, using teleprompters, or simply ad-libbing around loose outlines. As speaker coach at the TEDMED conference, I can attest that memorizing the talks is the most-feared part of the process for speakers.

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The 135 Rule


But he also liked to ad-lib. When a speaker goes beyond their allotted time on a conference agenda, it not only frustrates the audience it makes it harder for them to hear the speaker’s message, especially the close. Going over your time slot is also a great way to make conference organizers upset, in case you were ever hoping to be invited back!). The 135 Rule lasts as long as the first practice.

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I ad- libbed, “I guess I won’t toss a bag to a lady if a guy as big as you can’t open that.&# Practice makes us better so I’m grateful to each of my SHOUT OUTS for the practice they provided.

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Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

About Subscribe to this blogs feed Blog powered by TypePad Member since 12/2004 « Pay whatever your AIIM membership is worth to you | Main | Presentation 201: Why public speaking is like billiards » Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking Ive been to something like one hundred conferences and corporate events in the past several years as I travel the world delivering keynotes and running seminars. Know the conference organizers goals. Prepare and practice.

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