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6 Reasons Why You Should Tell Stories in Presentations, Leadership Messages and Meetings

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Story Telling is a powerful way to open up presentations, leadership messages and meetings of all kinds. Telling the right story produces astonishing results for you as a speaker and leader. If you’re not sure what a story is, it’s just what happened. That means it involves human beings doing or experiencing something. In case you don’t […].

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How to Think on Your Feet by Speaking from a Blank State of Mind

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When asked to think on your feet, many people say there is nothing in their heads to talk about. They think they are frozen. They say they are “blank.” Worse, they judge themselves negatively, and think having a blank mind is wrong. It is not wrong to be blank. I believe it is the right place […]. The post How to Think on Your Feet by Speaking from a Blank State of Mind appeared first on Read The Self-Expression Blog to Improve Speaking Skills.

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Tip for Finding Stories to Make Talks and Presentations Engaging and Compelling

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Here’s a valuable tip for finding stories from your life that you can use to make talks and presentations more engaging and compelling. Both professional and personal stories can be used to illustrate ideas, make points and sell your services. If you read my last post on 6 Reasons to Tell Stories in Presentations, Leadership […].

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Practice Breathing to Manage Public Speaking Fear

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Breathing to manage public speaking fear really works. However, it only works if you practice it regularly and integrate conscious deep breathing into daily activities. It is often called mindful breathing.

Learn to Speak Up in Public and Life Will Bring Opportunities to Share Your Gift

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If you are feeling dissatisfied with your life, it could be because you have not learned to speak up in public in order to fulfill your soul’s desire to make a difference. I believe we each have a gift to give the world. We each have some contribution to make that adds value to humanity […].

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Get into a higher state for public speaking

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Learn how to get into a higher state by expanding your inner awareness so you can be your best self for public speaking and presentations. Expanding your inner state frees you to be deeply relaxed, feel self-accepting and inclusive of others and to radiate a strong presence.

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Listen Only to Those who Speak with Gravitas

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I made a decision this morning to listen only to people who speak with gravitas. The last couple days I have been watching the news on CBS This Morning. Yesterday Samantha Powers sat with the CBS This Morning hosts, Charlie Rose, Nora O’Donnell and Gayle King.

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Accent Reduction: Why Pronouncing Consonants is More Important than Pronouncing Vowels

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Sandra Zimmer’s Google+ There is no fast and easy way to reduce or modify an accent. If you are going to learn to reduce your accent, it is going to take considerable time and effort to practice. OK, now I have said it! I don’t mean to discourage you, but I do mean to help [.].

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Sandra Zimmer Method Workshop Overcomes Life-Long Discomfort of being Center of Attention

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The Sandra Zimmer Method Workshop teaches you to convert public speaking fear, tension and anxiety into free flowing energy and excitement to speak. You really can overcome life-long discomfort about being the center of attention! When you do, speaking becomes fluid and easy. A participant in a recent Sandra Zimmer Method weekend workshop said, “Had I known […].

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Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Speaking Weekend Workshop with Sandra Zimmer

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Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Speaking Weekend Workshop teaches you to convert tension, fear and anxiety into free flowing energy and excitement to speak. Really!

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The Solution to Stage Fright is Right Here, Right Now

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Stage fright is life fright. It is fear of feeling in front of other human beings. Stage fright exists in us because we can’t relax and accept what is happening in the now moment.

2015 180

How to Solve Public Speaking Fear

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Solve Public Speaking Fear In order to solve public speaking fear, you must first understand what public speaking fear is really about. What public speaking fear is really about may surprise you. What it is not about may also surprise you. What we call fear of public speaking is not really about speaking. Most people who […]. The post How to Solve Public Speaking Fear appeared first on Read The Self-Expression Blog to Improve Speaking Skills.

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Meryl Streep Speaks Truth to power at 2017 Golden Globes

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Meryl Streep just modeled how to use a speech platform as a bully pulpit. Watch her use her acceptance speech for a life time achievement award to speak truth to power. What a beautiful way to lead her community and us as a nation to unity. She embodies gravitas.

2017 130

Vocal, Visual, and Verbal Skills for Executive Presence

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By Self-Expression Center Staff A commonly held misconception about executive presence is that it is all about dressing for the part. While appearances are important, your presence is more comprehensive than merely the clothes that you wear. Most people won’t be convinced about your leadership until you demonstrate the ability to communicate in a sophisticated […]. The post Vocal, Visual, and Verbal Skills for Executive Presence appeared first on Speaking Freely.

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Sandra Zimmer Method to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

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Recently, I wrote my most revealing article about the Sandra Zimmer Method to overcome public speaking fear and stage fright. A Presentation Guru Requests an Article The Commissioning Editor of Presentation-Guru.com, Jared Senseman, emailed to ask if I would write an article about my approach. Jared said Presentation-Guru was looking for unique approaches that help people speak and present more effectively. […].

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Calming Stage Fright: Exercise helps Anxiety

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Performing arts training, of necessity, includes methods to develop relaxation, concentration and presence. Years ago, in acting school, I learned to do a voice and body exercise warm-up before auditioning or performing.

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Two Extra Steps to Prepare for a Job Interview

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Interviewing is more than a set of questions. It is a stepping stone to your future, and you want to take that step with confidence. If you have made it to the interview, you have already demonstrated qualities and experience for which the company is looking. Of course, you will prepare yourself to respond to […]. The post Two Extra Steps to Prepare for a Job Interview appeared first on Speaking Freely.

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Gravitas – The Missing Quality for Powerful People who aren’t Being Promoted

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About Gravitas Gravitas is about using your personal power in service to others and giving up the pleasure of asserting your power with a sharp voice tone. contacted me and shared that he is strong technically, reports to the highest leaders in his company and gets great feedback that his expertise is valuable. He has […].

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The Alchemy of Public Speaking: Turning Performance Anxiety into Presence

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Alchemy is a term for turning a less valuable substance into a more valuable one. In our physical body, we can alchemically transform performance anxiety into presence. The human body is a laboratory for transformation of consciousness. Performance anxiety is a distressful reaction to energy trying to flow through the body when we become the [.].

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How Pronouncing Consonant Sounds Clearly Makes a Non-Native English Speaker Easier to Understand

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Sandra Zimmer’s Google+ Learning to pronounce consonant sounds is vital to mastering clear, crisp, intelligible speech. This translates into meaningful spoken communication that is easily understood. Pronouncing consonant sounds clearly makes every word you articulate more precise. This in turn makes your overall message more readily understood by your audience, whether it is a small [.].

2014 186

Leaders Need Comfort in the Skin for Public Speaking

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What is often misnamed as fear of public speaking is one of the best-kept secrets of corporate leaders. It is surprising how few leaders feel really comfortable speaking in public settings and being the center of attention. Much has been written about fear of public speaking, but what I think has not been clearly understood is that the problem […]. The post Leaders Need Comfort in the Skin for Public Speaking appeared first on Speaking Freely.

2014 180

Speaking Freely: Pacing: What’s the Rush? or How to Speak at a Pace People Can Follow

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There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” - Alexander Gregg Sandra Zimmer’s Google+ When you are called on to speak publicly, your job is to relate

2014 183

One Subtle Communication Secret for Getting Others to Hear Your Message

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Sandra Zimmer’s Google+ By Sandra Zimmer 2014 The prevailing model for speaking persuasively is a style of speaking that is enthusiastic, energetic and extraverted. The speaker is asserting a point in hopes to convince the listener to agree. However, this model can be a trap. It puts you in the position of selling. Of course others don’t [.].

2014 183

Inspiration for a New Year!

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As 2013 and the movie version of Les Miserables open, we can all use a little inspiration to remind us it is possible to fly and to spur us all on to new heights. No one did that better than Susan Boyle at her first audition of Britian’s Got Talent! Her is a video of [.].

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Speaking Freely: What is Authenticity? How Does it Help Public Speaking?

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Sandra Zimmer’s Google+ Developing a greater sense of authenticity is an important key to unlocking stage fright and fear of public speaking. To transform stage fright and fear of public speaking, you must learn to be comfortable being who you are in front of other people. In a real sense, the tension associated with stage [.].

2014 177

Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence Course

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Gravitas is a power that comes from inner authority to express your wisest thoughts for the good of the whole group. Gravitas commands attention, respect and admiration, not because it is flashy, but because it is wise and thoughtful.

How to Respond to the Money Question when Interviewing for Jobs

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Be prepared to handle the money question strategically when interviewing for jobs. Here are some tips about how to handle the money question to allow for the best outcome. If you’ve read about how to handle the subject of money during a job interview, you’ve likely learned that you should never bring it up. Most interview experts agree […]. The post How to Respond to the Money Question when Interviewing for Jobs appeared first on Speaking Freely.

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Frank Sinatra Demonstrates Audience Engagement Effortlessly

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The great presentation guru Garr Reynolds wrote a blog post in which he shows a video of Frank Sinatra singing “You Make Me Feel So Young.” ” Garr quotes Sinatra saying, “When I sing, I believe. I’m honest. If you want to get an audience with you, there’s only one way.

2014 165

Qualities and Characteristics of Executive Presence

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Developing executive presence is much like being an actor working to develop a character. The process is basically the same. You must step into the skin of a leader and embody the physical, mental and emotional characteristics so that you behave as an executive. As Constantine Stanislavski, the father of modern acting technique often said, […]. The post Qualities and Characteristics of Executive Presence appeared first on Speaking Freely.


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Happy July 4th! Let Freedom Ring throughout the World! – Sandra Zimmer Sandra Zimmer’s Google+ The following post was written by my dear friend and social media expert, Karen Scott Jones. Thanks Karen! How often do we reflect on our right to speak freely in this country? I think we take it for granted that [.].

2014 169

How to Encourage People to Speak the Truth

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Have you experienced that people sometimes give you excuses rather than reasons? They respond, but somehow it just doesn’t ring true? Maybe their answer just does not satisfy you? I walked into the women’s restroom at my favorite pizza kitchen last week. A lovely young black woman was in the restroom talking on a cell phone. [.].

2014 178

Why You Don’t Like The Sound of Your Voice & What to Do About It

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Most people don’t like the sound of their voice when they hear it replayed on a recorder. As a voice and diction teacher for almost four decades, I can attest to that fact. When Arthur Lessac trained me to teach his Lessac Voice Method, he also trained me to have a great voice. The day […]. The post Why You Don’t Like The Sound of Your Voice & What to Do About It appeared first on Speaking Freely.

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Sandra Zimmer featured in Houston Chronicle Article on Public Speaking as a Career Tool

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Today, Sunday, March 23, 2014, The Houston Chronicle Jobs Section is printing an article entitled “Public Speaking an Important Career Tool.” ” This article written by Emilia Benton, a copy editor from the Special Publications of Houston Chronicle Media Group, features some of my ideas about the value of public speaking skills for career development. Benton [.].

2014 176

How to Have a Good Voice for Public Speaking and Group Communication

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Most people don’t know they can have a really good speaking voice. Many are surprised when they hear themselves on a voice recorder. People often tell me they don’t like the sound of their voices. And they think they are stuck with the voice they have been used to using. Having a beautiful voice quality [.].

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How to Help the Interviewer Interview You

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When you are scheduled to interview with a prospective employer, there are some techniques that can help you be remembered and increase your chances of winning the job. it is important to understand that the interviewer might be just as uncertain as you are. He or she may not have much interviewing experience. Maybe that […]. The post How to Help the Interviewer Interview You appeared first on Speaking Freely. Interview Skills Interviewing storytelling Interviewing for jobs

2015 152

The Power of Self-Expression

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“What we say is important… for in most cases the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”- Jim Beggs There is simply nothing that transforms your life as much as self-expression, because a profound shift in consciousness happens when you open yourself to share your truth. As you express your inner Self, your whole [.].

2014 168

How to Receive a Standing Ovation – Get Naked!

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A standing ovation is a spontaneous emotional response from an audience that is moved deeply by a speaker or performer. The only way to earn a standing ovation is to get naked! I don’t mean take off all your clothes, I mean take off all protection and pretense, and be emotional. When a presenter [.]. Authenticity public speaking Standing Ovations storytelling Transparency Speaking from the Heart

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Illuminating the Public Speaking Skills of Susan B Anthony

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Rashid Kapadia, a former student and now my great friend, is an evangelist for public speaking. Rashid is an avid reader who is masterful at drawing out public speaking and presentation lessons from all kinds of books. His latest blog post brilliantly recalls how Susan B.

2016 130

Joe Kowan Sings a Song at TED to Beat Stage Fright

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Oh Wow! For all of you struggling with stage fright and fear of public speaking, please watch Joe Kowan give an 8 minute TED Talk on how he beat stage fright. Joe shares that he wrote a song to express the inner feelings of stage fright as a way of dealing with it. Those of [.].

2014 173

Accent Reduction: Freedom of Speech for Non-Native Speakers of English

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Sandra Zimmer’s Google+ People from all over the world come to the US because of the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy in our country. Freedom of speech is among our most cherished and valuable rights which draw ambitious and educated people to our nation. Houston, Texas is truly a melting pot for professionals especially in [.]. Accent Modification Accent Reduction Communication Accent reduction Confidence Fear of Public Speaking Freedom of Speech

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Want to Speak like Steve Jobs?

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I had never seen Steve Jobs talk before; but after he died, I heard lots of people rave about the way he spoke in public. It seemed like many people thought he was the epitome of a great speaker. Then I began reading his biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Before even finishing a [.]. Authenticity Persuasion Presence public speaking stage presence Uncategorized grounding leadership Leadership presence Presentation style Public Speaking Course Steve Jobs storytelling

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Want to Speak like Steve Jobs? |

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2012 218

Have Confidence that People can Smell

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In an interview with Charlie Rose, Steve Martin shared that his experience doing stand-up comedy at universities in the 1970s gave him a sense of confidence that people could smell. When Steve describes confidence this way, I think he means that he learned to create chemistry with his audiences. He learned to be so good [.]. Confidence Presence stage presence Authenticity being with audiences Self-confidence Transparency

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