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Flipping Cliches. Cliches are tired, over-used phrases and pop songs are packed with them. You can tell it’s a cliche if you offer someone the first few words and find that they can complete the phrase. For example, complete the two following cliches: ‘Built to…….’

Mastering the metaphor: How to avoid cliche and strike the right phrase

The Eloquent Woman

Cliches become cliches because, when first used, they were incredibly good and powerful. Another "paradox of metaphor:" the more overused a cliche becomes, the more we mistake it for the truth. Sometimes, cliched metaphors represent lazy writing.

2011 11

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The Cliche

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Humor In Speaking cliche and humorAvoid clichés like the plague. So advises William Safire in Rules For Writers. When a writer or speaker uses a cliché, it’s often with the intent of being descriptive or creative. However, the effect of using a cliché is often the opposite of what is intended. By its very nature, a cliché is a tired descriptive choice which lacks creativity. Any phrase used by a bunch, loses its punch. If you’re going to use a cliché…be the first.


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One hundred and eighty degrees from this elegance are hackneyed cliches that don't communicate anything meaningful. I've been blogging recently on the power of language , focusing on the elegance and impact of certain types of words and sentence construction. I just came across this post at Harvard Business on 10 Business Words To Ban and I had to share it. I laughed out loud at some of the commentary from David Silverman.

Foundational Phrases: Are They All They're Cracked Up To Be?

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These can also be termed as Maxims, or, in a worst case scenario, a Cliche. "A Memorable speeches Cliches Foundational Phrases Aphorisms Craig Valentine One of the basic tenets of speaking is the Aphorism - a uniquely worded, concise point made in a memorable way.

2013 28

Joke Contest Results — Twisted Cliches

Humor Power

The theme of the contests is Twisted Cliches. The challenge was to change a cliche by adding one letter, subtracting one letter, or changing one letter. The November Joke Contest was popular and attracted lots of great entries. Our panel of judges have selected a TOP FIVE this month. Just one letter. The next joke contest will be announded on December 1. Here are the Top-Five entries and the Honorable Mentions. ** FIRST PLACE **.

Public Speaking: Cliches serve a purpose

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 In fact, cliches serve a purpose.  If the cliches are exactly the right rhetorical fit for the speaker, then their impact could be profound. "  Cliches which have been effective in pitching for speechwriting/ghostwriting business include: The edge I bring.

New Joke Contest — Slightly Twisted Cliches

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The theme for our November joke contest is: SLIGHTLY TWISTED CLICHES. For example, a cliche: ON A DUMB GUY AND HIS SWEETHEART. Twist a well-known phrase by leaving out one letter, or changing one letter, or adding one letter. Not two letters. Just one. A fool and his honey are soon parted. ON SALES AT A JEWELRY STORE. All that glitters is not sold. ON THE VALUE OF EXERCISE. A jog is man’s best friend. ON A CHAIN OF BAD EVENTS. For lack of a shoe a hose was lost.

Sound Bites: Reporters Love Cliches | Media Training

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Path: Every generation defaults into a cliche

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For my Baby Boomer generation the cliche we defaulted into was "doing our own thing."  With great gravitas, the 30ish woman announced to the group that she had found her "path."  "  Members of the group nodded. 

Top 10 Stock Shot Cliches To Banish

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

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Are You Creating Followers?

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Have you communicated with the audience, or just talked at them, throwing out one impersonal statistic, quote and cliche after another? Quotes Cliches Facebook Social Media Statistics Audience Connection Twitter Linked In FollowersThe Original Facebook.

That "Camelot" Cliche - Why we use platitudes, why they are useful

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Probably when Jackie Kennedy leveraged the image of Camelot to her late husband's administration she recognized it was a cliché. After all, the image had been around for centuries. So, why did she use it?

"Mud" - A non-cliche coming of age film

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

After all we have been through since 9/11, few of us are in the mood for a coming of age film.  "Mud" is the exception.  The audience was spellbound, emotionally trapped in their seats as the movie ended.

Five less-talked about gems from Nancy Duarte’s latest book “Resonate”

Speaking about Presenting

Traditional public speaking advice has advocated that this moment should be at the start of your talk – the cliched “ attention-getting opening “ Nancy suggests that the attention-getting and memorable moment can be at any time in your presentation.

Five less-talked about gems from Nancy Duarte’s latest book “Resonate”

Speaking about Presenting

Traditional public speaking advice has advocated that this moment should be at the start of your talk – the cliched “ attention-getting opening “ Nancy suggests that the attention-getting and memorable moment can be at any time in your presentation.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Presentation Zen

Yes, it's just a TV commercial so it’s easy to be cynical and see this as manipulative or even cliche, but I think it’s a lovely little piece of art. Where ever you may be in the world, I wish you very happy Christmas and wonderful, peaceful, inspiring year ahead.

2015 27

Obama speech underplays strikes in Syria

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The clues to Obama’s mission in this speech were the words “bipartisan”, which occurred twice, ‘coalition’, which occurred once, and a special-guest appearance by that horribly tired old cliche “shoulder to shoulder”. by Peter Paskale. It wasn’t a speech. It wasn’t even an address.

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Speak & Deliver in Kuala Lumpur

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I''m less focused on the trophy, and more focused on the message, and on the joy of the journey, as cliched as that might sound. I''ve been busy - a bit too busy, perhaps - getting ready for the semi-finals of the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking in Kuala Lumpur on August 21.

Top 10 Nothing Words

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

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10 Presentation Tips From Steve Jobs’ iPad Launch

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

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My First Year – From Intern to Duartian

Duarte Blog

Our job as creators is to further define any medium and also define a new cliche and not to adhere to generations past.” Presentation design? What does that even mean?

How to Give an Acceptance Speech

Green Room Speakers

Without resorting to sappy cliches and narcissistic The acceptance speeches at last night's Academy Awards were unmemorable at best and dreadful at worst. Only one speaker managed to give us a moment of grace - Sandra Bullock.

Real Magic by Nana Danso - A Book Review

Speak and Deliver

Cliches become cliches because they are true, and time-worn motivational parables become time-worn because people like to hear them, and because not all people have. As I''ve said before - every speaker should have a book.

2013 14

Public Relations: Yes, Gini Dietrich at "Spin Sucks," it's become too timid

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

But they were unwilling to go beyond cliches.  Too much of public relations (PR), at least among the big brandnames, is timid.    In a column on "Spin Sucks," Gini Dietrich asks if the PR business has become risk-averse, wary of offending anyone. 

When metaphors misfire: Tips for speakers from a master negotiator

The Eloquent Woman

Related posts: Mastering the metaphor: How to avoid cliche and strike the right phrase Language works: This is your brain on metaphor Use the Evernote clip button, above, to save this post in an Evernote notebook.

2011 13

Review: “HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations” by Nancy Duarte

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Some of the book’s best sound-bites are found when Duarte discusses how to create slides that work for an audience, and since reading that section I’ve found myself looking out far more in my own work for the “visual cliches” that Duarte warns about.

2013 21

15 famous commencement speeches by women speakers

The Eloquent Woman

Speakers want to be inspiring, and to avoid cliches. (Editor's note: It's commencement time again, so we've updated this 2013 post since it first appeared with new additions to The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Speeches by Women.

2017 13

Buzzwords - Why They Go Flat So Fast

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Cliches. Pivot.    Breakthrough.    Smackdown. Sustainable. Transparent. Not so long ago those were buzzwords. The media put them in headlines to pull in the eyeballs. Marketers frontloaded promotions with them. 

How to Create Metaphors that Make an Impact

Presentation Guru

So far, so simple but, when it is widely quoted that one word in every 60 we speak is a metaphor, how do we ensure that ours aren’t tired, mundane cliches but original, relevant and impactful?… Figurative speech and language have the power to bring your talk to life.

Public Relations - AI Can Wipe Out Humans

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Soon enough, cliche gallows humor will become common: The last lawyer or trader to leave the building, turn out the lights. In the prestigious, lucrative fields of law and finance , humans are already being wiped out by artificial intelligence (AI).

Presentation books: The Pin Drop Principle

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If you think of a cliche grand actor wandering the stage during rehearsal demanding “Yes, but WHAT’S my motivation???” The Pin Drop Principle. by David Lewis and G. Riley Mills. Published June 5th, 2012. Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”.

Guest Speakers – Respect Your Audience Or Else…

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

He opened with his sales pitch bin the form of a cliche ridden “corporate video” and then proceeded to tell us about how good his company were. A lesson on how not to respect your audience. I attend a lot of presentations and am always on the lookout for what speakers do that turns me on or turns me off. Last week I attended a digital marketing show and was dismayed to witness one of the invited guest presenters committing one of the cardinal sins of public speaking.

2017 17

Famous Speech Friday: Carol Bartz's commencement speech "Embrace failure"

The Eloquent Woman

Rethinking and reworking tired cliches can only help the audience, commencement speakers.

2012 18

We don't seek your perfection, only your authenticity

Presentation Zen

Follow your heart" sounds trite and cliche perhaps — but following your heart is exactly what you've got to do — this is where connection and meaning live.

2011 33

Another Visit to Speak & Deliver's Story Graveyard

Speak and Deliver

So today, on Halloween, let''s take another stroll into the dismal, dusty land of over-told, possibly never true, cliche-filled motivational stories.

Story 24

10 steps to creating a really strong story

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

It sounds like a presentation trainer’s cliche, but it’s not. Guest post by Jim Harvey. In business presentations, the story is the thing. There’s a skill and a structure to creating interesting and compelling narratives.

Story 21

From The Eloquent Woman Index: 8 famous commencement speeches by women

The Eloquent Woman

Speakers want to be inspiring, and to avoid cliches. Cue the Pomp and Circumstance , it''s that time of year again. Commencement is the start of something new, yes, but we''re often stuck listening to the same old tired speeches in celebration.

Metaphor made easy

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So much of our language revolves around weather, and yes, much of it collapses into everyday cliche. Metaphor and simile bring speaking to life by creating comparisons between objects and concepts.

2012 14

Three traps when using images in your presentation

Speaking about Presenting

Sometimes cliches work best. My post Presentation Images: Are you making these mistakes? sparked many wise comments. German presentation trainer, Anke Troeder wrote about combining words and images in your presentation , and I invited her to elaborate on that comment.