Malala Yousafzai and Public Speaking: 12 Lessons from the Best Speech of 2013

Matt Eventoff

Malala Yousafzai addressed the United Nations and delivered what can only be described as the best speech of 2013, as well as the most powerful address of this decade (so far.) July 12, 2013 was not only Malala Day.

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2 PowerPoint 2013 secrets

PowerPoint Tips

I just gave a webinar on upgrading to PowerPoint 2013, explaining all the new features and how to use them. But in PowerPoint 2013, you choose Insert> Online Pictures and get a dialog box instead. (It’s Do you have any secret PowerPoint 2013 tips?

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Reorder objects in the Selection pane in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2013, you can use the Select pane and simply drag objects where you want them. The post Reorder objects in the Selection pane in PowerPoint 2013 appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog. As you build a slide’s design, you may add a lot of objects to it.

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101 Top Tweets from the 2013 Ragan Speechwriters Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The annual Ragan Speechwriters Conference was held March 20 – 22, 2013 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. I was not able to attend this year, but, like anyone who has access to Twitter, I enjoyed following the conference virtually via the hashtag #raganspeech.

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How to create a poster in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint Tips

Let’s create a couple of posters in PowerPoint 2013. Follow these steps: In PowerPoint 2013, click the Design tab. PowerPoint 2013 tip: A new feature lets you more easily make objects equidistant. Do you create posters for personal or business use?

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Clear Communication: A Must-Have Job Skill in 2013

Manner of Speaking

I just came across a recent article by Ruth Mantell in the Wall Street Journal entitled Must-Have Job Skills in 2013. So, when it comes to your communication skills, keep improving and stay sharp; 2013 is just around the corner.

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PowerPoint 2013: New and (Mostly) Improved

Duarte Blog

Sometime in January, Microsoft is expected to release Office 2013, and with it, the latest and greatest version of PowerPoint. With PowerPoint 2013, Presenter Mode has been upgraded with a clean new aesthetic.

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Memorial Day 2013

Speak and Deliver

Memorial Day, 2013. The President''s Speak. But it''s the soldiers who Deliver. Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial - photo by Rich Hopkins Remember. Normandy Memorial Day World War II

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Insights from Audiences: Results of the 2013 Annoying PowerPoint survey

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I recently wrapped up my latest survey of audience members on what annoys them about PowerPoint presentations.

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Review of PowerPoint 2013–the beta of the next version of PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

Everyone can now see what the next version of PowerPoint– Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 – will look like. PowerPoint 2013 adds guides to help you easily place objects equidistant from each other. Review PowerPoint 2013

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Top 5 Business Trends in 2013: Your place, your voice

Kate's Voice

Recently, Forbes magazine published an article by Meghan Biro called 5 Trends Defining the World of Work and Leadership in 2013. In the article, Meghan points out that “Uncertainty has increased, not decreased this past year. The country does not have its financial house in order. People of all ages and skill levels are worried [.]. communication Practical application vocal image Expression public speaking tips Top 5 business trends

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Graphic Recording at #illustraTED | Progress Enigma

Duarte Blog

Delivery Design Event Interview Video 2013 Dave Nguyen graphic recording Jonathan Valiente Progress Enigma synthesize TED TED 2013 visualized

Slide design rules–what are yours?

PowerPoint Tips

Slide design can be very subjective but there are some rules that are objective. These rules ensure that your slide is easy to understand and remember. When you use these rules, you can create clear slides that no one will struggle to comprehend.

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Prezi in PowerPoint? It’s called pptPlex!

PowerPoint Tips

I tested pptPlex in PowerPoint 2013. I didn’t get that in 2013. In PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, you can create sections by right-clicking in the left-hand pane and choosing Add Section. Did you know that Microsoft has a product that is similar to Prezi — sort of?

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Interview with Patrick Newell from TEDGlobal 2013

Presentation Zen

Last Friday I spoke via Skype with Patrick who was in Edinburgh, Scotland for TEDGlobal 2013 at the time. Any tips from Chris Anderson''s presentation seminar at TEDGlobal 2013? The TED organization provides many lessons in 21st-century presentation approaches.

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How To Prepare For A Job Interview: The Art of the First Interview

Matt Eventoff

First and foremost – Be Yourself! – In this day and age, when it seems every candidate has straight A’s, perfect test scores and has saved millions of lives in remote lands (all exaggerations!) the pressure to be someone you are not is great.

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Nelson Mandela: Lessons for Future Orators

Matt Eventoff

* First appeared in The Atlantic Post. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace. I believe I have made that effort and that is, therefore, why I will sleep for the eternity.” - Nelson Mandela, 1994.

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6 Tips for Getting a Communications Job in Silicon Valley

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The convocation speaker at the May 23, 2013 San Jose State University graduation ceremony for Communications, Journalism and PR students was René Shimada Siegel, the President and Founder of High Tech Connect.

High-ticket speakers have some of the worst habits

Speak Schmeak

You''ve seen them. The keynote and motivational speakers on the big stages who pull out the stagiest, old-timey shtick. You can''t relate to them at all, and in fact, you cringe through half the presentation.

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Intrigue your audience

PowerPoint Tips

I heard a keynote by Sam Horn at the Presentation Summit 2013. If you can intrigue your audience, you will engage them and maintain their attention. How can you get there? Organize your content for intrigue.

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Collaborate on a PowerPoint file by inserting comments

PowerPoint Tips

I did this in PowerPoint 2013; it looks a little different in earlier versions.). In PowerPoint 2013, the Comments taskpane opens on the right. In PowerPoint 2013, you can use either the ribbon or the taskpane.

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Fear of Public Speaking: Reframing “Fear”

Matt Eventoff

“The only thing we have to fear is… fear itself.” ” - President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Fear and anxiety surrounding public speaking is nothing new. Google “Cure for the Fear of Public Speaking” and you will return over 2 million results. 2 million! Most individuals experience some degree of anxiety and/or nervousness prior to presenting.

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3 ways to make objects equidistant in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

Use Equidistance markers in PowerPoint 2013. A new feature in PowerPoint 2013 is equidistance markers. Any time you have 3 or more similar objects on a slide, you may want to make them equidistant. PowerPoint offers 3 separate ways to create equidistant objects.

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Crop a picture by an exact measurement in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint 2013 makes this quite easy, but you can do it in earlier versions, too. Here are the steps that I used in PowerPoint 2013: Right-click the image and choose Format Picture.

Using PowerPoint with a touch screen — on a tablet

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2013, there’s an item on the Quick Access toolbar that lets you convert from Mouse mode to Touch mode. I recently got a Microsoft Surface 2. The Surface 2 uses a version of Windows that’s just for tablets; it isn’t a full version of Windows.

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Compare options with the Balance SmartArt layout

PowerPoint Tips

Have you ever looked for a way to show advantages and disadvantages of 2 options? One way to compare options is with the Balance SmartArt layout. It looks like a scale.

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The Eloquent Woman's top 10 public speaking posts for 2013

The Eloquent Woman

It''s almost the end of 2013, another record-setting year for readership on The Eloquent Woman--and these are the posts that got us there. Thanks for learning along with me to make this 2013''s most-read post.

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How to top or bottom align slide titles

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2013, a taskpane opens at the right. By default, most PowerPoint themes align slide titles midway between the top and the bottom of a text placeholder.

Use the 4 principles of meaningful communication

PowerPoint Tips

When you first find out that you have to give a presentation, you need to think about what you’ll say. Here are 4 principles of communication — guidelines that you should use to ensure that your audience will find what you say valuable and meaningful. Add value.

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The Silent Killer…(aka “Death by Meeting”)

Matt Eventoff

Portions originally in USA Today. “If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be ‘meetings.” ” – Dave Barry. We all attend them, participate in them, and to varying degrees, loathe them. The meeting. One study estimates that executives spend close to 1Ž2 of their time, during working hours, in meetings.

Does your audience want to fast-forward you?

Speaking about Presenting

Maybe I’ve got spoiled by my TV set-top box but, in so many of the presentations I’ve attended recently, I would love to have a remote-control with a fast-forward button!

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Excuse #923: "I'm not a presenter."

Speak Schmeak

Okay, I haven''t actually numbered the excuses people give for bad presentations, but maybe I should start. Watching a recent episode of " Shark Tank ," I thought the entrepreneurs'' presentation was terrible.

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Sir Ken Robinson gives best talk yet at TED Talks Education

Presentation Zen

Creativity and education expert Sir Ken Robinson delivered two amazingly popular TED Talks prior to 2013. Quotes from Sir Ken Robinson’s 2013 TED talk from Garr Reynolds

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Start a video with a remote

PowerPoint Tips

In 2010 and 2013, in the Advanced Animation group, click the Animation Pane button. A subscriber asked how to start playing a video while using a remote. Let’s say that you want to play a video but you don’t want it to play as soon as you display the slide.

Reflections on Lance Armstrong’s Confession

Manner of Speaking

An awful lot of ink has been spilt over the past few days about Lance Armstrong in the wake of his confession to Oprah Winfrey. And more ink will doubtless continue to be spilt in the weeks, months and years to come. As it turns out, it really wasn’t about the bike.

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3 Essential Ingredients of a Meaningful Conversation

Kate's Voice

What I remember most about being home from college for the holidays is deep, meaningful conversations with people. My mom was the master of this art. One year I had a traumatic experience with a man- the kind that shapes you forever- and when I arrived home, I was sad and frightened.

How to convince executives that presenters need presentation skills training

PowerPoint Tips

I hear it all the time. It usually comes from people in the Communications or Marketing department. They’ve been reading this blog — and others — about how to create powerful, persuasive presentations.

Meeting Report: Silicon Valley IABC

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Create training courses with screenshots within PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

Screenshots are a staple of training courses, especially computer-related ones. So trainers are accustomed to using screenshot software to illustrate tutorials. Often, these screenshots end up in PowerPoint, which is used as the basis for an online course or self-running presentations.

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How to Design a Presentation like Apple

Manner of Speaking

Emily Stewart recently brought my attention to a short animated video that she and her team produced for OnlineMBA that illustrates some of the key values that Steve Jobs and his team espoused when designing products for Apple.