Announcing Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2012

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I’m pleased to announce the 3rd annual Outstanding Presentations Worksho p! This year was have an almost-all-PowerPoint MVP* lineup, top experts who will give you the knowledge you need to transform your presentations.

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2012 U.S. “Prezi”dential Election Recap

Manner of Speaking

I came across this presentation on Prezi that provides a recap of the recent election in the United States. If you are not familiar with Prezi, have a look. Click the image below and you will be taken to the presentation on the Prezi home page.

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London 2012. Olympic Opening Ceremony. 7 points for presenters

The Presenter's Blog

London 2012 delivered the opening of the 30th Olympic Games, and with it’s magnificent Opening Ceremony, also demonstrated seven olympic sized ideas for building presentations: 1. What a show!

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3 Presentation Lessons from Comic-Con 2012

Duarte Blog

Diary Event Message 2012 Batman comic Comic-Con convention costume delight doug neff fan geeks learned lessons panel S.T.A.R. First of all, let me come clean. I am not a fanboy of any kind. You won’t see me waiting in line to see the latest superhero, action movie.

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138 Top Tweets from the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The annual Ragan Speechwriters Conference was held March 14 – 16, 2012 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. Over 200 professional speechwriters met for two days and attended a series of main stage keynotes and break out sessions. Unlike other Ragan Conferences I’ve attended, where I had to select a small number of “top [.]. Speechwriting Ragan Speechwriters Conference Twitter

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Obama v. Romney: Blogging the 2012 US Presidential Debates

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Tips From The Top Presentation Content Presentation skills election 2012 "Peter Watts" presenters' blog presenting Mitt Romney public speaking politics President Obama current-events US presidential debates debate gavin mcmahon make a powerful point fassforward presidential debates

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Speaking of the 2012 Toastmasters International Convention

Speak and Deliver

Just a few words from my heart to those of you competing at the World Championship of Public Speaking this year. Toastmasters Convention World Championship

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Video: 2012 Ragan Speechwriting Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

From first-time attendees to 10-year veterans, attendees at the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference were uniformly impressed with the event. Hear what a random baker’s dozen of the audience had to say. Speechwriting Ragan Speechwriters Conference

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The 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I’m off this week to the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference in Washington DC. It’ll be my fourth conference and the second one at which I’ve presented. As in 2009, I’ll be podcasting interviews with attendees and presenters and grabbing some video with my Flip video camera to post to YouTube. It all fits with the [.]. Speechwriting Ragan Communications

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The Right Number of Slides

Manner of Speaking

In this presentation, Hockenberry shares the real message that people around the world should take away from the 2012 Paralympics that were held in London. Slide Presentation 2012 Summer Paralympics BBC News Magazine John Hockenberry Paralympics Seth Godin Slide Presentations

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Obama vs. Romney. Blogging the 2012 US Presidential Debates. Round 2. Head to Head at Hofstra.

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Tips From The Top 2012 debates election 2012 Obama politics presentation presentation skills presenters' blog presenting presidential debates public speaking results rhetoric Romney Stagecraft

2012 19

The 2012 Presidential Election: Transmedia Storytelling in action

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Marketing 2012 Presidential Election PoliticsToday’s US Election can be seen as the culmination of the most expensive transmedia storytelling campaign in history. Unlike the year-long Why So Serious? campaign that Warner Bros. funded to promote the Dark Knight Batman movie, and was reported to involve 10 million players, the United States Democratic and Republican Political Parties funded a multi-year [.]. Culture Shock!

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Seven points for powerful debating

The Presenter's Blog

Based on what we’ve just seen during the 2012 Presidential Debates, here is The Presenters’ Blog list of the top seven things to be aware of in order to raise your debating game: Answer the question on your own terms.

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Lost in Translation – Ten Tips for Working with Interpreters

Manner of Speaking

Lost in Translation is a terrific film that received critical acclaim when it was released in 2003. Starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanson, it’s the story of an aging actor and a young college graduate who meet in Tokyo and develop a touching friendship.

2012 142

What Bill Clinton Wrote and What Bill Clinton Said

Manner of Speaking

As the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions fade into memory, I was fortunate enough to come across an excellent piece of work in The Atlantic Wire by freelance writer Dashiell Bennett that I had to share.

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12 Lessons from Pablo Picasso for Public Speakers

Manner of Speaking

Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. His paintings are among the most recognizable of any great artist that has lived. However, Picasso was not just known for his art; he was also know for his wit and pithy sayings.

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12 Public Speaking Lessons from “Comedian”

Manner of Speaking

I just finished watching, for the second time, Comedian , a terrific documentary about the efforts of Jerry Seinfeld to get back into stand-up comedy after a decade of starring in one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld.

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The Third Presidential Debate 2012. Analysis and Commentary. And Who Won?

The Presenter's Blog #CNNdebate — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) October 23, 2012. " establishing the judging criteria, nice #TRDW — Jennifer Mercieca (@jenmercieca) October 23, 2012. RomneyWrong — Adam Fetcher (@AdamFetcherOFA) October 23, 2012.

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Morgan's Top 5 Communications Trends and Predictions for 2012

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  With all this going on, and lots more no one can anticipate, what are the communications trends for 2012?   In 2012, even the most troglodyte of communicators will realize that we’re no longer primarily reachable via the news release, the headline, and the story.    Finally, 2012 is the year that hope won’t die and anger won’t triumph.   So welcome to 2012

2012 18

Analysis: 2012 State of the Union Address

Successful Speeches Blog

Last night, President Obama delivered what could be his last “State of the Union” address. As I stated in my last blog post, I’m not going to express my feelings about his policies or discuss politics. My goal is to analyze the elements within the speech. Here are my observations: Length: Let’s get this one [.].

2012 16

The Presidential Debates: Round 1. Our Analysis

The Presenter's Blog

election 2012 Tips From The Top debating Obama presentation presentation skills presenting presidential debate public speaking rhetoric RomneyThe showdown in Denver. To our right, in the red corner, wearing a red tie and US flag pin, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

[video] 2012 Goals

Speaker Launcher

We’re already in month two of 2012, how’d that happen? Here are 3 quick tips that will help ensure that you’re going to reach your goals this year! Most Recent Post

Speaking Forward in 2012

Speak and Deliver

Today, as promised, it's time to look ahead to next year, and see what I can do as both a speaker and a coach in 2012. Coach/Mentor more speakers in 2012 than in 2011. I believe I'll visit, but joining doesn't seem reasonable for 2012. New Goals for 2012: 1.

2012 12

Clear Communication: A Must-Have Job Skill in 2013

Manner of Speaking

I just came across a recent article by Ruth Mantell in the Wall Street Journal entitled Must-Have Job Skills in 2013. The four skills are personal branding, flexibility, productivity improvement and … clear communication (which is listed first).

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Nuggets of Storytelling Wisdom

Manner of Speaking

In this post, I return to one of my favourite themes that run through this blog: the importance of storytelling. Past posts on the subject include this one and this one.

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Ten Common Mistakes When Hiring a Keynote Speaker

Manner of Speaking

Paul Rulkens is a personal and organizational development consultant and professional speaker. He helps improve business results by making people, teams and organizations more successful.

What Japan Can Teach the World About Communication / ?????????????????????????

Matt Eventoff

“When one teaches, two learn.” – Robert A. Heinlein. I recently returned from conducting workshops throughout Japan on behalf of the State Department, U.S.

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UK Business Communicator of the year, 2012: Gillian Tett

Max Atkinson

Brian Jenner of the UK Speechwriters' Guild recently announced that the title of UK Business Communicator of 2012 has been awarded to Gillian Tett of the Financial Times. Brian Jenner Chairman of the Judges, UK Speechwriters’ Guild February 2012

2012 15

The Rules for Being Amazing

Manner of Speaking

Some time ago, I wrote a post about leadership lessons from my friend and former colleague, Robin Sharma. Robin is one of the foremost authorities on leadership and the author of several international bestsellers.

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7 Tips to Ensure You’re Understood when Speaking to a Foreign Audience

Speaking about Presenting

This is a guest post by Leon Potgieter. Americans who travel abroad for the first time are often shocked to discover that, despite all the progress that has been made in the last 30 years, many foreign people still speak in foreign languages.” – Dave Barry.

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Podcast: Exhibitor 2012 and Expo West Re-Cap

Communication Steroids

Tim Patterson, aka Tim ‘Gonzo’ Gordon, discusses his recent visits to Exhibitor 2012 in Las Vegas and Expo West in Anaheim with podcasting partner Roger Pike. Tim Patterson, aka Tim ‘Gonzo’ Gordon, discusses his recent visits to Exhibitor 2012 in Las Vegas and Expo West in Anaheim with podcasting partner Roger Pike. Networking Social Media Video @Tradeshowguy Exhibitor 2012 Expo West

Create clear, iconic illustrations in PowerPoint with (gasp!) clip art

PowerPoint Tips

Submit 2 slides using clip art by Thursday, October 25, 2012. I’ve often recommended using photos instead of clip art (line art), but clip art can work well if you know how to choose and use it.

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Rhetoric – The Pubic Speaking Game™

Manner of Speaking

The first, limited edition of RHETORIC will be available to the public in the fall of 2012. I am pleased and excited to announce Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™, the brainchild of my friend, Florian Mueck , and me. Florian and I have a passion for good public speaking.

Ten Tips on Using Body Language When Delivering a Speech

Manner of Speaking

Today’s post features some valuable advice about your body language when delivering a speech or presentation. It comes from my friend, Douglas Kruger. Douglas, who hails from South Africa, is a speaker, author and trainer. In his three-minute video below, Douglas demonstrates several simple but powerful techniques that you can use to enhance your message the next time you are on stage. . Great advice, D ouglas! (My My only complaint is the lighting!)

Shortcut to complex shapes with SmartArt in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010

PowerPoint Tips

SmartArt is a great way to create diagrams, but you can also use them to create complex, custom graphics. SmartArt is available in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

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5 Blogs. 5 Days. 5 Quick Takes Improving Your Speaking in 2012.

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Put them together and you should have a good ‘cheat sheet’ for fulfilling your resolution to improve your public speaking in 2012.  What are the 5 most important quick ideas for improving your public speaking?    I’m going to go for broke this week and blog on 5 quick takes for fast quality enhancement in 5 days.    1.    Think of your job as persuading the audience.  

2012 17

5 Quick Lessons from the First Presidential Debate 2012

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

I’m taking a short break from my discussion of virtual communications to talk about the debates.    The received wisdom is that President Obama lost the debate and former Governor Romney won; 2/3rds of Americans polled thought so, and the commentators certainly did.    So what follows is a contrarian view. 

2012 14

The blog's top 10 public speaking posts and top 10 famous speeches of 2012

The Eloquent Woman

As we draw near to the end of 2012, take a look at what you--and other readers--sought the most on The Eloquent Woman this year.

2012 16

Resolved to Start a Speaking Career in 2012? A roundup of recent books to help you get cranking.

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  If you’ve resolved to kick-start your career in 2012, then one or more of these books may save you from making the usual beginners’ mistakes – and may even give you an idea or two for accelerating your career.  People send me their books regularly for comment, and the last half-dozen I’ve received all are aimed at the level of basic information for beginning speakers. 

2012 21

Find a Presentation Designer Here

Speaking about Presenting

Are you looking for a presentation designer? I’ve been asked so many times if I could recommend a presentation designer that I’ve decided to publish a list of PowerPoint and Keynote slide design companies and freelancers.