Delayed applause for Ed Miliband's claims on the 'centre ground'

Max Atkinson

Yesterday, the media made much of the fact that Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman applauded when Ed Miliband declared that Labour's involvement in the Iraq war was was wrong - and was apparently chastised for doing so by David Miliband because she'd voted for it. The mainstream media didn't seem to notice either of these hints that LibDem activists' support for the coalition might be rather less enthusiastic than the official line suggests it is.

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If it isn't in POLITICO, it didn't happen in Washington D.C.

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  For instance, we know that all web media worth their salt, be it POLITICO or ABOVETHELAW [ATL], have to pick up on every development which may come to have significance.    Think how former Wonkette on GAWKER Ana Marie Cox leveraged her time in the sweatshop to mainstream media jobs.    Before I hit the digital scene in April 2005, I was just another speechwriter-ghostwriter in the shadows. 

Delayed applause for Cameron's government - from the Conservatives!

Max Atkinson

During David Cameron's speech at the Conservative Party conference, quite a few mainstream journalists were tweeting on Twitter about how much applause he was getting. I'd have thought that such obvious evidence that there might be gap between the enthusiasm of party activists and that of their leaders for crucial points would have been worth a comment or two in the mainstream media - and I'm astonished that none of them seems to have noticed it.