Free photo-editing tools

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Since PowerPoint 2010 added a Remove Background feature (shown here), you often don’t need to leave PowerPoint. But you may not have PowerPoint 2010 and the feature sometimes leaves rough edges. So here’s a list of free photo-editing tools. Other free tools.

Debate Preparation – Seven Rules for Success

Matt Eventoff

We have now officially entered silly season - the final weeks of the 2010 election season, and that means… debates, and lots of them! Campaigns spend an inordinate amount of time raising money to do one thing – deliver their message to voters, most often through paid media. Debates are a very rare opportunity for candidates to get over an hour of freeFREE – exposure before the electorate.

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How to create a poster in PowerPoint 2007 & PowerPoint 2010

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Let’s create a couple of posters in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010. I also offer a free download of templates for the 2 posters I created for this post. Follow these steps: In PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint 2010, click the Design tab. Free template downloads!

Review: PowerPoint 2010 Bible

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I received a free copy of PowerPoint 2010 Bible by Faithe Wempen. PowerPoint 2010 Bible is indeed very complete. It’s published by Wiley and is almost 800 pages. You think that’s a lot? I write the AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Bible , and it’s almost 1300 pages! The point is, Wiley’s Bible series is meant to be very complete and the books are long. Generally, they’re reference books, not tutorials.

Free PowerPoint tutorials

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GCF Learn Free is a website that offers free tutorials, both in text and video format. Do you know of other free PowerPoint tutorials People often ask me where they can learn PowerPoint from scratch, and this is a good place to start for the basics. Go to the Computer Training page , choose PowerPoint, and choose the version you want. They have tutorials from 2000 through 2007 (PC only). If you try these, let me know what you think.

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13 Best Practice Tips for Effective Presentation Handouts

Speaking about Presenting

Both of these can be done for free and just a little technical courage (techphobics shouldn’t try this). Your presentation handout is the lasting concrete manifestation of your presentation.

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Free PowerPoint backgrounds and how to make your own

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For several years, I created backgrounds and offered them as free downloads. Also, I used to offer a free e-booklet, called “5 Easy Sure-Fire Backgrounds.&# You can now sign up to get that free e-booklet on the same page–and subscribe to my PowerPoint Tips Newsletter. (If

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5 simple rules for creating world-changing presentations

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At the same time, the video is a showcase of what you can do in PowerPoint 2010. The opportunity to hear her — and the other speakers — for free is unprecedented. Tags: Resource Nancy Duarte PowerPoint 2010

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The Top 5 PowerPoint Slide Makeover videos of 2010

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Almost every slide makeover that I do is based on a slide that has been sent to me for one of my in-house or public workshops (learn more about my workshops here ), one I’ve helped one of my consulting clients create or sent in by one of my newsletter subscribers ( sign up for free here ). Every two weeks I record another PowerPoint slide makeover video showing lessons presenters can learn to improve the effectiveness of the slides they use.

Buy Microsoft Office 2007 now and get 2010 free later

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You buy Office 2007 now and you can then upgrade to 2010 for free. The reason for this is that 2010 is coming out soon and you would otherwise want to wait. If you go from 2003 to 2010, the learning curve will be huge. has an offer to help you upgrade now.

The Eloquent Woman's top 10 public speaking posts in 2010

The Eloquent Woman

Here are the 10 most popular posts from 2010 on The Eloquent Woman blog: "How do I establish credibility as a speaker when my age and looks work against me?" women and public speaking 2010 top posts

Public Speaking: Joan Stewart's Top Ten Ways to Get Free Publicity

Great Public Speaking

While you're buying expensive advertising to deliver your message, they're doing it for free. Today, as a media relations consultant, professional speaker and ezine publisher, I teach people how to create free publicity to sell a product or service, champion a cause, create an image and establish their expertise. Here are my Top 10 tips for free publicity: 1. Air time is free. They're referred to as Publicity Hounds and I'll bet you know at least one.

The one thing you can do to be a better speaker.

Speak Schmeak

It's a free gift of yourself, your time, your attention, that you give someone with no expectation of reciprocity or repayment. If there's one thing that will make you a better speaker. If there's one thing that will make you a better networker (both online and in-person).

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Desperately Seeking Inspiration

Manner of Speaking

Try free writing. In this blog post from 24 November 2010, Seth provides his take on the question: Where do ideas come from? ———. It’s a shame that so many presentations fall short of the mark because they are just so uninspiring.

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Public Speaking - Tom's Year End Blowout 2010

Great Public Speaking

seminar training tomantion Tom Antion public speaking get paid to speak free speaker tips Tom Antion tom antion businessI will put you in business for 47 bucks! Why would I do that? Because as my year end blowout sale I want to make sure we both make some bucks. In my past blowout sales I made a ton and you got super bargains. Those were great, but in this economy I want to make sure we both make a ton. Here's how it works.

The First Seven Seconds

Manner of Speaking

Check the speaking area to ensure it is free from obstruction ( e.g. electrical cords over which we can stumble). Walking on stage with papers in your hand does not convey the same message as walking on stage with both hands free. Roger Ailes is the President of Fox News, a former media consultant for three American Presidents and author of the best-selling You Are the Message.

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Webinar “How to Plan an Audience-friendly Presentation”: Your Questions Answered

Speaking about Presenting

It will be available for viewing for free for the next few days. Last week I delivered a webinar “How to plan an Audience-friendly Presentation&# as part of Ellen Finkelstein’s Outstanding Presentations Workshop.

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Public Speaking - Sexist Language

Great Public Speaking

seminar training tomantion Tom Antion public speaking get paid to speak free speaker tips Tom Antion tom antion businessThe use of sexist language is something you must also be careful to avoid in order to be in tune with today's society. There is an excellent section about this topic in the book Speak Like a Pro by Margaret Bedrosian. A salesman is now a salesperson. A fireman is now a firefighter.

13 communication and life tips that children teach us

Presentation Zen

Please feel free to share some of those here for others to see We can learn a lot from a child.

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Three ideas from improv to improve your speaking

Speaking about Presenting

Improv is a set of exercises, principles and a “mindset” that has you think spontaneously and creatively (note this is my own definition that I’ve come up with after having spent 4 days doing it- feel free to add your own definition in the comments).

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Free Speech

The Communication Blog

2.17.2010 Free Speech Student’s Facebook Tirade Against Teacher Is Protected Speech | Threat Level | Heres an interesting summary of cases involving students and teachers and free speech and would make for an interesting class discussion of what constitutes free speech and what are its limits. Categories: Facebook , free speech 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Loading.

Presentation: A few minutes with John Cleese on creativity

Presentation Zen

Cleese's idea is that we must create a sort of "tortoise enclosure," an atmosphere that is safe and free from the threat of interruption. Below is an excellent 10-min video clip from a presentation by John Cleese expressing a few of his ideas on creativity.

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Public Speaking: Involving Your Participants

Great Public Speaking

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How to Create an Extraordinarily Effective Speech-Marketing Tool

Pivotal Public Speaking

where you can send the tool to get it published free and fast, looking the way you want, both bound and digitally downloadable! • … Your Own Self-Selling Book or Booklet. with Gordon Burgett.

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Five Platforms for a Classroom Back-channel Chat

skip to main | skip to sidebar Free Technology for Teachers A review of free technology resources and how teachers can use them. The following are five free platforms that can be used hosting a back-channel chat. Chatzy provides a free platform for hosting your private chat area.

Webinar “How to Plan an Audience-friendly Presentation”: Your Questions Answered

Speaking about Presenting

It will be available for viewing for free for the next few days. Last week I delivered a webinar “How to plan an Audience-friendly Presentation&# as part of Ellen Finkelstein’s Outstanding Presentations Workshop.

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Tips for creative success from Pixar

Presentation Zen

When you know others will try to make your idea better, not just shoot it down, you become free. Randy Nelson is Dean of Pixar University and gives a really nice 9-min talk below with important content for all professionals and students.

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Vocal Communication « Elizabethkuhnke's Blog

Kuhnke Communication

Mixed Messages Vocal Communication Posted by: Kuhnke Communication on: September 29, 2010 In: Communication | Voice Comment! Blocked emotion is the fundamental obstacle to a free voice.” How free is your voice?

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How to Deliver a First-Rate Online Presentation

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These professionals use clear and precise language that is free from slang, umms and other ‘fillers.’ Increasingly public speakers and presenters are finding themselves presenting to online audiences.audiences they can't see or make eye contact with.

Two products updated for PowerPoint 2010

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I’ve just updated two of my products for PowerPoint 2010: 7 Steps to Great Images , my short e-book on quick image edits you can do to make a big difference right away. If you bought one of these from me in the last two years and have upgraded to PowerPoint 2010, e-mail me (go to and click the Contact link). I’ll send you the updated version for free.

An essential skill: slide layout

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It’s free and you don’t need to register to watch it. This training video is the start of a course, but even if you don’t think you’ll sign up for future training videos, please take advantage of this free training.

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Free tips for speakers from behind the Murdoch paywall

Max Atkinson

For what they're worth, these are the (free) tips that I'd be urging on him in the weeks and months ahead Having bought a hard copy of The Times earlier today, I'd already read the leaked tips to Labour leader Ed Miliband about how he should handle Prime Minister's Question Time and the various ploys that David Cameron was most likely to use in 'replying' to 'questions'. But when I saw this Sky News report on PMQ, I began to wonder why I'd bothered to buy it.

Positioning Yourself For More Speaking Engagements

Pivotal Public Speaking

You’ll want to provide incentive for them to opt-in by giving away free information, reports and tips. Free information that you offer will builds your list, leverage your outreach and increase your profit if used wisely. To get your F.R.E.E. 12 essential Steps to Attract Your Ideal Customers.

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Interview with Andy Zimmerman, VP for

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myBrainshark is a free presentation-sharing site. Andy Zimmerman: myBrainshark is the free version of Brainshark, and a site where any Internet user can apply our technology to create high-impact multimedia presentations that can be viewed online, anytime.

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Using quotes in speeches? Figure out why and take it to the next level

The Eloquent Woman

Sign up for the free monthly newsletter , Step Up Your Speaking, which focuses on one speaking skill or issue each month. Stop and think about it: How may times have you used a quotation in a speech? For some speakers (and speechwriters), a speech isn't a speech without a quotation.or three.

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How Twitter is Like Public Speaking

More than PowerPoint...

ps -- if you have questions or comments, feel free to connect with me on Twitter. "I just don't know what I would say." "I I can't believe anybody would care." "I I think I'll make a fool out of myself." Speechwriters and presentation coaches often hear these three objections from new clients.

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Hitting the brakes: When you're a speedy speaker

The Eloquent Woman

Are you a fast talker? Do you try to cram too much into your presentations and compensate with speed? Or is it your nervousness that makes you race to the finish? No matter what reason you use to speed ahead, those of us listening will get more out of your talk if you slow down.

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How to keep your audience’s attention

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For a free course, download by white paper, “From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Tell ‘n’ Tell ‘n’ Show SM method.&#.

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Mixed Messages « Elizabethkuhnke's Blog

Kuhnke Communication

Elizabethkuhnke's Blog Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS) Home About Elizabeth Vocal Communication Act the Part Mixed Messages Posted by: Kuhnke Communication on: September 28, 2010 In: Communication | Relationships Comment!

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Brrr-illiant tips for technical speakers from a TED Talk on Antarctica

The Eloquent Woman

Leaving the pictures free of facts helps the audience listen and absorb them, but with ample visual evidence to make the facts concrete and memorable. Feel free to use words in your slides, but don't overload them with data.)

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