7 ways to keep audience attention during your presentation

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A reader emailed me: “What can I do to keep the audience’s attention through the whole of my presentation. A one-way presentation is one of the worst possible ways of transferring information from person to person. When listening to a presentation, the main task is thinking.

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Famous Speech Friday: Angela Merkel's 2009 U.S. Congress speech

The Eloquent Woman

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's 2009 speech before both houses of the U.S. To begin with, the Wall becomes the bridge between Germany's (and Merkel's) past and present. Congress has just about everything you'd want in a famous speech.

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10 tools for presenting with Twitter

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Presenting while people are tweeting is challenging – but also adds a new dimension to the presentation experience for your audience. Gradually tools are being developed to make it easier for you as the presenter to manage the backchannel.

How to prepare a Pecha Kucha presentation

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Pecha Kucha was developed as a presentation format to allow design and creative types to share their passions and show off their work. You have to present with 20 slides and each slide is shown for 20 seconds. The presentations that I saw which had a theme were far more effective.

How to present with Twitter and other backchannels

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Presenting with Twitter can be challenging. I’ve written a free eBook “How to present with Twitter (and other backchannels)&# to help you avoid that fate. An eBook that every modern presenter and panelist should read.&# “Don’t get caught without Olivia Mitchell’s just-in-time guide to the technology, tips and tactics speakers need to navigate the Twitter backchannel when they’re presenting. The top Twitter tools for presenters.

Hans Rosling: Doctor, Professor & Presenter Extraordinaire

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His presentations, always delivered with honesty, integrity, and clarity, were aided by clear visuals of both the digital and analog variety. He was a master statistician, physician, and academic, but also a superb presenter and storyteller. A photo I took of Hans at TED 2009.

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The three causes of public speaking fear (and what you can do about them)

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Accept that nervousness may be your ever-present companion. You may suffer from nervousness less as you gain more experience presenting. You can do this now: Think of that nerve-wracking presentation experience. Fear of public speaking often feels like it hits you out of nowhere.

How to craft a memorable key message in 10 minutes

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A key message is the number one thing you want your audience to remember or do as a result of your presentation. Some experts call it “the big idea”, the core of your presentation or the proposition. Start planning your presentation by deciding on your key message.

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New evidence that bullet-points don’t work

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Chris recently delivered a presentation at the Technical Communication UK Conference and has put up her slides on slideshare. Chris tested the effects of using two different types of PowerPoint slides in a presentation. Both presentations were accompanied by the same spoken narrative.

Presentations: What To Wear

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If asked, most of us would say we want to look our best when we are at the front of a room, presenting to a group of people. However, in the flurry of pulling content together, finishing slides and producing handouts, we don't always give enough thought to the role our clothes play in our presentation. Now I'm not advocating buying a new outfit every time you give a presentation (although.if If you have pockets in whatever you're wearing, empty them before the presentation.

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Deliver a Presentation like Steve Jobs - BusinessWeek


When Apple ( AAPL ) CEO Steve Jobs kicked off this years Macworld Conference & Expo, he once again raised the bar on presentation skills. While most presenters simply convey information, Jobs also inspires. I analyzed his latest presentation and extracted the 10 elements that you can combine to dazzle your own audience. Still, how he actually arrives at what appear to be effortless presentations bears expanding on and explaining again.

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The difference between a persuasive and an informative presentation

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I think that most presentations can be classified as persuasive or informative.These two presentation types can cover quite a range — more entertaining or less, informal or keynote,for example. What is a persuasive presentation? Other presentations try to sell an idea.

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Presentation Zen: 10 Tips on how to think like a designer

Presentation Zen

Most people do not really think about design and designers, let alone think of themselves as designers. But what, if anything, can regular people — teachers, students, business people of all types — learn from designers and from thinking like a designer? And what of more specialized professions?

Make a Presentation Like Al Gore - Wired How-To Wiki


Al Gores global warming presentation, featured in the movie An Inconvenient Truth , is probably the most successful ever produced. The movie is also an example of how effective a slide show presentation can be. This is what she had to say about delivering a successful presentation.

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Presentation thought leaders

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During Dave Paradi’s keynote at PPTLive, the audience came up with a list of thought leaders. Here’s the list. In most cases, I’ve linked directly to the blog. Bert Decker. Nancy Duarte. Carmine Gallow. Garr Reynolds. Tony Ramos. Ethos3. Troy Chollar. Ellen Finkelstein (yes, that’s me!). Geetesh Bajaj. Tom Peters. Steve Rindsberg. and let’s not forget Dave Paradi. Here’s a list of organizations that have recommended content: TED.

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Why most attempts at audience participation fail and what to do about it

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Yesterday I had a skype conversation with Twitter follower Todd (@TJList) on how to include audience participation in a presentation. He’s presenting on getting through the economic downturn to an audience of small business owners.

How to propose a toast

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Acknowledge people who are not present. Related posts: How public speaking makes you richer, thinner and better in bed How to prepare a Pecha Kucha or Ignite presentation Don’t follow these presentation tips. Propose a toast: Image by Waldo Jaquith.

Personal Kaizen: 15 Tips for your continuous improvement

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12) Make it a point to watch TED videos on line, especially those related to design and creativity ; many of the presenters also use very effective, well-designed visuals. Don't forget that many presentations have been translated. (13) Kaizen (??) means "improvement" — "kai" (?)

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Seth Godin Blogs about Two Qualities of a Great Presenter ? Respect

Speaking Freely

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The Truth About Public Speaking

Matt Eventoff

Styles also make presentations, speeches and media appearances – every person is unique and every person has a unique style, something that works for them. . There is a saying in boxing that holds true for public speaking – “Styles Make Fights.” This is why I have always felt that the idea that you can become a great orator after reading a book on public speaking is like being prepared to go on the Tour de France after reading a book on bicycling– not really possible.

The President, Public Speaking, Presence, and uhhh….

Matt Eventoff

This week alone I sat through both legislative testimony and a major presentation where every other word seemed to be “filler&# and what I witnessed was no surprise. Eyes were focused on blackberries, cell phones, the floor and in one case, the back of eyelids — everywhere but where the presenter wanted the focus. . If you present, you owe it to your audience and yourself to pause more.

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio


WEBINARS Advanced Webinars 23 Feb How to Present While People are Twittering Posted by Tamar Weinberg > This is a guest post from esteemed presentations and speaking expert Olivia Mitchell. People used to whisper to each other or pass hand-scribbled notes during presentations.

6 presentation tips from a professional speaker

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Expo 2009. I’ve shamelessly cherry-picked the presentation tips from Scott’s book that I most agree with. I get so annoyed by courses, books and articles that claim to help you deliver the perfect presentation. Tags: Presentation skills Scott Berkun speaking at the Web2.0

Secrets for successfully narrating a presentation

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When you add narration to a presentation, especially with slide timings, you create a self-running presentation. However, recently I wanted to post a presentation with narration at authorSTREAM.com. Narrate the presentation, clicking to move from slide to slide.

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Ten Tips for Using Props in a Presentation

Manner of Speaking

In my previous post , I looked at some of the ways in which a prop can add some real value to a presentation. For most of the tips, I have added a video clip of a speech or presentation that shows the idea in action.

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Make Better Presentations - The Anatomy of a Good Speech | chrisbrogan.com


chrisbrogan.com Home About Speaking Rockstars Newsletters Contact Best Of Make Better Presentations - The Anatomy of a Good Speech February 23, 2009 · Comments You deserve some great tools, so I’d like to share what I’ve been working on.

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You don't hate public speaking. You're doing it right now.

Speak Schmeak

Technically, the definition of public speaking involves presenting to a group of people in a structured setting with an outcome in mind. So why is it so much more nervewracking when you prepare content for a predetermined presentation to a group of people?

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My training webinar: Present interactively-your audience expects it!

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Today I conducted a training webinar on presenting interactively. How to create a menu-based presentation that lets the audience control the direction of the presentation. I showed Yawnbuster and Raptivity Presenter.

Say, Say, Say…

Matt Eventoff

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Advice for speakers and presenters - 7 ways to turn a free gig into a financial windfall

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You’ve been asked to speak for an audience. However, the event organizer or meeting planner tells you they can’t pay you. Your heart sinks knowing that speaking for free will cost you in the long run. You think of all the expenses you’ll incur gas, parking, photocopying materials, babysitter and speaking for free means you won’t be reimbursed for these incidental costs.Although a free gig can eat into your bottom line, you don’t need to refuse it altogether.

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Hi-impact, lo-cost marketing with presentations

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I just posted a presentation on authorSTREAM. It’s called “Latest Trends in Hi-Impact Lo-Cost Marketing with Presentations.&#. Presentations for Hi-Impact Marketing. Uploaded on authorSTREAM by ellenfinkl | Upload your own presentation.

6 Presentation Links Worth Clicking

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Find out more about my story and why I’m passionate about helping people be better presenters – and particularly helping people overcome the fear of public speaking. And here’s five more links to great writing on presentation skills: Even TED speakers get nervous.

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New: Presentation Zen (2nd Edition)

Presentation Zen

Four years ago my first book Presentation Zen was published by Peachpit Press. Since then I wrote two other presentation books and a sketchbook/storyboard book and a DVD (plus an additional DVD/Book just for Japan).

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Present interactively: Your audience expects it!

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My training webinar, “ Present interactively—Your audience expects it!&# was well received and you can now purchase the recording. In fact, the Training Manager of a state teacher’s union hired me to give this webinar, slightly customized, for employees. That too was well received. Learn more about what I covered during the webinar and what participants said

Powerpoint Twitter Magic – now you can tweet from PowerPoint

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In my post 10 tools for presenting with Twitter , I lamented that there was no easy-to-use way of posting tweets from within PowerPoint. But often the presenter is the only one not taking part. This way you can be present in the backchannel of your presentation.

Don’t follow these presentation tips

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Whenever I read a top 10 presentation or public speaking tips post, I often find at least one tip that makes me cringe. And I’m not talking about the obviously stupid presentation tips like “Imagine the audience naked&# or “Look at the back of the room&#.

Back from the PPTLive conference!

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Cliff Atkinson ( www.beyondbulletpoints.com ), author of Beyond Bullet Points , opened the conference with a keynote called, “The Presentation Evangelist: How to change the world, one deck at a time.” Carmen talked about finding the real you and letting that show when you present.

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Perfect Your Sales Presentation to Win in a Down Market

DeFinis Communications

Enter the Sales Presentation. The sales presentation can be the entry point, the turning point or the culminating event of the sales process. In fact, sales presentations are not just “high stakes” anymore; they are “extreme stakes.” To make your next sales presentation meet the challenge of today’s “extreme stakes” you must refocus your approach. Regain control of your sales presentation and close the deal. Join us for our last public seminar of 2009.

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Thoughts on why bad presentations don’t go away

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In the Presentation Advisors blog, there’s a post called, “ Audience Members are from Venus, Presenters are from Mars ,&# which explains some of the frustrations that presentation consultants and experts experience. Basically, if you ask the general public (audiences) what is bad about most presentations, they know. But presenters (who are obviously sometimes audience members) seem to be a different animal or to suddenly forget.

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Lessons from a bad presentation

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A client told me about a presentation he gave recently that was terrible. His client had shown up an hour and a half earlier than planned, and he hadn't had time yet to go over the material, a presentation book he uses that had recently been rearranged and redesigned.

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