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7 ways to keep audience attention during your presentation

Speaking about Presenting

Keeping audience attention is more important and more difficult than grabbing audience attention. You’d think she’d change tack – but no.

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Famous Speech Friday: Angela Merkel's 2009 U.S. Congress speech

The Eloquent Woman

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's 2009 speech before both houses of the U.S. Consider how you'll connect with a diverse audience.

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Why most attempts at audience participation fail and what to do about it

Speaking about Presenting

Yesterday I had a skype conversation with Twitter follower Todd (@TJList) on how to include audience participation in a presentation. Continuum.

Receive Your Audience to Read Your Audience |

Speaking Freely

Famous Speech Friday: Elizabeth Warren on The Daily Show in 2009

The Eloquent Woman

At the time of the 2009 interview, she was chairing a congressional oversight panel on the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Thanks, Jon!

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The Truth About Public Speaking

Matt Eventoff

Make no mistake, having something meaningful for the audience – a message – is crucial. With regard to style, when speaking before an audience– either before your Rotary Club or on CBS – one size does not fit all! There is a saying in boxing that holds true for public speaking – “Styles Make Fights.”

10 tools for presenting with Twitter

Speaking about Presenting

Presenting while people are tweeting is challenging – but also adds a new dimension to the presentation experience for your audience. SAPWeb2.0

The President, Public Speaking, Presence, and uhhh….

Matt Eventoff

If you present, you owe it to your audience and yourself to pause more. President Obama’s Press Conference has just concluded and a lot of questions have been asked and answered. There are a number of public speaking and communications lessons that can be learned from watching both the President and those questioning him.

My training webinar: Present interactively-your audience expects it!

PowerPoint Tips

How to create a menu-based presentation that lets the audience control the direction of the presentation. Here you see some of the comments.

Message Development 101

Matt Eventoff

Who is my/our audience?). every American is the audience (Who cares?); Developing and communicating an effective message is not easy. That being said, I have always found three questions to be extremely useful in the identification and development of a message: 1. What am I/are we trying to accomplish? Who cares? Confusion.

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Present interactively: Your audience expects it!

PowerPoint Tips

My training webinar, “ Present interactively—Your audience expects it!&# was well received and you can now purchase the recording. In fact, the Training Manager of a state teacher’s union hired me to give this webinar, slightly customized, for employees. That too was well received.

Making presentations in the TED style

Presentation Zen

TEDx Tokyo 2009 In less than two weeks TEDx Tokyo will have its unveiling. Ben Saunders ). Thou Shalt Not Simply Trot Out thy Usual Shtick.

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How to prepare a Pecha Kucha presentation

Speaking about Presenting

But we, the audience were fine – it gave us more time to look without having to process words at the same time. Photo by Olly Barrett. I agree.

11 Public Speaking Lessons from an Eleven Year Old

Matt Eventoff

Jonathan McCoy is eleven years old. 11 years old! Watch the video again – 11 years old! Eye Contact — Never wavers and never looks down.

How to present with Twitter and other backchannels

Speaking about Presenting

With steps to take before, during and after your presentation, Mitchell creates a useful path that underscores what it takes to effectively engage a live (and remote) audience today. How to use Twitter and other backchannels to encourage audience participation. Presenting with Twitter can be challenging. Just click and read. Updating.

Insights from Audiences: Results of the 2013 Annoying PowerPoint survey

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I recently wrapped up my latest survey of audience members on what annoys them about PowerPoint presentations. in 2009, to 19.7%

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You don't hate public speaking. You're doing it right now.

Speak Schmeak

The audience won't judge you any more than your friends will. In fact, the audience will be a lot nicer about it than your friends!

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Prompt Your Audience to Respond: Ask Questions!

DeFinis Communications

We’ve all seen speakers who seem to know exactly how to get an audience energized. These speakers have an effortless, intuitive sense that enables them to keep a connection with any audience. And they often use powerful questioning techniques to help them prompt audience involvement. . Ask a direct question.

Presentation Zen: 10 Tips on how to think like a designer

Presentation Zen

This is not about you, it's about them (your audience, customer, patient, student, etc.). And what of more specialized professions?

How to give a great ignite talk

Speaker Confessions

Time will get eaten by the audience laughing, by any ad-libs you do, etc. This is super short, which means it’s easy to practice.

How Do You Choose a Speaking Coach?

Speak and Deliver

Speaking Experience When was the last time your coach spoke in front of an audience? Get your audience Laughing - and Learning! Deliver!

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How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide " Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Yesterday, I heard that one nervous moderator asked the panelists to introduce themselves (which was his job), then went directly to Q&A, providing little structured value to the audience. Remember that you’re here to serve the audience first and panelists second. Summarize long winded questions from the audience.

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Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

I see many speakers "wing it" and it makes me feel sorry for the audience. Its fascinating to see an audience sit up and pay attention when you start to tell a story on the stage. A speech is not about you; it is about your audience. And your audience will always react to your body language instead of your words. Mirror?

Should you display the live twitter stream on a large screen?

Speaking about Presenting

Now the question is: should you display a live twitter stream on a large screen so that everyone (not just the tweeters) in the audience can see it?

Deliver a Presentation like Steve Jobs - BusinessWeek

A 10-part framework you can use to wow your own audience By Carmine Gallo Story Tools post a comment e-mail this story print this story order a reprint suggest a story digg this save to I analyzed his latest presentation and extracted the 10 elements that you can combine to dazzle your own audience. The result?

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How to Start Speaking at Events |

It is sometimes difficult to get good quality of a speech in front of an audience, and what's good for a room might not make for good web presence.

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Make a Presentation Like Al Gore - Wired How-To Wiki

Know Your Audience Determining what your audience needs from you and what you need them to do should influence all design decisions.

5 ways to tweet like you mean it

Speak Schmeak

An audience member raises her hand to ask a question. Download audio here. Twitter is like talking. It's a lot like public speaking, in fact.

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Jim Rohn - In the Speak & Deliver Hall of Fame

Speak and Deliver

His talks focused on his audiences needs, even when he talked about his own experiences, as every good speaker should. Are You Ready To Speak?

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20 tips for better conference speaking ~ Authentic Boredom

20 tips for better conference speaking ~ 16 February 2009 ~ View from on stage as I’m preparing to speak at An Event Apart New Orleans 2008. Keeping the audience eyes’ on you rather than their laptops benefits both you and the audience. Always remain cognizant of audience interest. Preparation 1. Equipment 8.

Churchill, Lincoln, Kennedy…and Bloggers?

Matt Eventoff

Still, there are lessons that every blogger can learn from great public speakers of the past in order to capture , motivate and move an audience. It’s Not About You - Every great public speaker recognizes that a speech or presentation is not about the speaker, it’s about the audience. Winston Churchill. Abraham Lincoln.

4 Methods to Deliver a Great Speech

DeFinis Communications

How you deliver your thoughts and message can depend on a number of factors, such as your comfort level, the nature of the information and most important, your audience’s expectations. So before you stand up to speak, make sure you choose the correct delivery method that will give you the best results for you and your audience. .

The Chart Make-Over Challenge of 2009

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Though well intentioned, the chart was impossible to read or absorb as a member of the audience. ogi #ppt. Post your submission on SlideShare.

Nodding or Nodding Out: How to Read Your Audience

DeFinis Communications

September 3, 2009. . This is the audience we all want to be speaking to! . When you look at an ideal audience you see hungry minds hanging on your every word, ready to adopt your suggestion, buy your product, and follow your lead. Now you may be thinking, “Angela, do these model audience members really exist?”

How Obama could eliminate his ums (and so could you)

Speaking about Presenting

Research has even shown that an occasional um can increase the audience’s memory for the word that comes after the um. Related posts: You don’t have to slow down to be an effective presenter You can learn to be a better presenter How to inspire an audience like Nick Vujicic. Bert Decker. Jerry Weissman. Yes, really.

Back from the PPTLive conference!

PowerPoint Tips

He said that the value of a presentation specialist is in getting results and urged the audience not to think in terms of x dollars per hour.

Powerpoint Twitter Magic – now you can tweet from PowerPoint

Speaking about Presenting

In my post 10 tools for presenting with Twitter , I lamented that there was no easy-to-use way of posting tweets from within PowerPoint.

What goes on the last slide?

PowerPoint Tips

I recommend always summarizing your talk after the Q&A period, to focus the audience again on your message. Do I end with ‘Thank You!,’

Cues, Cues, Everywhere: How to Read Your Audience

DeFinis Communications

I have a client who tells me she that when she’s giving a presentation she likes to take “the pulse” of the audience every few minutes. She stays in touch with her audience by reading their cues. When you see and hear these kinds of cues, you know that your connection with your audience is secure.

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

But to balance that, there are huge benefits to the individual members of the audience and to the overall output of a conference or meeting.