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Famous Speech Friday: Angela Merkel's 2009 U.S. Congress speech

The Eloquent Woman

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's 2009 speech before both houses of the U.S. Congress has just about everything you'd want in a famous speech. It is by turns soaring, personal, forceful, humorous and direct.

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Trending Sources

What America Reads…

Matt Eventoff

Tags: Message Development Public Speaking Uncategorized 2009 Top Media Outlets: Newspapers and Social Networks biggest circulation blog Blogs burrellesluce Consumer Magazines marshall mcluhan media outlets new media new york times number 3 old media the medium is the massage the medium is the message top media top media outlets top newspapers usa today number 1 wall street journal number 2

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7 ways to keep audience attention during your presentation

Speaking about Presenting

Reference: Hartley J and Davies I “Note taking: A critical review” Programmed Learning and Educational technology, 1978,15, 207-224 cited by John Medina in Brain Rules. Keeping audience attention is more important and more difficult than grabbing audience attention.

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Famous Speech Friday: Elizabeth Warren on The Daily Show in 2009

The Eloquent Woman

At the time of the 2009 interview, she was chairing a congressional oversight panel on the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). I was a no-name college professor there in 2009 to talk about oversight of the Wall Street bailout.

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How to craft a memorable key message in 10 minutes

Speaking about Presenting

A key message is the number one thing you want your audience to remember or do as a result of your presentation. Some experts call it “the big idea”, the core of your presentation or the proposition. Start planning your presentation by deciding on your key message.

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New evidence that bullet-points don’t work

Speaking about Presenting

At last, we have some scientifically rigorous evidence to show that slides full of bullet-points don’t work. The research is the work of Chris Atherton , a cognitive psychologist.

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The Truth About Public Speaking

Matt Eventoff

There is a saying in boxing that holds true for public speaking – “Styles Make Fights.” Styles also make presentations, speeches and media appearances – every person is unique and every person has a unique style, something that works for them. . This is why I have always felt that the idea that you can become a great orator after reading a book on public speaking is like being prepared to go on the Tour de France after reading a book on bicycling– not really possible.

The President, Public Speaking, Presence, and uhhh….

Matt Eventoff

President Obama’s Press Conference has just concluded and a lot of questions have been asked and answered. There are a number of public speaking and communications lessons that can be learned from watching both the President and those questioning him. Among the lessons is one that every corporate, non profit and political leader can, and should, implement immediately. The President is a talented communicator.

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10 tools for presenting with Twitter

Speaking about Presenting

A Seat Apart was developed by Allister Klingensmith literally over night at An Event Apart 2009 conference in Boston. Presenting while people are tweeting is challenging – but also adds a new dimension to the presentation experience for your audience.

How to Communicate with Teenagers, Part 1

Matt Eventoff

When you figure it out, please tell me. . In all seriousness, in order to effectively communicate with someone, you need to have a basic understanding of that person’s frame of reference. Through extensive lecturing at high schools and universities (as well as my niece torturing me by continuously friending and de-friending me on Facebook) it is very clear that the experiences for a teen growing up now is very different than it was for me. . How different?

Message Development 101

Matt Eventoff

Developing and communicating an effective message is not easy. That being said, I have always found three questions to be extremely useful in the identification and development of a message: 1. What am I/are we trying to accomplish? Who cares? Who is my/our audience?). Why should they/do they care? Answer those three questions and while you won’t have the complete message, but you will be well on your way to developing an effective message. . What is the biggest danger to any message? (

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Making presentations in the TED style

Presentation Zen

TEDx Tokyo 2009 In less than two weeks TEDx Tokyo will have its unveiling. Using a prepared script from the lectern (with slides/video) Sylvia Earle (TED Prize winner 2009).

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How to prepare a Pecha Kucha presentation

Speaking about Presenting

Photo by Olly Barrett. This week I went to my first Pecha Kucha night in Wellington, New Zealand. Pecha Kucha was developed as a presentation format to allow design and creative types to share their passions and show off their work. The format is very tight.

11 Public Speaking Lessons from an Eleven Year Old

Matt Eventoff

7 Japanese aesthetic principles to change your thinking

Presentation Zen

Exposing ourselves to traditional Japanese aesthetic ideas — notions that may seem quite foreign to most of us — is a good exercise in lateral thinking, a term coined by Edward de Bono in 1967. Lateral Thinking is for changing concepts and perception," says de Bono.

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Personal Kaizen: 15 Tips for your continuous improvement

Presentation Zen

Kaizen (??) means "improvement" — "kai" (?) means change/make better, and "zen" (?) means good — but as the term is used as a business process it more closely resembles in English “continuous improvement.”

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Why most attempts at audience participation fail and what to do about it

Speaking about Presenting

Yesterday I had a skype conversation with Twitter follower Todd (@TJList) on how to include audience participation in a presentation. He’s presenting on getting through the economic downturn to an audience of small business owners.

How to present with Twitter and other backchannels

Speaking about Presenting

Presenting with Twitter can be challenging. Just about every week a new story of a speaker getting roasted on Twitter makes waves in the blogosphere. I’ve written a free eBook “How to present with Twitter (and other backchannels)&# to help you avoid that fate. There’s no sign up required. Just click and read. I asked my trusted and expert community to review the book and say what they thought of it: “Fantastic eBook! Outstanding information and well worth the read.&#

New RSS feed! This one will no longer be updated

PowerPoint Tips

I have a new blog (using WordPress) which will let people add comments. I think it's a great improvement and I hope you'll think so, too. But the RSS feed's URL is different. Please go to [link] and click on the RSS button (the label says "Posts") to continue to get the tips. While you're there, look around and click the Leave a Comment link below any post to let me know what you think! Thanks

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June 2009 Resource of the Month - PowerPoint:What Is Appropriate When and Why?

PowerPoint Tips

This short slidecast by Karl Kapp shows great makeovers. You'll learn a lot about how to avoid death by PowerPoint

Buzzwords of 2009

The Communication Blog

12.20.2009 Buzzwords of 2009 Here is the New York Times buzzwords of 2009; it includes a variety of "communication" terms, for example, sexting (texting sexual messages), vook (a digitized book with video), social distancing (standing away from others to avoid catching or spreading the flu), orphan books (books that are out of print, still in copyright, and whose copyright holders cant be found), and netbook (a small portable, personal computer).

How to propose a toast

Speaking about Presenting

Propose a toast: Image by Waldo Jaquith. Give the gift of public speaking this holiday season. It’s the time to show your love and appreciation for your family and friends. Here are some tips for proposing a toast: 1. Plan your toast in advance.

You don't hate public speaking. You're doing it right now.

Speak Schmeak

Let's talk about all the ways you "speak in public" every day. You meet new people at a party. You ask for help at Best Buy. You run a meeting at work. You ask a question at a meeting at work. You order a sandwich at Subway. You talk on your cell phone while you're walking down the street.

Say, Say, Say…

Matt Eventoff

It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and resolve all doubt. Abraham Lincoln. The easiest way to save face is to keep the lower half shut. Author Unknown. Say, Say, Say… nothing.

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New Stage Fright & Fear of Public Speaking Book is Available |

Speaking Freely

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New Book ? It's Your Time to Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public.

Speaking Freely

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Blackberry Etiqutte, Pt II…

Matt Eventoff

The debate over “Blackberry etiquette&# in meetings has gotten quite a bit of ink since last week’s post … There were a number of very interesting takes in the blogosphere, some of which I’m going to share this week.

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Presentation Zen: 10 Tips on how to think like a designer

Presentation Zen

Most people do not really think about design and designers, let alone think of themselves as designers. But what, if anything, can regular people — teachers, students, business people of all types — learn from designers and from thinking like a designer? And what of more specialized professions?

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How to give a great ignite talk

Speaker Confessions

There’s this popular format for public speaking called Ignite - It’s an evening of short talks with some special rules.

Healing the Mind & Body Split of Stage Fright and Fear of Speaking |

Speaking Freely

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Why the stickiest idea in presenting is just plain wrong

Speaking about Presenting

Albert Mehrabian. The stickiest idea in presenting and public speaking is that the meaning of your message is communicated by: Your words 7%. Your body language 38%. Your tone of voice 55%. This is the Mehrabian formula first proposed by Albert Mehrabian in 1967.

Toastmasters World Champion 2009

Pro Humorist

The Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking for 2009 is Australian Mark Hunter, with his speech “A sink for a green tomato&#. For a great personal account of the 2009 contest check out Jim Key’s blog post on The Adventures of Jim. In seems that previously, Mark competed in the 2001 World Championships which has since produced 2003 winner Jim Key.

BizTech Day 2009

DeFinis Communications

If you answered “YES&# to any of the questions above, BizTechDay 2009 is the place for you! When: October 22-23, 2009 (Thursday & Friday). Here’s the list of speakers you will meet at BizTechDay 2009 : In addition to Tim & Kevin, they are coming too! Tags: Examples of Powerful Speakers 2009 BizTech breakout Conference consultation Day line by line marketing money small business social media Strategy

Toastmasters World Champion 2009

Pro Humorist

The Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking for 2009 is Australian Mark Hunter, with his speech “A sink for a green tomato” In seems that previously, Mark competed in the 2001 World Championships which has since produced 2003 winner Jim Key.

How Do You Choose a Speaking Coach?

Speak and Deliver

Posted by Rich Hopkins, Speaker, Author, Coach on Monday, September 21, 2009 Labels: Experience , Fees , Skype , Speaking Coach , Testimonials On Friday, I talked about the pros and cons of joining Toastmasters vs. hiring a Speech Coach.

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Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

C)2009 www.schrift.comCoach, Rich Gee, has a few tips for winning in a bad economy.Contact both present and past clients. Listen to how they are and offer to help; don’t sell.Ask for referrals.Remember that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your best clients.Focus on what you do best- what is and what is not contributing to your bottom line.Create Strategic Alliances – share the marketing costs and bring new value to your clients. The Coach suggests.

How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide " Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Posted by Desislava on February 16th, 2009 at 4:51 am Do you suggest providing a keyword for a particular presentation, or does the audience sort that out for themselves? Posted by Phil Earnhardt on February 23rd, 2009 at 10:45 am Phil Often a tag like “#forrester09″ has been assigned by the conference organizers. Posted by jeremiah_owyang on February 23rd, 2009 at 10:58 am [.]

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Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

Photo of me presenting in Istanbul, Turkey on February 25, 2009 courtesy MediaCat. Posted by David Meerman Scott on March 16, 2009 | Permalink Digg This | Save to Howell | March 16, 2009 at 08:18 AM David, Great article, personally very timely and helpful for me. Posted by: Matt Nelson | March 16, 2009 at 08:21 AM Excellent advice, David. Posted by: Geno Prussakov | March 16, 2009 at 08:32 AM I'd change #6) Don't use Powerpoint at all.

How to Start Speaking at Events |

One of my goals for 2009 is to develop a unique small business speaking presentation focused on the web, online reputation, new media, etc.

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