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Famous Speech Friday: Jennifer Granholm's 2005 tribute to Rosa Parks

The Eloquent Woman

We've said it before: Jennifer Granholm is a rock star of public speaking. Check out her YouTube channel to see the full range of her talks.)

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Sunday February 13, 2005

Speaking Of...

Happy Sunday. As I continue the blog my hope is to share with you my insights on public speaking, my passion, and to offer my feedback to help you speak with confidence. Everyone has their own unique message. Our job in life, I believe, is to unleash that message for all to hear. I invite you to suggest topics and I will respond with my best answe

Presidents Day

Speaking Of...

President's Day. Most people see this as another holiday to pursue recreation and leisure. I'm reflecting today on the great leaders who have given us the precious gift of freedom. Freedom of speech is another one of those rights we in America take for granted. But for many worldwide it isn't.My Roosevelt. Add to this list ML King.

Saturday February 19

Speaking Of...

Welcome to the weekend.Another cold one up in the Northeast. It seems like winter is still settled in here. How are things in your neck of the woods

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Checkin' In

Speaking Of...

Welcome back. Would love to hear from any of you who received my first message. Consider this our meeting place. I have so many RD friends, old and new. This seemed like the perfect way to meet

What can you do in 30 seconds?

More than PowerPoint...

Throwback Thursday… In 2005, Merv Griffin said he wrote the Jeopardy! them e song in under a minute. How much exactly? Sorry.

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Steve Jobs – Public Speaking, Preparation & Practice

Matt Eventoff

Stanford Commencement – 2005. ” To last through multiple news cycles is very rare. Some Key Takeaways: 1. Effective gesturing; 6.

Talking about presentations with Nancy Duarte

Presentation Zen

Last month we took the long flight across the Pacific to spend a day with our friend Nancy Duarte at the new and very cool head office of Duarte, Inc.

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Two must-see college graduation speeches

Presentation Zen

It's graduation time in many parts of the world , and that means long ceremonies and a lot of speeches. Bush, gave a commencement speech for the ages.

A fascinating look at the history of aspect ratios

Presentation Zen

If you work in filmmaking or other forms of visual storytelling you are already comfortable talking about aspect ratios. 4:3 example. 16:9 example.

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Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Presentation Zen

Steve Jobs passed away today. He was just 56. Steve often talked about changing the world, and he did change the world in a huge way. I have no words.

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inspiration from steve jobs

Green Room Speakers

I first heard the speech three years ago, when I had just gotten into this work. In other words. Thanks for the post on my blog. Great post, Sarah.

Leadership Communications - Tough Message, Gentle Tone

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

When I began blogging in 2005, my coach Paul Chaney offered tough criticism. His influence extended to all religions. I notice tone.

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Edward Tufte on Data, Analysis, & Truth

Presentation Zen

I've talked about Tufte in my own books and on this website going back to at least this post in 2005. His books are foundational.

Podcast: ProActive Networking

Communication Steroids

What to do, how to meet people, what kinds of things to bring up, how they use LinkedIn and more…Tim and Roger talk about what works for them.

Storyboarding & the art of finding your story

Presentation Zen

Storyboarding is a great way to begin to visualize the story of your content. What can Pixar teach us about storyboarding? Amazing stuff.

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Scott McCloud: Presenting comics in a new (media) world

Presentation Zen

I linked to this 2005 TED talk a few years ago, but it''s worth linking to again today. I''m a big fan of Scott McCloud''s work. Follow no one.

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Death & Woodstock Generation - Preoccupation with How/When

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That has been a ritual since 2005, when marketing expert Toby Bloomberg referred me to Paul Chaney to set up this site. That's dead wrong.


You Don’t Know Dick!

Manner of Speaking

It is the 4 August 2005 Keynote Address that Hardt gave at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon. Dick Hardt.

WaPo - Is It Being Hustled with Fake News

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Chung" in 2005. Playing around with the media - establishment and social - is great fun.    And it's not new.

Another High-Stakes Presentation: The Wedding Toast

DeFinis Communications

Dawn is a writer, editor, and writing coach whom I have worked with on many writing projects since 2005. Ladies first…come on up Dawn.”.

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Create a PowerPoint handout from selected slides

PowerPoint Tips

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005. She wanted to create a handout with 3 slides per page. Here are the steps: For PowerPoint 2010. Click OK.

Prototype for Fox News, Donald Trump, et al. - Jimmy Breslin Dies at Age 88

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For this blog in 2005, I turned to the mentoring of Paul Chaney. Today Breslin re-located to that great typewriter in the sky.

Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die

Executive Speech Coach

Steve Jobs delivering graduation speech at Stanford University in June 2005. The words are powerful. It was a well written speech.

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Famous Speech Friday: Carrie Fisher roasts George Lucas

The Eloquent Woman

All of those skills came into play in a 2005 speech roasting Star Wars director George Lucas for the American Film Institute award he was being given.

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How to Be a Great Woman Leader

DeFinis Communications

In 2005, a year-long study conducted by Caliper , a Princeton, New Jersey-based management consulting firm, and Aurora , a London-based organization that advances women, identified several characteristics of women leaders. They found that when it comes to leadership, women are stronger than men in several areas. For example, women…. to lead!

Communication Across Cultural Divides

Duarte Blog

Hwang got the idea for his new play during a trip to Shanghai in 2005. Good communication can be difficult enough in English. ” Delivery

13 famous speeches by women on death and dying

The Eloquent Woman

Jennifer Granholm''s 2005 tribute to Rosa Parks was a state governor''s official tribute to a daughter of Detroit. Ida B. famous speeches

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SEO is Just Marketing. Deal With It. via TopRankBlog

Content Marketing Today

2005 Called, It Wants Its SEO Back. Written by Lee Odden. I say it’s about optimizing customer discovery and engagement with content. Panda?

9 famous speeches by Indian, Pakistani and Indian-American women

The Eloquent Woman

Pepsi chair and CEO Indra Nooyi gave a "middle finger" speech, the 2005 commencement address at Columbia Business School. famous speeches

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Famous Speech Friday: Jessica Mendoza calls major league baseball playoff

The Eloquent Woman

Suzyn Waldman started calling national and Yankees games on television in the mid-1990s before joining the Yankees’ radio booth in 2005.

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Neil Gorsuch - Will He Prove Unpredictable, Like John Roberts?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Roberts took on the job in 2005 when he was 50 years old. At first glance, federal appeals judge Neil Gorsuch seems to be a Scalia clone.

People I'm Grateful for: #2 - Steve Jobs

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

This blog is the second in a series of blogs on people that have added something important to the world of communications.    Stay foolish.” 

If you are a presenter you MUST watch this company: Prezi (new features just released) — Scobleizer

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Every time I start a presentation I joke that I will not force my audience to sit through boring slides so I won’t be using PowerPoint today.

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A bizarre method of measuring speaking skills

Speak Schmeak

In 2005, Congress spoke at an 11.5 grade level on the Flesch-Kincaid scale. Now, it''s 10.6. On one hand, it’s the dumbing-down of Congress.

Interview: Kathy Hart, Corporate ClarityTM Consultant

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

In 2005, Kathy founded ClearVision Consulting with the express purpose of promoting the potential of people within business environments. Kathy Hart is President of ClearVision Consulting, Inc., a global company that specializes in accelerating organizational excellence and improving human performance. Kathy holds an Ed.D.

Famous Speech Friday: Indra Nooyi's "middle finger" speech

The Eloquent Woman

Today, Nooyi serves as the chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo, and yes, she''s given several other commencement speeches since 2005.

Article: Self-Publishing, Author Services Open Floodgates for Writers

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

In 2005 sales were down by 9 percent (and have continued to fall). Mid-level authors already know that the era of large advances, generous royalties, book tours and media spots are over. They have to spend their own time and money to create a website and publicize their books. Yet in 2006 print-on-demand exploded.

UK Business Communicator of the year, 2012: Gillian Tett

Max Atkinson

The full citation is reproduced below between the two clips of her in action. Citation The world economy is choked with thorns.

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Meeting Report: The wit and wisdom of speechwriter Hal Gordon

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Since 2005, Hal has provided executive speech writing for top executives of Shell Oil, Royal Dutch Shell, CenterPoint Energy, GE […] On Thursday September 17, 2015 the Silicon Valley Speechwriters welcomed Hal Gordon as our guest on a conference call. Hal was a speechwriter for the Reagan White House and later wrote for Gen.