Home Depot, 2003 - 2004 - My Haitian Co-Workers

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

2003 had been a difficult year. Both for me personally and my communications boutique. The health insurance I could still afford covered psychotherapy, with a $40 co-pay. That was the best $40 a week investment I have made in my life. At least, so far.

Rhetoric, oratory and Barack Obama's 'The Speech' (2004)

Max Atkinson

They were, he said, preparing a major article on the keynote speech given at the 2004 Democratic Convention by Barack Obama. Published in June 2007, the summary at the top of David Bernstein's article says: When Barack Obama launched into his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, he was still an obscure state senator from Illinois. About eighteen months ago, David Bernstein of the Chicago Magazine phoned me.

Saving for "Rainy Day" Used to Be Moral Issue

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Part of me is grateful that I sold my home in West Hartford, Connecticut, at near the top of the market in 2004. About a quarter of folks in America don't have a financial reserve, found Bankrate. That means that they can't make it through a financial emergency.

A fascinating look at the history of aspect ratios

Presentation Zen

This is in the Apple Store Shinsaibashi (Osaka) just after they opened in 2004. If you work in filmmaking or other forms of visual storytelling you are already comfortable talking about aspect ratios. But for many people it is still a bit of a mystery.

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Why memorizing your high-stakes speech frees you: Sen. Amy Klobuchar

The Eloquent Woman

Back when she was a county prosecutor in Minnesota, Klobuchar was tapped to speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, the highlight of which was Barack Obama's stirring keynote speech.

Interview: Julie Mergen – Financially Savvy Speaker

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Julie started a women’s investment club in 2004. Julie Mergen is fascinated with business systems. She admires those who create products from concepts. Along with her innate entrepreneurial spirit, she simply finds money interesting — even more intriguing is the multiple, seemingly endless perceptions we as humans have about money. Julie says: “Money stops us, blocks us, money molds us, holds us, money [.] Julie Mergen is fascinated with business systems.

Twitter hires Edelman to educate users

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  She chronicles how Twitter had been leveraged in the past, e.g. the iconic Barack Obama digital outreach in 2004, and how politicos might turn to it in fresh ways during Campaign 2012.    Back around 2004, its head Richard Edelman had a blog. 

Famous Speech Friday: Gwen Ifill on politics, policy & leadership

The Eloquent Woman

She was also the first African-American woman to moderate a vice presidential debate, in 2004, and she and Woodruff became the first team of women to moderate a Democratic presidential debate in 2016. Back when we used to watch the evening news on television--remember that?--we

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Henry Bello - For Him, Was Being Fired Ultimate Stressor (and what should employers do)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In 2004 and 2009 there had been arrests. Today, medical doctor in family practice Henry Bello injured six and murdered one at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. When cornered by the police, he killed himself. Two years ago that medical facility had fired him.

Apple Store presentation this week in Osaka, Japan

Presentation Zen

I think the first time was in 2004 shortly after it opened I''ll be presenting in the Apple Store in Osaka (Shinsaibashi) tomorrow night (March 27 at 7:00pm). Apple is having a back-to-campus campaign so they asked me to speak to students & teachers about presentation design, etc.

What I Learned From Ryan Avery: 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking

Speak and Deliver

Ryan and I both had 2004 World Champion Randy Harvey as coaches, so even that homespun advice was old hat. Ryan is Really Tall - at least compared to me. Rich, did you learn anything from Ryan today?''

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A conversation with Bob Lehrman

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Lehrman served as Chief Speechwriter to Vice President Al Gore and, in 2004, as Chief Speechwriter for the Democratic National Committee during his more than three decades of experience writing speeches.

How to book more business and own your niche

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

She launched BusinessInfoGuide.com, her first website, in 2004.

Dreaming of sex costs the nation £7.8bn a year: the cost of boring presentations

Max Atkinson

One thing I'd forgotten about was a press release I'd issued not long after the publication of Lend Me Your Ears back in 2004.

Giving back, doing what I love

Speak Schmeak

I completed WEV''s Self-Employment Training (SET) in 2004, for a jewelry business I had started after being laid off three times in four years from nonprofits that kept running out of money for my positions.

April is Humor Month in Speak & Deliver

Speak and Deliver

Ironically, Kristi pulled this prank back in 2004 on her father, who did not take kindly to it. In honor of my FAILED humor on Sunday, April Fool's Day, I am declaring April HUMOR MONTH here in Speak & Deliver!

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Steve Jobs, One of Today’s Great Presenters, Steps Down from the Main Stage

DeFinis Communications

We all knew it was coming, given the serious health issues he has battled since being diagnosed with treatable pancreatic cancer in 2004. Anyone in the public speaking business has likely paused at the news that Steve Jobs has resigned from the iconic Apple Computer.

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What is the new Microsoft Office? 2013? 365?

PowerPoint Tips

You know it as Office 2003, 2007, 2010 or (if you have a Mac) 2004, 2008, or 2011. Most of you have a version of Office that you installed on your computer. Now, there’s a new number, 365. What is Office 365? Previously, Office 365 was an offering for businesses that supported online tools like. Sharepoint (online storage). Exchange (online email). Lync (a conferencing/webinar/messaging tool). But that’s changing.

Toastmasters Friday: I Lost My Contest - Now What?

Speak and Deliver

When I lost in 2004 at the Division Level, I felt ripped off, and let many folks know it.

I Owe it All to Toastmasters

Speak and Deliver

My first coaching job came directly from my club, in the Spring of 2004 - when a visitor came in asking for help with a toast for his daughter''s wedding - which was just a month away. I owe it all to Toastmasters.

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How to Start Speaking at Events | chrisbrogan.com


chrisbrogan.com Home About Speaking Rockstars Newsletters Contact Best Of How to Start Speaking at Events December 8, 2008 · Comments One day, I wasn’t a speaker at conferences, and then I was. And then a little while later, I was a paid speaker.

2004 28

Wangari Maathai: Honoring a Powerful Female Leader and Speaker

DeFinis Communications

In 2004 she was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy, and peace. A little over a week ago, on September 25 th , the world lost a great environmental and political activist, Wangari Muta “Mary Jo” Maathai.

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Famous Speech Friday: Monica Lewinsky at TED 2015

The Eloquent Woman

In 2004, she spoke out on Bill Clinton''s memoir. "You''re looking at a woman who was publicly silent for a decade. Obviously, that''s changed, but only recently." Monica Lewinsky opened her 2015 TED talk by talking about silencing herself as a speaker.

2015 13

Make Better Presentations - The Anatomy of a Good Speech | chrisbrogan.com


chrisbrogan.com Home About Speaking Rockstars Newsletters Contact Best Of Make Better Presentations - The Anatomy of a Good Speech February 23, 2009 · Comments You deserve some great tools, so I’d like to share what I’ve been working on.

2004 19

Three Women, One Mission: Peace

DeFinis Communications

In 2004 she was appointed to Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which aimed to foster dialogue and stability. In 1903, two years after the Nobel Foundation was established, a Nobel Prize was awarded to a woman, Marie Curie, for the first time.

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The Only thing We Really Know About John Edwards Is that He Still Would Have Been Better than Bush

TJ Walker Interactive

What else do we know about John Edwards as of 2004? Given this, a fair minded person has to conclude that the country would have been far better off if John Edwards had beaten George W Bush for President in 2004 (assuming Edwards and not Kerry had won the nomination). by tjwalker. So the silliness of the John Edwards trial is over and what have we learned?

Nemo: The American Dream doesn't seem so hot

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  I have been renting since 2004.  Nemo will dump plenty of responsibility on home owners to clear their sidewalks.    With more than a foot forecasted, many of those can't do that themselves and few own snowblowers. There  There is already angst. 

Linda McMahon: In brilliant move, tells CT voters to split ticket

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  In 2004, Obama crushed John McCain.  In the race for the U.S. Senate, GOP candidate Linda McMahon is telling voters to split their ticket and vote for both the president and herself, reports POLITICO. That's a smart move. 

GE - Deirdre Latour Becoming Chief Communications Officer, April 1, As Gary Sheffer Retires

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

From powerhouse Edelman Public Relations back in 2004, his successor, Deirdre Latour, will be navigating this shift from the Sheffer brand of public relations to her kind. "Gary Sheffer, chief communications officer for GE, is retiring after a 16-year career at the Fairfield, Conn.-based

Drudge Report - Trump as Economy Superhero, Consumer Confidence Crushes at 101.1

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Where it is right now is the highest since January 2004. The Drudge Report remains a platform for conservative policies. So, the indirect message its readers can pick up today is that Donald Trump is the economy's superhero.

BigBusiness - Back to Pre-Tort Reform

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

He had been state attorney general in Mississippi from 1988 until 2004. Tort reformers position and package the iconic $246 billion Tobacco Master Settlement as pure evil.

Tragic Flaws - So?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The big story,  first in the general media, now in the legal media, is Katherine Ku's description of her discomfort clerking for Alex Kozinkski 2003 - 2004.

National Punctuation Day

Speak Schmeak

Jeff Rubin founded National Punctuation Day in 2004 to draw attention to the importance of proper punctuation, and it was originally intended to influence the poor punctuation habits of business professionals.

Drudge Report - Trumpism Triggers Confidence Surge among Small Businesses

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In 2004, I had sold the property I had purchased three years earlier for double its value. The conservative Drudge Report links the boom in optimism among small businesses to Trumpism. The Drudge Report may be on he money. After all, Trumpism advocates blowing up unnecessary regulation.

Happy National Startup Day - We can all share in the entrepreneurial mindset

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

After a very good run since 2004 in the New York Metro area, my communications boutique had gone flat again around 2013. Today, August 4th, is National Startup Day. Most of us will never launch what would be comparable in success and job creation to Facebook and Google.

Learning Styles: What every presenter ought to know

Speaking about Presenting

In 2004, the UK Learning and Skills Development Agency commissioned an evaluation of learning styles models and their effectiveness in post-16 learning. “[S]ome Before Copernicus we believed that the the earth was the center of the universe and that the sun revolved around the earth.

Cryptocurrency Credibility Enhanced - Michael Arrington Launches Crypto-Heavy Hedge Fund

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  They include: It has had the time since its start in 2004 to get it right. Cryptocurrencies keep gaining value - and mainstream credibility.    For example, this morning, one bitcoin is worth $10,697. Here is the coverage by Bloomberg.

Famous Speech Friday: Edwidge Danticat's testimony on death in detention

The Eloquent Woman

In 2004, battles between Haitian police forces and neighborhood gangs forced the frail and elderly Joseph Dantica to flee Haiti and seek asylum in the United States.

"Rough Edges" By James Rogan - Rough Time Buying His Sad Story

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It was back in 2004 that James Rogan first published his memoir "Rough Edges." It's no surprise that in 2004, readers mindlessly bought into Rogan's positioning and packaging of his early years. They

Well-organized, Buttoned-down Content Gets the Business and the Bucks

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Remember around 2004, Robert Scoble was blogging at Microsoft.    He prided himself on all his disjointed content that had plenty of typos and grammatical errors. Soon enough a lot of folks were following his example on social media. That was then.