Link to a specific PowerPoint 2003, 2007 or 2010 slide from Microsoft Word or Excel

PowerPoint Tips

Suppose you want to link from Word or Excel to Slide 2 in a PowerPoint 2003, 2007 or 2010 presentation. Hyperlinks Excel hyperlink link PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2010 PowerPont 2003 slide WordIn another tip, “ Hyperlink to a specific slide in another presentation, or specific location in another file ,” one of the topics I cover is how to create a hyperlink in PowerPoint that links to a specific location in Word or Excel.

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In 2003, I Was Struck Stupid

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In 2003, I had that moment of clarity: I was in six-figure debt. This explains a lot.    The National University of Singapore's Social Service Research Centre conducted research on the cognitive and psychological consequences of debt. What they found was surprising. Owing money can actually impair cognitive functioning. In addition, it boosts anxiety and lowers impulse control. Here are more details from MarketWatch.

2003 43

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Maybe 2003 Was A Very Good Year - Compared to 2020

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That famous book on my 2003 ordeal is "Geezer Guts," which you can read for free here.   However, compared to 2020, now I get it: 2003 was a very good year. But, unlike 2003, I will probably not be the better for it. "Geezer Guts" had more than a million downloads. Around the world other down-and-outs contacted me, saying they too considered merchandising the sale of a kidney.

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Career Comeback - November 2003 to November 2017

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The major issue hovering over the allegations about sexual misconduct is: Can big-time players such as Harvey Weinstein have a comeback? The question isn't absurd. After all, Nixon Administration "dirty tricks" lawyer Chuck Colson had a roaring one. In prison, he discovered spirituality. He went on to became a prominent religious leader, who was revered when he died at age 80.

2017 40

Home Depot, 2003 - 2004 - My Haitian Co-Workers

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

2003 had been a difficult year. Both for me personally and my communications boutique. The health insurance I could still afford covered psychotherapy, with a $40 co-pay. That was the best $40 a week investment I have made in my life. At least, so far. Cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT) Amy Karnilowitz, West Hartford, Connecticut, gave the mandate: Get a job, any job.    That was on a Wednesday. By Friday, I not only had a job.

2004 40

Creating new shapes in PowerPoint 2003

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Unfortunately, you can’t do that in PowerPoint 2003 because it does not have the feature of converting a shape to points. So I started playing with the tools that PowerPoint 2003 does have to see if I could achieve the same result. I was inspired by this blog post on using PowerPoint as a photo editor instead of Photoshop.

2003 40

Career Crash 2003: Breaking open to way too much choice

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Bottoming out has become the 21st-century success formula.    Plenty of brilliant theorist and players endorse that road increasingly traveled in this era of multiple career crashes.    They include: Nassir Ghaemi - "A First-Rate Madness" Henry Cloud - "Necessary Endings" David Brooks - "The Social Animal" Mark Matousek - "When You're Falling, Dive."

2003 50

Vow of Poverty, 2003: None too soon for Baby Boomer

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Given the reality of the big big money being in the past, I figure I was blessed when my communications firm tanked in 2003 [ Download Geezerguts.]  This weekend THE WALL STREET JOURNAL confirms what most of us Baby Boomers have been feeling in our paycheck and monthly revenues from our businesses.      That's that our peak earning years might been over.      Research shows it's in our 40s that we earn the most. 

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PowerPoint Tip: Upgrading from PowerPoint 2003 to 2007

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

One question I am struggling with is whether to load the 2007 or the 2003 version as my primary Office version. I am currently running Office 2003 as my primary version. Because my surveys show that most corporate clients are running Office 2003 and a number are running even earlier versions, like 2000. But an even bigger cost is the cost of retraining because the user interface is so different between Office 2003 and 2007.

2007 40

Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained - The 2003 Ford Escort

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  My 2003 Ford Escort had been stolen so I was walking and taking the bus.  For two weeks I had been an Accidental Green.    I was getting to like it.    No worries about my car being stolen, since that had already happened.    No worries about my car being banged during the night since there was no more car.    Gone forever was fretting about the what-next in car repairs. 

2003 40

"White-collar employment as we've known it is dead," Tom Peters, 2003

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Way back in 2003, management expert Tom Peters screamed in his book "Re-imagine!" Few could take it in.    But it was out there: The warning that those well-paying corporate jobs were disappearing.  " that "White-collar employment as we've known it is dead."  "  The reasons were a combo platter of the need for organizations to reconfigure how work is done and technology.

2003 43

Green Room Speakers: Will Ferrell's Harvard Commencement Speech

Green Room Speakers

Sunday, June 27, 2010 Will Ferrells Harvard Commencement Speech OK - So this is from 2003 and I am honestly not sure what you can learn from it, but I had to include it because it is just so funny. (I I especially appreciate the contrast of Will dancing while the Harvard faculty claps stiffly in the background.) Enjoy!

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 63)

Manner of Speaking

Herbert Gardner (1934 - 2003) American Cartoonist, Playwright and Screenwriter. “Once you get people laughing, they’re listening and you can tell them almost anything.&# – Hebert Gardner.

Find colors for your PowerPoint color scheme (theme colors) with Adobe kuler

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, these are called the color scheme. An important first step in creating a new presentation, one not based on any previous presentation, is to decide on your colors. In PowerPoint 2007, these are called the theme colors

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Buy Microsoft Office 2007 now and get 2010 free later

PowerPoint Tips

If you’re using Office 2003, why upgrade now? If you go from 2003 to 2010, the learning curve will be huge. has an offer to help you upgrade now. You buy Office 2007 now and you can then upgrade to 2010 for free. The reason for this is that 2010 is coming out soon and you would otherwise want to wait. Using 2007 even for a couple of months will help you get used to the new ribbon interface and learn many of the new tools.

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Add drama with PowerPoint 2007’s shadows

PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint 2007’s shadows are so much better than 2003’s. In this video lesson, I show you how to use all the settings. And it’s a contest with free prizes! Listen to the video! Do you prefer video lessons to text lessons? Sometimes, one if more appropriate than the other because of the content, but in general, which do you prefer?

2007 118

My sound won’t play! Embed narration or music so you can send the PowerPoint presentation to others

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, you can only embed.wav (WAV) sound files. Here’s how to do so in PowerPoint 2003 and 2007: PowerPoint 2003: Choose Tools> Options and click the General tab. Here’s the procedure: In 2003, choose File> Package for CD. But if you have 2003 or 2007, there’s a trick you can use to make PowerPoint think that your MP3 file is a WAV file, so you can embed it (if the file is 50 MB or less).

2012 174

Insert a live Excel spreadsheet onto a slide

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, choose Slide Show> Custom Animation. With the spreadsheet selected, choose Add Effect in 2003 and 2007. You can insert a live Excel spreadsheet onto a slide so that you can use Excel while in Slide Show view. There are other ways to get Excel data onto a slide, so why would you want an active Excel spreadsheet? Let’s say that you’re presenting some results of your financial analysis and your boss asks, “How did you get those results?

2012 184

PowerPoint idea: Introduce a panel of speakers

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, on the Colors and Lines tab, in the Fill section, click the Color drop-down list and choose Fill Effects. In PowerPoint 2003, choose Slide Show> Custom Animation to open the Custom Animation task pane. In PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, in the Custom Animation task pane, click Add Effect> Entrance> (More Effects, if necessary)> Fade.

Panel 124

View 2 presentations side by side

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, choose Window> Arrange All. Have you ever wanted to compare two PowerPoint files side-by-side? You’ve probably done it in Microsoft Word many times. You just open the two Word documents and drag one of them to the side. But when you try that in PowerPoint, it doesn’t work. The entire application window moves. So how to you see both presentations at the same time? Instead, go to View tab> Window group> Arrange All.

2010 154

Illustrate a story on a PowerPoint slide

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, choose Slide Show, Custom Animation. In 2003 and 2007, in the Custom Animation task pane, click Add Effect, Entrance, Appear or Fade. Stories are a powerful way to help your audience understand and relate to your message. But how do you illustrate your story? You don’t always have to — you can black out the slide and just talk. But let’s say you want to illustrate your story.

2013 140

Creating a slide master–or two–in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, click Design on the Formatting toolbar to open the Slide Design task pane. Press Shift and click the Normal View icon at the lower-left (2003) or lower-right (2007/2010) corner of the screen to go into Slide Master view. In 2003, start by formatting the Title Master if you want it to be different from the Slide Master. To create a second slide master in PowerPoint 2003, choose Insert>New Slide Master.

2011 129

Create a PowerPoint handout from selected slides

PowerPoint Tips

For PowerPoint 2003 & 2007. 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005. A subscriber ask me how she could create a printed handout that contains only some of the slides in the presentation. She wanted to create a handout with 3 slides per page. Here are the steps: For PowerPoint 2010. Choose File> Print. In the Settings area, the first item will say Print All Slides. Click the down arrow and choose Custom Range. A box will appear, labeled “Slides.”

Create a looping ending for your PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, choose Slide Show> Slide Transition. In 2003, in the Advance Slide section of the Slide Transition task pane, check Automatically After and enter a number of seconds. A reader asked me how to create a looping ending. In another post, I explain how to create a looping introduction. Although the technique that I came up with is different from the one for a looping introduction, it’s quite easy.

2012 146

How to use your remote to switch to another presentation in PowerPoint 2007 & 2010

PowerPoint Tips

If you know of a way to do this in PowerPoint 2003, please leave a comment! The options in 2003 are only Open and Edit, which don’t open the presentation in Slide Show view. A friend asked me, “How can I link to another presentation and use my remote to get to that presentation?” ” Here’s the problem. You can easily link any shape to another presentation by hyperlinking it.

2007 150

Free PowerPoint alternatives–

PowerPoint Tips is a Microsoft Office clone, pretty close to Office 2003. The interface looks pretty similar to PowerPoint 2003, although the task panes on the right are a little different. Nevertheless, if you know PowerPoint 2003, you’ll be right at home. It’s open source software that you download and install on your computer, sponsored by Cisco, but also somewhat independent, as open source software tends to be.

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Add your own sketch to a slide

PowerPoint Tips

In 2003, choose Shadow from the Picture toolbar.) One of the techniques that Carmen Taran mentioned in her Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2011 presentation , that can help you create more authentic slides, is to hand-sketch a diagram or image on a piece of paper, scan it, and add it as an image to a presentation. Here’s an example: Here are the steps: Sketch something on a piece of paper. Scan it to an image format. Insert the image onto a slide (Insert>Picture).

2011 154

Create a video from photos in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

This feature exists in 2003, 2007 and 2010. In 2003, choose Insert> Picture> New Photo Album.). Do you have some business photos that you would like to highlight in a presentation or post on your company’s website as a video? Or perhaps you just want to show some friends your personal photos. Either way, you can use PowerPoint’s Photo Album feature. In PowerPoint 2010, you can go one step further and convert your photos to video format.

Photos 181

Toastmasters World Champion 2009

Pro Humorist

The Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking for 2009 is Australian Mark Hunter, with his speech “A sink for a green tomato” In seems that previously, Mark competed in the 2001 World Championships which has since produced 2003 winner Jim Key.

2009 100

Toastmasters World Champion 2009

Pro Humorist

In seems that previously, Mark competed in the 2001 World Championships which has since produced 2003 winner Jim Key. The Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking for 2009 is Australian Mark Hunter, with his speech “A sink for a green tomato&#. Beyond the accolades, having previously competed in the early rounds of the contest myself the contest is a good way to expand and improve your skills on the area of public speaking.

2009 100

View your slide show in a smaller window so you can see another presentation or program

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, choose Slide Show> Set Up Show. Sometimes you might want to display your presentation in Slide Show view in a way that doesn’t take up the entire screen. For example, let’s say that you are delivering a presentation and want to switch between applications. You can press Alt + Tab, but that’s a little clunky and if you have many applications open, it can get confusing.).

2012 120

How to get a Photoshopped look by fading in an image

PowerPoint Tips

To remove the border, right-click the rectangle again and choose Format Shape (Format AutoShape in PowerPoint 2003). In PowerPoint 2003, On the Colors and Lines tab of the Format AutoShape dialog box, click the Line Color drop-down list and choose No Line. PowerPoint 2003. Adobe® Photoshop® can create great effects, but you might not have or know the program.

Images 172

Create a radial gradient background with a highlight effect

PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint 2003 doesn’t have a true radial gradient but you can get a similar effect by using a From Center setting in a circle. The gradients are less flexibile in 2003, too. You have to use a trick in 2003 to get a decent result. Here are separate instructions for 2003 and 2007. PowerPoint 2003. Here’s an example of a radial gradient background in PowerPoint 2003. radial gradient background in 2003.

2009 106

Space objects equidistant from each other

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, click Draw> Align or Distribute on the Drawing toolbar.). A common task is to space objects equidistant from each other. You might have a group of rectangles that make up a hyperlinked menu. Another common situation is a diagram with several boxes containing text. Here’s an example of a set of icons. Here’s one way to make sure that all the icons are equidistant: Select all four icons. Click the Format tab. (In

2012 140

Create a theme in PowerPoint 2007 that changes colors

PowerPoint Tips

When you place AutoShapes on the slide master in PowerPoint 2003 and then change the color scheme, those AutoShapes don't change their color. Only AutoShapes that you place on a slide (as opposed to the slide master) change their color. However, in PowerPoint 2007, when you place shapes on the slide master and change the theme colors, those shapes change color. That is, if the colors of the shapes are available from the current theme colors. I'll explain what this means in a minute.)

2007 116

Slides that pop! Using the 3rd dimension on a slide–Part II: 3D rotation

PowerPoint Tips

Even PowerPoint 2003 lets you rotate objects in 3D, although the controls are not as precise. PowerPoint 2003 can do 3D too! In PowerPoint 2003, select an AutoShape and click the 3-D Style button on the Drawing toolbar at the bottom of your screen. In this post, I explain in detail how to use 3D rotation. In Part I of this series, on shadows , I showed you how to use shadows for both subtle and dramatic 3D effects.

2012 148

Slides that pop! Using the 3rd dimension on a slide–Part I: Shadows

PowerPoint Tips

A workaround for creating soft shadows in PowerPoint 2003. You probably think of slides as a 2D surface. After all, you project slides on a screen or wall. But you can make them look 3-dimensional using several techniques: Shadows. Bevels. Depth and 3D rotation. The bulletin board or collage look. 3D scenes — creating a surface (like a table) and putting things on it.

2012 145

Gayle King Controversy - CBS Blinks

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The television network had released an excerpt of her interview on Kobe Bryant with Lisa Leslie which focused on the 2003 rape allegation. As the world (or at least those parts of the population who follow media) knows, Gayle King blasted her employer CBS on a video. 

2020 52

Create clear, iconic illustrations in PowerPoint with (gasp!) clip art

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2003, choose Slide Show> Custom Animation to open the Custom Animation task pane. In PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, in the Custom Animation task pane, click Add Effect> Exit> (More Effects, if necessary)> Fade. In PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, click Add Effect>Entrance>Fade. In the Start text box (in the task pane in 2003 and 2007, on the ribbon in 2010), choose With Previous.

2012 130

Add multiple images to an existing presentation

PowerPoint Tips

How can I insert a large number of photos into an EXISTING PowerPoint 2003 presentation? I also have PowerPoint 2010 if I can insert the images using that version but I find 2003 easier. In PowerPoint 2003, choose Insert, Picture, New Photo Album.) A reader wrote: “Love your web site! I found it during a Google search for help and I hope you can solve my problem. I started a new Photo album and now I want to add about 50 more photos but NOT one at a time!

Images 108

Geetesh Bajaj of publishes new e-book on PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts

PowerPoint Tips

Geetesh’s new 44-page e-book, PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts , is the most complete collection of shortcuts I’ve seen for PowerPoint 2003, 2007, and 2010. Ever want to work faster in PowerPoint? Of course you do! I recommend printing out the pages that cover your version and keeping them handy until using them becomes a habit. Here are a few of my favorites for PowerPoint 2007 and 2010: Ungroup: Ctrl + Shift + G.

2012 128 & partner to offer 3 products in 1

PowerPoint Tips

Covers PowerPoint 2003 and 2007. and I have partnered to offer a great joint product that contains: Green PowerPoint template package. Summer PowerPoint template package. 101 Advanced Techniques Every PowerPoint User Should Know ebook. About the template packages. The two template packages include several images (not just one, like most templates) and each image includes ???multiple multiple layouts, screen and print versions, and more–in PPT, POT, and JPG formats.

2011 106

Oprah - Bad Move in Crisis Management

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In it, she mentioned the 2003 sexual assault charge. Oprah doesn't belong in the loop on this one.    This "one" is the ongoing dynamics of Gayle King's interview with Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryant. CBS zeroed in on that excerpt as a promo.

2020 56