Halloween: 2000 years of global tradition

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The history of Halloween dates back 2000 years to the Celts.  The mashup of playfulness and energy pumped into Halloween makes it seem like an only-in-America holiday.    Not so, Jon Nowinski, head of the Smoking Gun Research Association [ SGRA ], told us at the Wednesday Coffee Talk.    They created the event to convince the nature spirits to not treat them harshly in winter. 

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Drudge Report Highlights Trump Confident, Links to Mulitple Articles on Voter Fraud, 2000 Screw-Up

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Meanwhile, on the all-important left-hand side of the news website are multiple links to articles on voter fraud and how screwed-up the 2000 election was. There are two cultures in America.    One has the mindset that Hillary Clinton will win by a landslide. The other is convinced that Donald Trump will win, only voter fraud will make it seem like he didn't. The Drudge Report embraces the latter culture. Tonight's headline in the Drudge Report is: "Trump Confident."

2000 47

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Guest Posting: The Power of Intention by Kate Peters

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Her solo album, Sojourn, was released in 2000, and since then she has released two other recordings, including Musical Stories, with composer/pianist Edward Barnes, and [.]. Kate Peters has taught voice and communication impact for over 30 years, and is the author of the book, Can You Hear Me Now? Kate stays active as an artist.

2012 162

Rhetoric Made Easy – Bringing Back the Magic

The Presenter's Blog

2000 years ago our Greek and Roman presenter-ancestors left us an awesome inheritance — the formulae for magic. 2000 years of dust, detours and occasionally deliberate destruction had turned rhetoric into a tangled mess of ancient names and obscure descriptions. They left us scrolls and manuscripts full of magical word-spells. Spells that help us to bond with an audience. Spells that create indelible soundbites.

2015 122

Free PowerPoint tutorials

PowerPoint Tips

They have tutorials from 2000 through 2007 (PC only). GCF Learn Free is a website that offers free tutorials, both in text and video format. People often ask me where they can learn PowerPoint from scratch, and this is a good place to start for the basics. Go to the Computer Training page , choose PowerPoint, and choose the version you want. If you try these, let me know what you think. Do you know of other free PowerPoint tutorials

Free 125

24 Hour Webinarathon 10/10/10

Speaking Of...

I'm presenting at 2000 GMT in this spectacular global conversation! Check out the presenters and topics. World Day of Interconnectedness.

2000 40

Dirimens copulatio and LBJ’s War on Poverty Speech

The Presenter's Blog

Dirimens is the ultimate example because 2000 years ago Cicero was already disagreeing with Aristotle about exactly what it was. by Peter Watts. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the speech in which President Lyndon B. Johnson declared war on poverty. Listening to a section of it on my car radio this morning, I heard the phrase: “Our aim is not only to relieve the symptoms of poverty but to cure it – and above all to prevent it.”.

2014 132

Nelson Mandela: Lessons for Future Orators

Matt Eventoff

As he stated when closing the 13th Annual International Aids Conference in Durban in 2000: It is never my custom to use words lightly. * First appeared in The Atlantic Post. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace. I believe I have made that effort and that is, therefore, why I will sleep for the eternity.” - Nelson Mandela, 1994.

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"Megyn Kelly Today" - Poor Sweeps Numbers Expected

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

But, reports The Wrap , the sweeps numbers (calculated every November) are predicted to be the lowest for a Today franchise since 2000. As Megyn Kelly watchers know, her morning show got a ratings bump and some goodwill when she focused on sexual harassment. On the average, "Megyn Kelly Today" is averaging 2.296 million daily viewers. Actually post-sweeps, things could get worse for Kelly.

slideboxx: Slide management software

PowerPoint Tips

It runs with PowerPoint 2000 through 2007. slideboxx (by Zinali) helps you find slides from PowerPoint presentations using keyword search. Charles Wolfus of Zinali sent me a free copy (that’s my disclosure statement!) and I’ve been using it ever since. slideboxx opens and works in your browser. It automatically indexes your presentations—which can take some time, depending on how many you have, and I probably have more than most people.

For every risk, some praise

The Presenter's Blog

These words were written 2000 years ago by the Roman orator and teacher, Quintilian. “a boy’s capacity may be dulled by too great strictness in correcting him. This, at first, gives him despondency, then pain, and at last aversion for study, and, which is worse of all, when he is afraid of everything, he attempts nothing; for, with his spirit, he loses all his power.”.

2013 112

So Tempting to Speculate: Elvis' Grandson Benjamin Keough, 27, Apparently Commits Suicide

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  In 2000, Kay Jamison published her iconic study of suicide "Night Falls Fast." Benjamin Keough, Daily Mail reports, apparently took his own life through a self-inflicted gunshot wound.    This is news because Keough is Elvis Presley's grandson and the son of Lisa Marie Presley and Benjamin Keough. 

2020 43

Tom Antion - Writing a Eulogy

Great Public Speaking

I was inspired to do this video and to help people learn to write a eulogy when my father passed away in July of 2000. It's a difficult time for you. We are here to help with your funeral speech.

2000 40

Era of Short Form: Even THE NEW YORK TIMES gets with it

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, it's no surprise that the usually wordy THE NEW YORK TIMES has issued an edict which restricts reader comments to 2000 characters, down from 5000. Short form is the genre of our era.    The well-done tweet, which goes viral and prompts action, is what more of us aim to produce.    Forget publishing a book. Current Affairs Web/Tech Writing

2000 40

"Dateline" Gives Us Crime Story that Make Never Make It to Trial - Robert Durst's Alleged Murder of Susan Berman

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The prosecution intends to prove that Durst murdered his friend Berman in 2000 to prevent her from revealing what she knew about the 1982 disappearance of his wife Kathleen. The murder trial itself has been postponed until January 13, 2020. That concerns family and friends of Susan Berman. That's because her alleged murderer millionaire Robert Durst could be dead by then. He is battling cancer.

2019 40

Boy Scouts of America: An American value?

The Presenter's Blog

It has been pointed out that according to a Supreme Court ruling back in 2000, that the Scouts are entitled to deny membership to whoever they like. America has made itself the home of public speaking. A nation of free speech. While other countries debate if public speaking skills even belong in the classroom, American children “Show and Tell” from the age of six. Once past the Show and Tell stage, Speech and Debate classes continue their development.

Rhetorical Devices: Anadiplosis

Manner of Speaking

” — Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator (2000). This post is part of a series on rhetoric and rhetorical devices. For other posts in the series, please click this link. Device : Anadiplosis. Origin : From the Greek ??????????? anathiplosis), meaning “doubling” or “folding” In plain English: Beginning a sentence or clause by repeating the last word or words of the previous sentence or clause. Effect: Repetition of the words adds rhythm and cadence.

Employee Engagement: 6 Strategies That Work


On the other hand, the same survey indicates that the number of engaged employees reached 38% of the total workforce — the highest since 2000. Happy and productive employees are good for business. It’s a fact. However, few workplaces managed to maintain high engagement levels.

2020 92

Teri Everett: Leaving Senior VP Communications Post at News Corp

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  She had joined News Corp back in 2000.  Teri Everett, reports Odwyerpr.com , says it's time for something new.    Back then she was Vice President of corporate communications in LA. She's leaving as Senior Vice President of corporate affairs and communications.    On her watch she had managed the UK hacking scandal.

2000 40

A great resource for presenters–Indezine.com

PowerPoint Tips

Geetesh: It wasn’t very planned in the beginning in the year 2000 when the site went live. I want to share with you a great resource for presenters– Indezine.com. This site is run by a great friend of mine, Geetesh Bajaj, and includes a vast amount of information on PowerPoint, presentation tools, and more. It also offers a huge number of backgrounds, both for free and for purchase. Recently, I interviewed Geetesh about his site.

2011 167

Sitcom Writing: Pilots and Specs

Pro Humorist

I know this was the case way back in 2000. I’ve Never Written a Sitcom… Yet. Please note, I am writing this not from experience of being a professional sitcom writer, but from the perspective of having read and researched a lot about it. Not claiming to be an expert by any means. Sure I’ve probably read more books, and websites on the subject than you. But despite what some suggest, that doesn’t make you an authority or an expert.

2015 109

District Governor (gulp)

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

I joined Toastmasters in 2000, with the aim of simply becoming a better public speaker, but it did not take very long to realise that Toastmasters is not just about public speaking. As of two days ago, I am the District Governor for Toastmasters District 74, Southern Africa. Geographically, we are one of the largest districts in the world, covering 9 countries in Southern Africa. I am also the youngest District Governor in D74. ever, but I feel ready for the challenge.

2009 100

Blogs I Follow: The Displaced Plainsman

Dahle Communication

  Christians believe that a Jewish man who lived and was crucified a little over 2000 years ago rose from the dead and provides salvation for the whole human race.   In the second installment of blogs that I wanted to highlight ( the first one can be found here ), I have a non-communication focused blog for you - The Displaced Plainsman. 

2010 113

When a bar chart can be misleading

Presentation Zen

Yet, as a percentage of the entire NASA budget, the earth science allocation in 2016 is actually less than in the year 2000. in 2000. Just because a chart is correct, it does not mean it's not misleading. Here's an example: Back in the USA, on March 12, US Senator Ted Cruz and NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden went head to head at a hearing on the President’s FY2016 budget request arguing as to what they thought NASA’s priorities are today.

2015 86

SCOTUS - Why Patrick Murphy Received Stay of Execution, Domineque Ray Didn't

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

When the group had escaped prison they had killed a TX police officer back in 2000. Member of the notorious Texas 7, Patrick Murphy gained a stay of execution via SCOTUS. So, the case has been high profile, with political implications. Essentially the stay was based, wrote justice Brett Kavanaugh in a solo concurrence, on "governmental discrimination against religion," in violation of the Constitution.

2019 40

Oscar Night 2011

Manner of Speaking

Another speech that I like was the one given by Russell Crowe in 2000 when he won the award for Best Actor for his performance in Gladiator. Tonight is the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. It’s been years since I’ve seen the show live. For me, watching it from start to finish can be a tedious affair. And now that I live in Switzerland, the show doesn’t get started until the middle of the night, so I am usually fast asleep when the ceremony begins.

2011 116

Paid Obits - Growth Area for Newspapers

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Since 2000, reports  Rick Edmonds on POYNTER ONLINE, classified revenue for newspapers has declined 70%, from $17.6 billion to $6 billion.    Those of us who scout up work from Craigslist know that.    What we might not know, unless there was a recent death in the family, is that the paid-obituary category is a growth niche at newspapers.    Perhaps survivors feel the compulsion to give the deceased a high-profile send-off. 

2000 43

Injecting Humor into Your Speech with Tim Gard

Speaker Launcher

Tim has spoken at over 2000 events around the globe and his use of ordinary items in extraordinary ways and ordinary items in extraordinary ways make him one of the most popular speakers on the platform today. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are talking about how to add humor to your speech. My good friend Tim Gard is joining us today to share his wisdom on how to keep it clean, relevant and funny at the same time.

CSP 53

London 2012. Olympic Opening Ceremony. 7 points for presenters

The Presenter's Blog

How will the London Olympics be compared to Beijing in 2008, or to Sydney in 2000? What a show! London 2012 delivered the opening of the 30th Olympic Games, and with it’s magnificent Opening Ceremony, also demonstrated seven olympic sized ideas for building presentations: 1. Appeal to history. At the heart of history, lies the art of telling a story. As soon as you go historical, you go narrative, and you do it in a way that naturally structures into a beginning, a middle, and an end.

2012 132

Communication Strategies: Mindfulness

The Communication Blog

To apply interpersonal skills appropriately and effectively, you need to be mindful of the unique communication situation you’re in, of your available communication options or choices, and of the reasons why one option is likely to prove better than the others (Langer, 1989; Elmes & Gemmill, 1990; Burgoon, Berger, & Waldron, 2000). Burgoon, Berger, & Waldron, 2000) : < Can the message be misinterpreted?

Games Masters of Professional Services Play

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  It's "Consulting Demons" and it dates back to 2000, a high point in the earnings of professional services.  Most of us operate at low levels of the food chain, that is, where there is decent but not a lot of money.    We have probably wondered how the real money is made.    An old book helps us figure that out. 

2000 40

Manhattan AG Cyrus Vance - His Brand in Play

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Supreme Court in 2000. Big names in Hollywood are turning up the heat on how law enforcement dealt with allegations about Harvey Weinstein's sexual behavior in the past. Those range from Reese Witherspoon to Julianne Moore. They sent a letter to New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Specifically they focused on the 2015 allegations by Italian actress Ambra Battilana about Weinstein. At the time, Manhattan attorney general Cyrus Vance made the decision not to bring charges. That was then. 

2018 40

The Election Will Be Conducted on Blockchain - Sierre Leone First to Do That

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" Since the data is "locked in," according to collectively pre-determined rules, one wonders if applying blockchain technology could have prevented the dispute about the winner of the 2000 presidential election. The blockchain technology had been created by Agora's Leonardo Gammar. And, on March 7, 2018, 70% of the citizens of Sierra Leone had their votes recorded using that technology. That was a first for applying this technology to the election process.

2018 40


Professionally Speaking...

How can we allow the rich and powerful, not only to rip off people as consumers, but to continue to rip them off as taxpayers?". Ralph Nader, 2000 NAACP Convention Address. "Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.". Rudyard Kipling. . Words are the primary mechanism we use to transmit ideas. Words encourage, challenge, persuade, teach and transform.

2009 100

Even presentations by accountants can be fun

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

He had a great opening : “How would you like to make an extra £2000 this year?&# -. I heard a great presentation this morning in Southampton. I was attending the 4N Networking group and had the pleasure of hearing local accountant David Anderson give a ten minute insight slot on how to use tour financial reports to improve your business. So what was it that made Davids talk stand out? He kept his content simple: He focused in on 4 key ratios that help to asses business health.

Alan Krueger - Suicide Always Baffling, Bypasses Survival Instinct

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" That study of suicide created for the layperson came out in 2000. The world again mourns a high achiever who committed suicide. Members of the media as well as U.S. leaders such as former president Obama salute the accomplishments of Princeton University economist Alan Krueger. Here are just some of them.    Over the weekend Krueger, who served in both the Obama and the Clinton Administrations, took his own life. He was 58 years old. Suicide is a shock. And a mystery.

2019 43

Speak the Movie at Cherry Creek

Speak and Deliver

Cherry Creek member and 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking Ed Tate was in attendance, and in addition to offering a few introductory words, participated with me in the Q&A afterward. Ed only competed once on his way to victory in 2000, while I''ve competed nine times, reaching the Big Stage twice, winning third in 2006.

Writers, Before You Play in the Legal Sandbox.

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  In fact, her legacy is that her mindset shaped Al Gore's Alpha Male persona during the 2000 presidential campaign. In the period between third-wave feminism and before the emergence of #MeToo, author Naomi Wolf was hot. And not only for examining issues related to female socialization.  That was then.    Now, it's Naomi who.    But not for long. The shift has been to Naomi Wolf, SmirkSmirk.

2019 40

Kelly Catlin - Suicide Among HIgh Achievers Continues to Puzzle and Scare Americans

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" Published way back in 2000, it remains on the Amazon rankings - 35,996. In 2016, Kelly Catlin helped the U.S. team win a silver medal in cycling in the Olympics. Now, report media outlets such as the New York Post , she is dead of an apparent suicide, at age 23. Her father confirmed that. This apparent suicide is the most recent in the U.S. among high achievers. They range from designer Kate Spade to law partner Gabriel MacConaill. 

2019 40

Interview - Janet Hebert, American Cancer Society Speaker

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

She has been a frequent competitor in Toastmasters District 4 ndash; progressing to the Division and District contests several times, and all the way to the Regional level in the International Speech Contest in 2000. Janet Hebert has been a ranch hand (her parents raised prunes on over 100 acres in the Coyote Valley), an elementary school teacher, a full time single mom for her two children Katie and Jeff, and a caregiver for her own mother. Janet has been speaking for the past 15 years.

2009 100

Cruel Irony: Could Laws to Prevent Suicides Be Increasing Them?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during the timeframe 2000 through 2016, suicides among the working age in America increased 34%. New York City taxi driver Roy Kim hung himself on November 5th. That was the 8th recent suicide among the city's cabbies. And, collectively they are part of the dramatic rise in suicides among American workers of all kinds.

2018 40

CT's Wal-Mart Bandit: Gateaway is taxi

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  His take was decent: $2000.  This Connecticut bandit who robbed the Hamden Wal-Mart could become the kind of folk hero who becomes popular in hard times.    Those otherworldly creatures inspire the rest of us who are stuck plodding through the crisis.   This robber was old - they say around 70 - and got away in a taxi. 

2000 40

Famous Speech Friday: Jimmy Carter on religion & women speakers

The Eloquent Woman

A number of years ago, in the year 2000, I had been a Baptist, a Southern Baptist for 70 years -- I tell you, I still teach Sunday school every Sunday; I'll be teaching this Sunday as well -- but the Southern Baptist Convention in the year 2000 decided that women should play a secondary position, a subservient position to men. When I watched former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's TEDWomen talk on a livestream this year, I knew it was headed for the blog.

2015 83