State Attorneys General Contending Public Nuisance on Side of the Angels

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Beginning tomorrow, Johnson & Johnson will face off in court with the Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter. The result was the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement of 1998. Among what will be on trial is the legal concept of public nuisance as applied to the opioid epidemic. In other states, where public nuisance has been alleged in the opioid crisis, the lawsuits brought by the AGs were settled.

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Public Nuisance as Monster from The Deep - Judge Keeps It in "County of Summit, OH et al. v. Purdue, et al."

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  Settlement talks between Purdue and the state attorneys general in the loop broke down over the weekend. Public nuisance first became a power tool of state attorneys general when BigTobacco had been targeted. Eventually that was settled through the Master Agreement in 1998.  At the time he was the attorney general.

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Public Affairs - Will It Push Sherwin-Williams, Like Tobacco Companies, into a Type of Master Settement?

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State attorneys general, such as Rhode Island's Sheldon Whitehouse who is now a U.S. Back in the 1990s, state attorneys general faced a similar situation of a public health hazard with tobacco. What resulted was the landmark Master Settlement Agreement of 1998. It was between 46 state attorneys general, five U.S. Sherwin-Williams and its legal team at Jones Day are waiting to find out if the U.S.

Litigation as Investment Issue: Security analysts always wary of "another tobacco"

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The massive class-action lawsuit against the tobacco companies, filed by state attorneys general, rocked American business.  No surprise the tobacco companies bellied up to the expensive Tobacco Master Settlement in 1998.  Now all companies manufacturing or selling a product with potential user liability could become targets of other class-action litigation filed by municipalities.

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Ann Richards''s 1998 keynote at the Democratic National Convention used a sly dig to note that she was only the second woman to do the honors. Asking whether women attorneys speak with a ''different voice'' than men do is a question that is both dangerous and unanswerable." You won''t mind if we get a little meta this week on Famous Speech Friday, and round up the speeches from The Eloquent Woman Index in which women talk about women and public speaking, will you?

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Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 19, 2013: Ravitch and Rhee: Two Near-Opposite Views for Fixing Philadelphia Schools

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Smith, currently an attorney with Dilworth Paxson in Philadelphia , will begin in his new position on Sept. 1998 ; Rockoff 2003 ; Goldhaber et al.

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