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Matt Drudge and his new conservative digital political tabloid became household names in January 1998. And Matt didn't miss any of that in the aggregation. That's when the Drudge Report broke the "intern story," that is, that U.S. president Bill Clinton had some kind of sexual relationship with assistant Monica Lewinsky.    The impeachment process eventually kicked in.    Drudge's outing was no surprise.

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To an extent it is behaving like a Newsfeed Reader or Aggregator, which is a special purpose program designed to review newsfeeds. When a newsfeed has changed, it is possible to ping the newsfeed aggregators to alert them to the change. In a single operation, a number of aggregators can be alerted by using a service such as Pingoat or Ping-o-matic. NEWSFEED AGGREGATORS Wikipedia provides a good explanation of what a newsfeed aggregator does.