Late October: literary events, lozenges and linctus!

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He had made notes for his talk but rarely referred to them and we could have listened to many more of his anecdotes. My last visit to them was back in May 1997 but I remember it very clearly. Some content was dropped and new anecdotes and observations which I had been mentally rehearsing and refining for weeks were added, I started using a few props and an anecdote which had previously been left towards the end was now moved to somewhere near the start of the presentation.

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Curtain imagery from Winston Churchill and John Major

Max Atkinson

On being defeated in the 1997 UK general election, John Major had no choice but to resign as Prime Minister, but he was under no obligation to resign as leader of the Conservative Party. Recycled images These examples are neat illustrations of two rather obvious, but nonetheless important and intriguing, facts about imagery: Whether you use a metaphor, simile, analogy or anecdote, it can be one of the most effective ways of getting your message across.

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Public speaking: acrimony, royalty, charity, Spinetti, simplicity

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

I decided to press on with it but dealing with that detail in as few words as possible, certainly without referring back to the content of their meeting, and the anecdote itself got a big laugh. He drew an imaginary moustache extending several inches above either side of his upper lip and we could picture it there for the rest of the anecdote. I can remember speaking at a lunch in Dorset in 1997. Speaking after an acrimonious meeting!

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog: The Great Catch-Up Part 6

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

This was to their men's Probus Club back in November 1997 so it was good to finally get another booking there, especially as my girlfriend Val and I love this town, having visited it as part of an August Bank Holiday weekend ritual over many years, usually after spending the afternoon at the Wimborne St Giles Open Day. My writing career is ongoing and the next new anecdote is often just a phone call away.

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Speaking and sport

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

Because my talks often involve anecdotes about amusing incidents that have happened at other speaking engagements, audiences usually assume that at my next booking I will be telling a story about them! I can remember how one of my earliest talks back in 1997 went very well at a Hampshire luncheon and led to a super testimonial letter and an invitation to return less than a couple of years later to speak some more on the same subject. Durrington Women's Institute, Wiltshire.

Obama's rhetoric renews UK media interest in the 'lost art' of oratory

Max Atkinson

For example, Christianity tends not to be rejected on the grounds that there was something devious about Jesus making such effective use of anecdotes to get key messages across, or because, as a three-part list, the Trinity is ‘mere rhetoric.’

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