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More Lessons from Stand-up Comedy

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Kudos to my friend and co-founder of Presentation Guru, Jim Harvey. Jim recently took the plunge and jumped into the world of stand-up comedy. He shares some of the things that he has learned in this post, Taking it to the Next Level: Stand Up Comedy – How Hard Can it Be?

2019 85

Taking It to the Next Level: Stand up Comedy – How Hard Can It Be?

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When John, Emma and I set up Presentation Guru we wanted to create a shared resource (The ‘guru’ is the community, not any one of us) of hundreds of articles for speakers, at every stage of their development, to help them do three things: Create engaging stories.

2019 95

The Power of the Pause

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A story from Spain. I teach public speaking and presentation skills at a few Executive MBA Programmes in Switzerland and Spain. A few years ago, I was teaching a class at IESE in Barcelona. One of my students was a fellow named Manuel.…

2019 112

5 Public Speaking Tips for Even the Most Introverted

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Let’s face it, running a small business requires you to do things you wouldn’t normally do, like public speaking. From presenting in front of investors and lenders to speaking at conferences, public speaking is inevitable for business success. But, up to 75% of people are scared of public speaking.…

2019 94

5 Amazing Apps to Take Your Writing to the Next Level

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When writing speeches or pitches, you can easily make mistakes but, fortunately, there are many tools that can help you nowadays. The good news is that there is an app for everyone, and you can pick the one that works best for you.…

2019 59

Tips on Designing and Delivering Engaging Presentations

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Every day, up and down the country, and across the globe, thousands if not millions of poor audience members are sat down in a conference hall ready to endure up to 3 hours of painstaking presentations.

2019 80

Five Resolutions to Make You a Better Speaker in 2019

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As 2018 draws to a close, many people turn their minds to the year to come and what they hope to achieve. And with those thoughts come resolutions.

2019 108

5 Ways to Make Your Scientific Research Presentation Flow

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Often, when scientists think of giving a presentation on their research, flow is the furthest thing from their thoughts. The accuracy of the data, quality of the experiments, and intricate details that make up experiments are typically considered to be much more important.…

2019 83

Saving Presentations in the Cloud – You Know it Makes Sense!

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Readers of this website know how important presentations are, and here on Presentation Guru we have already covered how presentations are constantly evolving.

2019 60

The Secret to Perfecting Your Style and Delivery as a Speaker

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What a seasoned public speaker brings to the stage is a collection of presentation skills. It is these skills that help the speaker connect with the audience, communicate a clear message, and make that message memorable.

2018 109

5 of the Best Books for Public Speakers

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The best way to become a better speaker is — wait for it — to get up on stage and speak. We never learn faster than when we have “skin in the game”. But we can also learn from others. Today, there are hundreds of books on the market that can help people become better speakers and presenters.…

2018 103

PowerPoint vs. PDF: Which Is the Best Way to Deliver Your Presentation?

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Giving a presentation is a daily occurrence for many of us. From travelling sales people pitching in high pressure environments, to teachers imparting knowledge in a fun way to children, presentations are vital to communication. Millions are taking place each day.…

2019 88

How to Captivate and Persuade Your Audience with Transparency

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Giving a presentation is like pulling up to a stranger in your car and yelling, “Hey, let’s go for a drive!“ You’re hoping that the stranger will humor you and at least get in the car, giving you a chance to prove that you’re a trustworthy driver and that it’s going to be a great ride.…

2019 71

How to…. Tell Stories in Your Presentations

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In the latest in my occasional “How to…” series, we’re going to discuss how to tell stories as part of your presentation.

2018 99

5 Apps To Make You a Better Public Speaker

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I’ve never been great at public speaking. I’ve never even been great at giving and taking interviews. Just talking to strangers makes me anxious.

2018 95

You Have a File to Convert? You’ll Need One of These

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As technology has evolved, we now have multiple devices and digital platforms that support different format of files. That is why we often come up against the problem of converting files into specified formats.

2019 58

3 Easy Steps to Smash an Impromptu Speech Out of the Park

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There was nothing Andrew Brindle hated more than surprises. So, when his boss pointed at him during the weekly meeting and said, “Your turn”, Andrew’s heart began beating a million miles an hour.

2019 79

What Today’s Presenters Can Learn From a 50-Year Old Demo

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Today nearly every technology company gives demos to showcase their products’ best. What is the oldest demo you have in mind?

2018 83

The Complete Guide to the Best PowerPoint Add-ins

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Maurizio La Cava makes presentations every day and makes extensive use of PowerPoint add-ins, so he has put together a list of what he considers to be the best ones, grouped for top functions and discusses them in detail below.

2019 75

What’s the One Thing That Will Make You a Better Communicator?

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Paul gets a hammering from his boss. Paul was 5 minutes into his presentation and the room was dead. Paul wasn’t a great presenter, but he was good at his job, and he knew his stuff. He was pitching for investment to his boss, a high-flying CTO at a UK financial services company.…

2018 86

The Only PowerPoint Templates You’ll Ever Need

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There are three fundamental skills for the modern-day presenter.

2019 64

How to… Break the Pattern

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Welcome to the latest in my occasional series of ‘How to….’ ’ articles. In this one we’re going to talk about pattern-breaking and what you can do to get the audience’s attention by doing the unexpected.

A Quick Guide to More Effective Animations

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PowerPoint animation can be an unwieldy topic to cover, especially if you need to cover it quickly.

2019 67

3 Habits That Will Take Your Presentation Skills to the Next Level

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There are lots of articles on here that will help you build a strong foundation as a public speaker: articles to help you create a strong story , articles to help you build professional and engaging visual aids , and articles to help you connect with your audience as you speak.

2019 63

6 Add-Ins That Will Boost Your Productivity

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Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word are some of the most used software applications in the entire world, with over a billion users. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are yourself a frequent users of them.

2018 72

How to Add a GIF to PowerPoint (and Stop It Being Annoying)

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GIFs – those soundless videos that loop continuously – have become so widely used on social media, and are now finding their way into PowerPoint presentations.

2018 83

How to Use Data Analytics in Your Presentation

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Simply put, data analytics is the close examination of all observable data in order to draw valuable conclusions with which an organisation may improve itself. This includes correcting detrimental patterns and further improving the ones that have proven to be positive and effective.…

2018 71

3 Signs Your PowerPoint Template Is Broken and Why

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The chances are very high that the corporate template you’ve been forced to use all this time is designed to fail. Now you might be wondering, “My company spent a lot of money hiring professionals to produce our template. How could it be designed to fail?”

2018 83

How to… Be Mesmerising

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As a presenter, you have one simple goal: get information which is in your brain into those of your audience. So that they feel, think, or do something differently.

2018 90

How to… Present in a Team

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Working with a co-presenter (or more than one) comes with its own set of potential problems and in this article, the third in his ‘How to…’ series, Stephen Welch look at the special challenges that team dynamics create.

2018 84

What Makes a Great Business Report Presentation?

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2018 80

The Most Reliable Places to Find Credible Data

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As a presenter, one of the worst things that can happen during your presentation is not you forgetting to mention an important stat/data, but someone from the audience disputing the authenticity of that data. Not only will it embarrass you, it will blow your credibility out of the water.…

2019 63

The World’s Worst Research Presentation

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Is this the world’s worst ever research presentation? We are indebted to Marc Jadoul for discovering this little gem. The renowned researcher, Dr Fisher-Katz, addresses an audience of undergraduates on her specialist subject, Nano Electronics.

2017 98

The Best Way to Protect Yourself from Misleading Graphs

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A person trying to persuade you toward their point of view may well use a graph to present information. After all, “a graph isn’t an opinion – it represents cold hard numbers and who can argue with those?” ” Well, guess what?…

2019 63

5 Reasons Teachers Need Stellar Communication Skills

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The thing about public speaking skills is that once you have them, they can be applied just about anywhere. No matter who you are or what career you have. At its heart, communication is the art of sharing ideas, and public speaking is the art of communicating with many people at once.…

2018 77

12 Tips for the Technologically Challenged Speaker

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If you are a presenter who finds yourself somewhat ‘technically challenged’, then check out this conversation that Presentation Guru’s Jim Harvey had recently with public speaking coach Nancy Hardcastle from Stand Up Be Great.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking in 6 Mostly Easy Steps

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Presentation Guru is dedicated to helping professionals communicate with real impact in pursuit of whatever they do. We want designers to design, speakers to speak and teachers to teach to the absolute limit of their imagination.

2016 114

Stage Time is Wealth Time

Presentation Guru

How to use the stage to raise your profile, build your authority and grow your business.

Stage 70

5 More Ways to Get Instant Feedback from Your Audience

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No matter what your profession, there will come a time in your career where you’ll need to deliver a presentation to an audience of either your peers, superiors or potential investors.

2018 75

Ever heard of PechaKucha?

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Through the years, we have heard of many presentation formats and styles that were all created to help solve a big problem: boring presentations! One of them is PechaKucha 20X20 . What is it?

2018 79

5 Amazing Music Performances That Will Make You a Better Public Speaker

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What’s your favourite song and can you remember the first time you heard it? As both a professional singer and a speaking coach, Shola Kaye has found that pop singers and their songs are often far more memorable than famous speakers and their speeches.

2017 90

The Guru’s Big Five Questions – Tulia Lopes

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The community is the Guru. We want to help our readers build their skills as presentation designers, speakers and coaches, learning from a wide range of our colleagues from across the world.

2018 68

What Makes a Good Innovation Story?

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The ability to frame ideas in a compelling manner is critical for companies working on innovation. Developing new products involves enormous levels of uncertainty. Entrepreneurs, therefore, need to get their story straight if they want to get attention – and funding.…

2018 63