Thu.Jan 19, 2017

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How are you referred to in speeches--your own, and those of others?

The Eloquent Woman

She was a newly minted corporate CEO, looking at a fresh draft of a speech written by her speechwriter. she asked me. Or being a woman at all?"

How to Engage the Audience When Your Data is the Story

Presentation Guru

How can presenters keep an audience engaged when going over large sets of data?

Trumpism - Will Tech Startups Be Sued Lots More Often for Age Bias?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Law expert Richard B. Cohen zeroes in on the grim age bias at tech startups. Here is that column on Abovethelaw. No social skills. went totally silent.

[Podcast] How to Get Your Book In Print with Robert Mackwood

Speaker Launcher

Are you wondering how to get your book into print? There’s a lot more that goes into publishing a book than the actual writing part. Of course, editing, book design, printing, getting your book into stores, it can be a massive undertaking. Robert Mackwood has spent over 30 years in the publishing business and now […]. Podcasts

Your Email Campaign Didn't Work - What To Do Until You Fix It

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Shock. That's the common reaction of businesspeople who discover that their email campaign didn't work. There were few click-opens. Non-stop.