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Speechwriting is the top paying specialty for writers. Speechwriters who know how to produce good soundbites get the best jobs – whether on staff or freelance. Learn how to make speechwriting and soundbiting work for you at my PRSAdallas bootcamp on Friday March 24. Career info Professional organizations Speechwriting

2017 17

Speechwriting secrets for professional speakers

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

On Saturday we heard from two communications experts: Speechwriter Pete Weissman and visual thinking expert David Sibbet.

Book Review: The Speechwriter, by Barton Swaim

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

In a book that is in part the machinations of The Good Wife and in part the political farce of Yes Minister, Barton Swaim shares insights he gained into the life of a speechwriter during the second term of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford. The author of The Speechwriter does not dwell on the series […].

101 Top Tweets from the 2013 Ragan Speechwriters Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The annual Ragan Speechwriters Conference was held March 20 – 22, 2013 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC.

2013 54

The Speechwriting Secrets of Jon Favreau

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Favreau gave the opening keynote—Words matter: Storytelling with President Obama in an age of sound bites—at the 2014 Ragan Speechwriters Conference.

2014 56

What shaped you as a speechwriter?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

While teaching a speechwriting tutorial last week, my student (a federal government public affairs officer) asked: “What college classes proved most useful for you in speechwriting?” Career info Speaker coaching Speechwriting” Interesting question … easy answer: My linguistics classes.

Book Review: The Political Speechwriter’s Companion

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

“How do I get a job as a speechwriter?”. That’s the question Robert Lehrman’s students in his American University speechwriting class have on their minds. Tags: Speechwriting Bob Lehrman Book Review political speechwriting Robert Lehrman

Video: 2012 Ragan Speechwriting Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

From first-time attendees to 10-year veterans, attendees at the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference were uniformly impressed with the event. Speechwriting Ragan Speechwriters ConferenceHear what a random baker’s dozen of the audience had to say.

2012 22

Meeting Report: Silicon Valley Speechwriters hear about the Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Carmine Gallo was the featured speaker at today’s meeting of the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable.

2013 39

Meeting Report: Nancy Duarte discusses presentation excellence with Silicon Valley Speechwriters

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Nancy Duarte was the guest speaker at Monday’s meeting of the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable.

2013 46

Public speaking pet peeves from frequent speakers & speechwriters

The Eloquent Woman

That's his pet peeve as a speechwriter. Deloitte's top speechwriter Caroline Johns says speakers can take this tactic too far. "I

2015 45

Speakers & speechwriters: Why are you quoting Ben Franklin?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

In teaching my speechwriting tutorials, I’ll sometimes review a speech manuscript that reads, “As Ben Franklin once said … ” […]. Presentation skills Speechwriting

2016 19

Good advice for advertising & good advice for speechwriting

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Here’s an Ogilvy quote I’ve used as a mantra for my speechwriting business: “Some […]. SpeechwritingI’ve long admired advertising genius David Ogilvy. When I was in the account executive training program at Wells Rich Greene Advertising in NYC, I tried to learn as much as possible about communication.

Guest Posting: The Five Roles of a Speechwriter, by Brian Jenner

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Brian Jenner runs the European Speechwriters Network, an association that brings together international communicators to promote the craft and profession of speechwriting. Public Speaking Speechwriting Brian Jenner European Speechwriters NetworkThis is a transcript of a talk [.].

7 Executive Communications Lessons for World-Class Speechwriters

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Business Communication Public Speaking Speechwriting Blog AnniversarySeven years ago this month, I added this Professionally Speaking blog to my Executive Communications website. Now, on New Year’s Day 2013, which happens to be my father’s 92nd Birthday — Happy Birthday Dad!

Becoming a Freelance Speechwriter

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Members of the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable joined speechwriter, screenwriter and author Mike Long on a conference call earlier this week.

The Next Hot Job in Silicon Valley Is Speechwriting

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

An interesting post in OZY explains why the next hot job in Silicon Valley is speechwriting. Speechwriting OZY

2016 11

Storytelling tips from frequent speakers and speechwriters

The Eloquent Woman

Speechwriter Amélie Crosson-Gooderham adds reality to stories with detail. Without that, skip the story. he says. she says. Join us!

2015 28

The 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I’m off this week to the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference in Washington DC. Speechwriting Ragan CommunicationsIt’ll be my fourth conference and the second one at which I’ve presented. It all fits with the [.].

2012 22

Advice to Silicon Valley Speechwriters: Don’t screw up

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Business Communication International Communication Speechwriting Andrew Hill George Parker PR Silicon valley Columnist Andrew Hill, writing in today’s Financial Times, warns executives in Silicon Valley that they could become the next public enemies, facing a PR backlash similar to that suffered by bankers.

The changing world of speechwriting

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Members of the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable joined Vital Speeches of the Day Editor David Murray on a conference call earlier this week.

2015 11

Add Meaning with Metaphor: Edinburgh workshop for speakers, speechwriters

The Eloquent Woman

And speechwriters are bound to fall in love with at least a few metaphors that may work against your speech or speaker, rather than with them.

2016 26

Is it time for you to attend Speechwriting School?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Career info SpeechwritingDoes that mean I failed him? The CEO’s voice? It’s so different […].

Creating Your Perfect Speechwriting Environment

Speak and Deliver

Writing Den Writers Block Speechwriting Creativity Officephoto by Reg Saddler Ahhhhhh. Do you hear that? It's the sound of quiet.

Speechwriters, don't write differently for women. Write differently for men.

The Eloquent Woman

I go to a few speechwriters'' conferences, and I blog and do workshops about women and public speaking. Let''s try it in speechwriting.

2015 32

Guest Posting: How to Write and Deliver a Great Speech, by Simon Lancaster

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Simon Lancaster is one of the world’s top speechwriters. Public Speaking Speechwriting Eton simon lancaster

2016 46

The rise of the speechwriter

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Speechwriters are the coming thing. According to the Google Ngrams database of millions of terms from their vast collection of digitized books in American English, “speechwriter” is an increasingly common word. SpeechwritingIn fact, this is a profession that is more talked about, and more written about, than ever. Want proof?

Survey: Speechwriters Seek to Turn Serendipity to Security

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

And what do the speechwriters say? Speechwriting Professional Speechwriters Association

2015 11

Conference notes from #uksgcam2015: Diving into speechwriting

The Eloquent Woman

All new ways of seeing, and describing, which are tasks speechwriters do daily. I can draw a cartoon. But I wasn''t expecting to draw.

Shatter Your Writer's Block Pt I: Speechwriting in Reverse

Speak and Deliver

I don''t know what to write! You''ll have to Google James Caan/Misery to find out what he''s actually typing. I totally get it. And I did ok. dreams?

Insights from 7 speakers and speechwriters: Our Inside Voice series

The Eloquent Woman

Inside Voice is the interview series in which we ask speakers and speechwriters to share their public speaking insights. Please join me

2014 28

Speechwriters Conference Debrief 1 of 4: Jon Favreau keynote

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable conference call took place Feb 20 at the end of the first day of the 2014 Ragan Speechwriters Conference.

128 Words to Use Instead of ‘Very’

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

SpeechwritingThanks to Luke at Proofreading Services for creating this very interesting (OK, OK, captivating) infographic: Click here for full-sized view.

2016 58

NY Speechwriters Conference Debrief 1 of 3: David Murray

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The Roundtable is open to anyone who is interested in speechwriting in Silicon Valley, not just those of us who live and work there.

PSA 11

Presidential Speechwriters call for more discipline by candidates

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The first day of the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC concluded with a blue-ribbon panel of former Presidential speechwriters (from both parties) calling for more discipline on the part of contenders for the USA’s highest office. George H.W. Culture Shock!

Hotel 16

More TV speechwriting tips

Speak Schmeak

Reminds me of another brilliant TV speechwriter: Jean-Ralphio. Here's one way to write a speech (or in this case, "speach"). On this week's episode of " Up All Night ," talk show mogul Ava asks assistant Missy to write her speech for an upcoming event. First, she suggests words to avoid: "moist, ointment, nubbin, vigorous, vigorish(?)

TV 16

Defend a doomed dictator speechwriting competition

Max Atkinson

For inspiration: Dr Gadaffi comes to the rescue with a real 'tour de force

Oxford notebook: Women speakers, speechwriters at #uksgox2014

The Eloquent Woman

Since I''ve keynoted and chaired this conference, getting the chance to listen and absorb was a fair treat. It was "too short." Neringa Vaisbrod?,

2014 18

She said / He said …

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Bob was Al Gore’s speechwriter and Aram used to write for President Reagan. Speechwriting Donald Trump Hillary ClintonAs the dust settles on the recent US election it’s fascinating to read the draft acceptance speeches that were penned by Democratic pundit Bob Lehrman and Republican Aram Bakshian.

2016 40

Powerful Sentence Structure for Your Speech

Manner of Speaking

… Continue reading → Speechwriting Uncategorized Brent Kerrigan public speakingHere is a little gem of advice from writer Gary Provost. The highlighting is mine.) Vary Sentence Length This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous.

2016 86