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Executive Communication Skills: Tech Habits

Matt Eventoff

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Uncategorized ipad work iphone work making technology work mobile at work mobile etiquette phone etiquette remote office remote work smartphone work technology at work technology in work wireless workplace work emailThis is often where it gets tricky. – Emails are rarely seen as being too soft.

5 Presentation Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs


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Listening: A Core Communication Skill

DeFinis Communications

On the other end of the spectrum, another client tends not to show any listening skills at all. What constitutes “good” listening skills?

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Presentation Skills: Handout Tips

Great Public Speaking

- USE A LARGE FONT. It makes more impact and is easier to read. It also makes you handout larger which makes it appear more substantial.

5 Teleprompter Tips

Matt Eventoff

After witnessing many faux pas over the past few days, here are five quick tips to make the teleprompter experience a bit more rewarding: 1) Always bring a physical copy of the text with you.  The teleprompter has gotten quite a bit of  recent attention. Break your visual contact, even for a second or two. 5)  Practice. Practice. Practice.

Presentation Skills – The Gentle Art of Moving Minds

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Why do we find people with well-developed presentation skills so captivating? Presentation Skills Tip 1 – Start where your audience are.

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10 Actionable Slide Design Tips for Non-Designers


Any person with basic computer skills can create professional-looking slides for their presentations if they adopt a strategy of audience first.

A New Presentation Skills Infographic

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

I was recently invited to take a look at a new presentation skills infographic. That being said, If YOU like infographics, then you’ll almost certainly find this presentation skills cheat sheet  really useful. Sound advice – I particularly liked the WWW or W ordage W ithout W affle tip. tips for taking the stage.

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The 18-Minute Rule and More Must-have Skills for Public Speakers


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5 new webinars in June! Get high-value training in presentation skills

PowerPoint Tips

Miscellaneous PowerPoint TipsJune 8: How to Create Clear, Professional Charts and Diagrams. They will last 1-1/2 hours. hour of training.

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What I Learned About Presentation Skills From My 3 Cats

Professionally Speaking...

Presentation Tips and Techniques presentation skills This is not an endeavor I take lightly, nor do they. Stand tall and confidently.

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Let Your Public Speaking Skills Age Like Fine Wine

DeFinis Communications

Presentation Skills Sales Presentations Speaking Tips daily practice Practice Ridge Vineyards So take a lesson from David Amadia.

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16 Tips on How To Conduct an Engaging Webinar

Speaking about Presenting

Here are the tips and tricks I’ve learnt on how to conduct an engaging webinar: 1. Those are the tips and tricks I’ve picked up.

Refining Your Presentation Skills in a Group Format Works…Especially for Women

DeFinis Communications

But hearing the social research about women, the learning theory research in general, and the comments from my valued clients is what prompted me to introduce Speaking Spas —a speaking school designed especially for professional women who want to accelerate their presentation skills and enjoy the nurturing and relaxation of a spa setting.

Presentation Skills - Clothing

Great Public Speaking

I'm not going to pretend to be Mr. Clothes Horse (I've been accused of looking too corporate), but I will offer a few tips that should help you out.

Use the Power of Practice to Build Your Speaking Skills

DeFinis Communications

During these practice sessions, ask people to comment on specific things you want to improve, such as vocal skills, gestures, eye contact, etc.

SP Tip # 78: Four Ways to Transform Your Presentation into a Conversation

Executive Speech Coach

Four Ways to Transform your Presentation into a Conversation ? Which feels more inviting to you - "Let''s talk" or "I''m going to deliver a speech"?

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Wanted: Person with Poor Communication & Presentation Skills

Executive Speech Coach

Have you seen a job ad asking for poor or mediocre communication skills? Skills of any type are developed. Skills are not natural.

6 presentation tips from a professional speaker

Speaking about Presenting

Want more great tips mixed with entertaining anecdotes (and horror stories) about public speaking? Tags: Presentation skills Expo 2009.

5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Focused on Improving their Presentation Skills

DeFinis Communications

He wanted a presentation skills “refresher” for his salespeople because their presentations were getting “sloppy” again. How do they sound?

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101 Tips to Deliver an Effective Presentation


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Give Your Presentation Skills a Pilates Workout

DeFinis Communications

Confidence Building Performance Physical Presence Presentation Skills Presentation Tips Speaking Tips Stage Presence body language Prepare Public Speaker Public SpeakingIn the course of his work, Pilates formulated six key principles to improve the quality of your physical strength and endurance. Breath. Concentration. Control.

18 Tips on How To Conduct an Engaging Webinar

Speaking about Presenting

Here are the tips and tricks I’ve learnt on how to conduct an engaging webinar: 1. Those are the tips and tricks I’ve picked up.

SP Tip # 79: Distance yourself from a bad idea.

Executive Speech Coach

Distance Yourself From a Bad Idea There might be times when you want to persuade your audience to change. Here is a subtle technique that can help you.

Another Great Presentation Skills Infographic

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Entitled “ 9 Tips for an effective presentation “, it includes useful sections on… Know your audience. Define your goals.

How to Be the Highlight of Any Meal: Tips for Making the After Dinner Speech

DeFinis Communications

But with skill and practice, anyone can deliver one with ease. Most presenters shy away from being the one to give an after dinner speech.

DJ Skills Transferable to Other Business

Executive Speech Coach

Can DJ (disk jockey) skills be transferred to other business and careers? career tips presentation skills confidence business presentations presentation tipsThis question caught my attention in a discussion group. What transferred?

The Fear of Public Speaking: 25 Tips to Calm Your Nerves

Matt Eventoff

Fear of Public Speaking Uncategorized cnbc fear of public speaking featured fight or flight fear of public speaking glossophobia matt eventoff presentation anxiety presentation skills public speaking fear the fear of public speaking Practice: Once you have prepared, you MUST practice, early and often. minute presentation = 5 hours practice.

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3 Important Tips from Psychology to Write Better Emails

SpeakerSue Says...

Here are 3 tips from psychology to help you accomplish your goals more easily. Appearances count. Make it look easy to read. . Manners count.

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Guest Posting: 18 Tips for Mastering Public Speaking, by Kyle Ingham

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Kyle Ingham is the founder of The Distilled Man, a website that helps men learn essential “gentlemanly” skills. How to mix a cocktail.

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Superior Presentations Tip #77: What’s the purpose of your presentation?

Executive Speech Coach

What’s the purpose of your presentation? Presentations fail when the presenter doesn’t understand the real purpose. Because those are speaker focused.

2014 20

The Perfect Retreat

DeFinis Communications

So whether you’re taking a short break or a long vacation, here are a few tips that can help you use your time off in a way that not only calms your mind and body but also energizes your drive and motivation. If you’re a man reading this, please enjoy it and then forward these weekly Wednesday blogs to the powerful women in your life.

Aspiring Women

DeFinis Communications

Therefore, having the advanced skills to break through that ceiling and help shrink the pay gap is critical. These are the women who set the bar to new levels, encouraging everyone—both males and females—to stretch their capabilities and master new skills. Yes, women have to overcome a lot to be successful. Build your support network.

Show Off Your PowerPoint Design Skills (and win some cool prizes too!)

DeFinis Communications

Do you want to show off your skills at creating effective PowerPoint slides? Content structure and organization Current Affairs PowerPoint Tips Presentation Skills Content Development PowerPoint presentation SlidesVisual aids like PowerPoint are an important part of any business presentation. Retention After 3 Hours. Tell only.

From the vault: 16 #publicspeaking tips for eloquent scientists

The Eloquent Woman

I'd follow her lead if I were you. "Am I too old to learn good speaking skills?" Find out the rest of the tips in this important post.

2015 29

How to Create “Enchanting” Relationships

DeFinis Communications

especially enjoyed his “hat tips,” where he acknowledges anyone whose idea he shares. . The best way is to use examples,” says Kawasaki.

Power Presentations Tip 60: Focus on Success Not Perfection

Executive Speech Coach

Yes, you probably want to improve your presentation skills. Forward this tip to your colleagues who want to be more effective presenters.

Sharpen your Skype, conference call & Hangout speaking skills: 8 tools

The Eloquent Woman

To keep your skills sharp, I've collected these tools and resources: Start with the most important call tool: You, the speaker.

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21 tips to improve your presentations right now

Speak Schmeak

Here are some things you can try this year to improve your skills, your timing, your confidence, your connection, and your overall effectiveness.

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Oprah’s Farewell: The Final Ovation for One of the World’s Most Influential Public Speakers

DeFinis Communications

Thank you, Oprah, for 25 amazing years…and for so many priceless pieces of presentation skills wisdom. Wednesday for Women Celebrates Oprah!