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Practice Makes Perfect, or what Oscar Telecast producers could learn from watching Leonardo DiCaprio

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That was the pledge made by producers of the 88th annual Academy Awards when they announced that winners could list their “thanks yous” on ticker tape that would run live during the ceremony. Instead of subjecting audiences to endless lists of agents, producers, and supporting “teams,” speeches could be kept short, heartfelt, and meaningful.

How to Produce a Great Speaker Video

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  If you use slides or video clips, just make sure to deliver the source material to your producer to edit directly into your video.  If you’re a professional speaker, you need a video showcasing your talents; it’s an essential part of your marketing.    What are the ins and outs of creating such a video? 

Mini-review of Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Book and eBook

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

A short review of Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook has just been posted on Amazon: Paul Lima’s book Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Book or eBook was a valuable resource to me as a new author. I recommend this book to all aspiring authors.

Introduction to “Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook”

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

I presume you are reading this book because you have written a book, or are writing a book or plan to write a book, and are thinking of self-publishing it. Or you have written a book and have been shopping it around but have not landed an agent or publisher, and are now thinking of self-publishing it.

Establishing a Connection

Kuhnke Communication

Connecting with your listener is essential for developing rapport and producing great results. What do I mean by connecting? Ask them questions.

Media Training Tip, listen to producers | Media Training

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How can an expert Produce Daily Video content? | Media Training

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We All Need A Win - Make First 100 Days Of 2016 Produce One For You

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

One contention in the infamous Silicon Valley trial "Pao v. " The statement was made that everyone needs a win now and then.

How to Produce Profitable Public Seminars

Pivotal Public Speaking

If producing profitable public seminars is a goal for you, this session will provide invaluable learning, tips, and tricks of the trade. Can you still make money by selling seats at public seminars? Or is it one of the easiest ways to lose your shirt? Yes, and yes. Plus, you may even learn a few things to avoid at all costs!

They Want You to Produce Sample Content - They Should Share Risk

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Increasingly, organizations are demanding applicants for jobs and contract assignments create a sample of what would be done on the job.

Make Your Blog Produce By Making It Relevant

Communication Steroids

Maybe nothing. Legions of websites have grown up purporting to put you ahead of the curve. But you don’t have to depend on their priorities. Array

Ghostwriting: Will robots be producing those opinion-editorials for THE WALL STREET JOURNAL?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  After all, I never anticipated that likes, comments, shares, and retweets would determine my marketability as a content-producer on the web.

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Speechwriting & Soundbiting

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Speechwriters who know how to produce good soundbites get the best jobs – whether on staff or freelance. Speechwriting is the top paying specialty for writers. Learn how to make speechwriting and soundbiting work for you at my PRSAdallas bootcamp on Friday March 24. Career info Professional organizations Speechwriting

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"Mad Men" - Creatives listen up, can a happy Don Draper still produce great concepts, copy?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

If the writers for "Mad Men" are worth their salt, they could have Don transcend his old style and produce breakthrough concepts and copy.

The Cowardly Lion: James Comisar could fundraise for Museum of Television by mass producing this meme

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In this era of economic turbulence and sustained uncertainty, who isn't afraid?    On Monday I start a new job in lower Manhattan. 

BBC Television NEWS: produced for or by morons?

Max Atkinson

I’d very much like to know if I’m alone in noticing that BBC television news programmes are making more and more use of slide shows and graphics in their bulletins. BBC TELEVISION NEWS, 10.00 He announces that our specialist correspondents are going to explain the magnitude of what’s happened. a.m.). Finally, we get to some of ‘today’s other news”.

Charli Jane Speaker Services - producing a demo video

You want to make sure you leave a lasting image on the minds of the hiring companies. They may not hire you immediately and it may be months down the road, but if you put together a professional and entertaining video clip that portrays you as an expert in your field, then they will remember you! 14 ways to make money when speaking for free!

How To Write & Give A Speech: coming soon in Chinese

Joan Detz Speaker Services

How To Write & Give A Speech was originally published in 1984 and has remained continuously in print (producing royalties) for more than three decades – a distinction in publishing and a testament to the commitment of publisher […]. English as a second language (ESL) News, events, and awards Speechwriting

Writing an Award-Winning Annual Report

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I helped produce their 2011 Annual Report. Business Communication Freelance Work Annual reports Wolters Kluwer

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 124)

Manner of Speaking

“Si tu presentación no produce un cambio en la audencia, es una pérdida de tiempo para todos.” in Computer Science. ”).

Non-fiction book titles and SEO

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Excerpt from "Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook" on using SEO in your non-fiction book titles. Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services My Books Search Engine Optimization

A Public Speaking Lesson in a Pot of Clay

Manner of Speaking

Everyone in the first group, she said, would be graded based on the total weight of the ceramic pots that they produced during the semester. The more pots they produced, the more the weight would add up; the heavier the weight, the higher the mark. Every class, they were hard at it producing clay pots. Get your hands dirty.

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Crisis Communications - Pork Wins, Politicos Get The Flu!

Matt Eventoff

The Good… Kudos to the Center for Disease Control, Secretary of Agriculture, USDA, the American Meat Institute and the National Pork Producers Council. So what can we learn so far this week? It has been repeated regularly. This is no small victory, and provides crucial crisis communications lessons for every organizational leader: 1.

Show Biz Lessons for Speakers

Humor Power

Bill Stainton is a motivational speaker who also is a 29-time Emmy Award winning TV producer, writer, and performer. He recently posted a video using “ being a producer ” as a metaphor for your life. Humor In Speaking Life Skills being a producer speaking skills

Hosting Toastmaster Time Television

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Toastmaster Time is a long-running San Francisco Bay Area monthly television program, produced by members of Toastmasters International clubs in District 57. Shows are broadcast on local television community access channels and a complete archive of the past eight years are available for viewing on the Toastmaster Time website.

Celebrating Voices of Leadership with The Bright Side of Life

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I highly recommend registering for the July 16th Be the Voice of Leadership event and join in the program that Sahar and Pam have produced.

HUMOR: With or Without U

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Thanks to Oriana at Gotham Ghostwriters for alerting me to this artfully produced parody of Irish rock band U2′s song “With or Without You”, recast as a promo for a recently published book on Scrabble: Is That a Word?: From AA to ZZZ, the Weird and Wonderful Language of SCRABBLE. If you are part of [.]. Culture Shock!

Publishing Tips for the Multimedia Age

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Greg will present Publishing Tips for the Multimedia Age, a look at how you can turn the material you produce for your agency into […]. On Wednesday, November 16, the National Association of Government Communicators hosts Greg Leatherman, managing editor of ECO magazine and former communicator for NASA, the U.S.

My 5 favorite fixes for your #publicspeaking

The Eloquent Woman

Don't wear all black : Both men and women need this fix to stand out on stage--and on any video that might be produced of your talk.

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Marissa Mayer & Elizabeth Holmes - Both Damaged Goods

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Both she and Holmes were unable to produce results. When the Verizon deal goes through, Yahoo will be Altaba , headed by Thomas McInerney. Whether Marissa Mayer will have a role in Altaba has not yet been made public. But, she could receive a $23 million severance package. She had a STEM background. What will happen to both of them?

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Tips For Putting On A Better Show

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

A lot of material is produced in HD now, then crunched down to standard DVD resolution for the live presentation. Use an Event Producer.

Presentation design trends

PowerPoint Tips

Over the last decade, the presentations we produce, the tools and processes we use, and the industry have evolved. Change is inevitable.

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Bill Murray: How Art Can Change Your Life.

Presentation Zen

People often ask great storytellers—writers, producers, directors, authors, etc.—where Bill Murray is a wonderful storyteller.

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Unleash your imagination: watch creative videos

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The challenge is to not only to research, script, edit and produce the content, but to do so in as creative a [.]. Executive communications professionals increasingly work with video. Business Communication Culture Shock! Shallow End

Want your data to go viral? Make it visual.

Duarte Blog

How do you turn an academic report into a viral video? Following the event they published the video online. The more clicks, the better.

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How to Design a Presentation like Apple

Manner of Speaking

“Good design is produced by people who are motivated by failures and optimistic about change.” And it all fits together tightly.

Toastmaster Friday: 9 Ways to Pump Up Your Evaluations

Speak and Deliver

When the fruit is soft, you will often find a history of rotten evaluations at the core. Perhaps thats harsh, but I believe its accurate. Suspense?

Edward Tufte on Data, Analysis, & Truth

Presentation Zen

Scattering the eye and mind, producing vague anxiety & clutter At the end of his talk, Tufte said something very wise. We can learn from it.

PowerPoint Surgery: Tips to create presentation slides that make your message stick, not suck -- Guest post by Lee Jackson

Speak Schmeak

If you''re going to produce a presentation slide deck, then do just that - don''t be tempted to make it into a handout with a slightly larger font.

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The speaker coach's last-minute backstage toolkit for TED talks or your talk

The Eloquent Woman

I love to ask this question of our TEDMED speakers, and it never fails to produce glorious, sparkling, I-just-won-the-lottery smiles.

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