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Discover PowerPoint Mix for interactive online lessons

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PowerPoint Mix is a new PowerPoint add-on by Microsoft, now in beta (not finalized). What is PowerPoint Mix? You can add quizzes.

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Review of PowerPoint 2013–the beta of the next version of PowerPoint

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Everyone can now see what the next version of PowerPoint– Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 –  will look like. The look has changed.

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Create a video zoom effect from photos in PowerPoint

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You can create this in MovieMaker or a similar low-end video editor but you can also do it in PowerPoint. You can then output it as a video.

Put a YouTube video in PowerPoint

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You can embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation. From the URL text box, copy the URL to the clipboard. Choose View> Toolbars> Control Toolbox. (In PowerPoint 2007, go to Developer tab> Controls group. If you don’t see the Developer tab, click the Office button> PowerPoint Options.

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Join the Campaign Against Death by PowerPoint!

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My new Campaign Against Death by PowerPoint aims to improve presentations skills and reduce the suffering of audiences. The white paper, “From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Tell ‘n’ Show SM Method,&# is a mini-course in itself. The URL is

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How to store your presentation in the cloud–for embedding, collaboration, or marketing

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Tip: To share a large file that’s too big to e-mail, upload it to SkyDrive, get the URL and e-mail it to the recipient.

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New Tools for Your Presentation Toolbox

Professionally Speaking...

You then provide the audience with a short URL that they type into their web browser or a QR code that can be scanned by smartphones.

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Sacred Cow #10: Web Site Addresses Are Helpful

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

PowerPoint’s been around longer than the World Wide Web easily by a country mile. On the second slide, we have a list of URLs.

Comparing webinar services-Google Hangouts on Air, GoToWebinar, and Zoom-and why I chose Zoom

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Zoom and GoToMeeting/Webinar both provide a URL that people use to log in. Zoom lets me do everything I did with G2W/M, including controlling the other person’s computer–great for the 1-on-1 PowerPoint training that I do. More and more, presenters are presenting online, using webinar services. introduced me to Zoom.

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Why you need to get your presentations on the Internet–and how

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The easiest way to convert your presentation to a YouTube-ready format is to convert it to video in PowerPoint 2010.

Share presentations online to create instant meetings

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Often, you’ll want to show some PowerPoint slides during the meeting. You get a URL to give to attendees. Desktop sharing.

Top Tech Tools to Build Audience Engagement

DeFinis Communications

Imagine knowing your audience members’ questions while you’re speaking and being able to address them on the spot, before the Q&A. Twitter.

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Top Tech Tools to Build Audience Engagement

DeFinis Communications

While some people may think that having technology front and center during a presentation (aside from PowerPoint™) would be too distracting and hard to manage, there are technology tools that make engagement much easier. The good news is that today’s technology tools can help you do that—while you’re speaking in real time. Twitter.

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Funny PowerPoint video and my response

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

About every two weeks someone sends me a link to a video of Don McMillan on YouTube explaining what not to do when using PowerPoint.

Automatic hyperlinks on PowerPoint slides

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If you are going to use a web site URL on a PowerPoint slide, be careful of the automatic link feature. ), PowerPoint recognizes that it is a web site and automatically turns the text into a hyperlink to that web site. What happens is that after you enter the web site name (ie.


Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

You should know the presentation so well that you could do it without PowerPoint and without notes. 6. Dont use PowerPoint as a TelePrompTer. PowerPoint is not a speakers crutch; it is a way to illustrate your spoken point. The point about PowerPoint :) is interesting. Sign Out (URLs automatically linked.) Mirror?

Interview with Andy Zimmerman, VP for

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You can get started with as little as a PowerPoint deck, telephone and an Internet connection. myBrainshark is a free presentation-sharing site.

New webinar coming up; previous one available as a recording

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After some painful feedback, I read books and studied slides that I thought looked great, noting the techniques and layouts they used. I’ve learned from some of the top designers in the country at the PowerPoint Live conference. Here’s the URL: [link]. The next webinar is Slide Design for Non-Designers. Share the news!


A great resource for presenters–

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This site is run by a great friend of mine, Geetesh Bajaj, and includes a vast amount of information on PowerPoint, presentation tools, and more.

All new articles will only be on my website starting April 1, 2014

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

If you subscribe to this blog via RSS, here is the new URL to subscribe to so you continue to get updated information on how to create effective PowerPoint presentations: [link] I do not plan to maintain this site in the future, so some of the links may end up being broken over time. Today, there are better options.


Seth's Blog: The two elements of a great presenter

If youve read my eBook on Effective Presenting and PowerPoint Design, you would have read about how important it is to respect. Miked?

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9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations With Social Media

Check out the PowerPoint Twitter tools developed by Timo Elliot of SAPWeb2.0 Follow her on Twitter. There’s also an extra benefit. Great tips.

9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations With Social Media

Check out the PowerPoint Twitter tools developed by Timo Elliot of SAPWeb2.0 Follow her on Twitter. There’s also an extra benefit. Great tips.

Public Speaker

January 18, 2006 in Pitching, Presenting, and Speaking | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference How to Get a Standing Ovation : » Staande ovatie from Wij Blijven Hier! Slideshare Share PowerPoint and Keynote slides including audio. Have something interesting to say.

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Joaquin Phoenix Shows Us How to Use Prop

Green Room Speakers

Saturday, January 16, 2010 Joaquin Phoenix Shows Us How to Use Prop Using a prop, if its done well, can be a powerful tool to make your message stick.

Presentation Tip: Repurpose your presentation as a web video

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Brainshark allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentation to their site. Save all of your slides as PNG images using the Save As function of PowerPoint. Only people who have the exact URL link can watch it. If you read the statistics about online video, you will see that online video is growing dramatically.

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Creating tweetable presentations

The Eloquent Woman

If you want to get more “web mileage” our of your PowerPoint presentations, you’ve got to prepare a few key elements to assist your viewership in sharing your message. Our guest poster is Carmen R. Gonzalez, the Manager of Strategy and Communications at Healthcare Communications Group , a leading clinical trial recruitment and retention firm.


8 things I learnt about using twitter as a participation tool : Speaking about Presenting

Pre-scheduling them would be a little like attempting to pre-schedule the transitions between your PowerPoint slides. I’m also interested in the answer to your second point - about filtering/moderating the chat. link] 1 hr ago Little-used methods to make the delivery of your PowerPoint stand out from click, talk. Thank you!

An Interview with the New Editor of Vital Speeches


Is that recognition that speech giving is changing and technology like PowerPoint is more accepted now? and—yes—Tweeting. Is that still a goal?

Everything I Know About Presentations, I Learned in Theatre School

Mike Renfro’s Blog : It’s PowerPoint Tips Time November 16th, 2007 3:28 pm [.] Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL.

Dear Speakers - James Duncan Davidson - James Duncan Davidson

cant tell you how many presentations, from small to large, Ive seen where the presenter basically created his speaking notes into Powerpoint slides. Kaya Singer Comment left on 03/28/09 Reply to this comment Leave a comment Name Email Address (never publicly displayed) URL (optional) Remember personal info? Here’s a recap.