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2 reasons and 5 easy steps to convert a PowerPoint presentation to EXE

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PowerPoint PPTX file is what you use most of the time for your presentations. Launch PowerPoint. This is from iSpring.

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What about PowerPoint 2016 (Windows)?

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It’s time for me to talk about PowerPoint 2016, since it’s been out for a few weeks now. PowerPoint has added new chart types.

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Create a quiz in PowerPoint

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Did you know that you can create a quiz in PowerPoint? You can create a simple quiz in PowerPoint using just hyperlinks. Click OK.

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Integrating Live Power BI Dashboards into PowerPoint

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At we create professional PowerPoint Templates to help our subscribers save time creating professional presentation decks.

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Timesaving PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts using Shift and Ctrl

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The Shift and Ctrl keys are especially useful in PowerPoint, so here are my favorite PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts. This is a gem.

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PowerPoint on an Android phone

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Microsoft recently made PowerPoint (and Word and Excel) available as an Android phone app. Will you use PowerPoint on an Android phone at all?

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Turn a presentation into a report or e-book

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You might find it valuable to create a report or e-book from a presentation. But how do you turn a presentation into a report or e-book?

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Video tutorial: Create a theme in PowerPoint from scratch

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PowerPoint crashed during the session, but I was able to successfully complete the tutorial. And your slides will look better as well.

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How To Create a Long Shadow effect for PowerPoint Icons


In this posts we will describe a step by step tutorial on How-To create long shadow effects for PowerPoint Icons. PowerPoint Icons.

Create a screenshot and screen recording in PowerPoint

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In PowerPoint 2010 and later, you can take screenshots from within PowerPoint. If you have all of your updates, you should see it.

Presentation design trends

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Mike is an internationally recognized visual communication and presentation expert, trainer, and award-winning author. Change is inevitable.

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Handouts for data-heavy presentations

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Not all presentations can be full of photos. Sometimes, you need to present data — lots of it. But he/she wants you to present it.

Save PowerPoint customizations for the Quick Access Toolbar and ribbon

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explain how to  customize the Quick Access Toolbar in “Work Faster in PowerPoint.” Do you do PowerPoint training like I do?

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New ebook! 101 Advanced Techniques Every PowerPoint User Should Know

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101 Advanced Techniques Every PowerPoint User Should Know. Here’s a sample of the new techniques: Save a presentation to a DVD.

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Find a Presentation Designer Here

Speaking about Presenting

Rick Altman, Better Presenting. There are plenty of PowerPoint trainers in the world. Story is the heart of the presentation.

10 tips for improving your presentations & speeches

Presentation Zen

The title of the talk is "10 Ways to Make Better Presentations: Lessons from Storytellers." The 15-minute talk can be viewed below. misspoke.

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Create a table from Excel data in PowerPoint

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Copy into a PowerPoint table. PowerPoint’s tables offer you lots of options for design and layout. Click OK to insert the table.

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4 steps to create a video from PowerPoint slides

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You can create great videos using PowerPoint! Here are the basic steps to create a video from PowerPoint slides: 1. Add bookmarks.

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Why you present

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I did a survey of my subscribers, asking them 3 questions.  I think it’s fascinating to understand the variety of reasons why you present.

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How to start a presentation

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” …just read the name of your presentation and go to the next slide. This is my favorite technique. Let’s get started.”

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New book, Master Presenter, collects lessons from the world’s top presentation experts

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My articles are: Use Menus to Create Audience-Centered Presentations. PowerPoint Slide Design for the Ar5tiscially Challenged. Lisa B.

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Link to a specific PowerPoint 2003, 2007 or 2010 slide from Microsoft Word or Excel

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Link from Word or Excel to PowerPoint. Suppose you want to link from Word or Excel to Slide 2 in a PowerPoint 2003, 2007 or 2010 presentation.

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Outline for PowerPoint & presentation training workshops

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As you can see from the cover slide on the right, it was called “From Death to Life by PowerPoint: How to Create Winning Presentations.”

How to show paper forms or software screens on a PowerPoint slide

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Do you have to reproduce paper forms or software screens on PowerPoint slides? This is common for training. Insert a picture and then what?

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PowerPoint, Speaking or Sex?

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

  This technique takes a little time to master, but once you do you will find it very helpful.    The next time you offer to forego sex instead of watching a PowerPoint presentation, understand that you will be denying the speaker a chance to experience sex-like symptoms.    It caught my attention. 

The why of presentations–getting results

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To get the best results from a presentation, you need to think about the “why.” ” Why are you doing the presentation?

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Moving the axis labels when a PowerPoint chart/graph has both positive and negative values

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But when she created the chart in PowerPoint, she had a problem. Do you have frustrations getting charts to look right in PowerPoint?

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Create a looping ending for your PowerPoint presentation

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Although the technique that I came up with is different from the one for a looping introduction, it’s quite easy. Save this presentation.

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The Left Brain PowerPoint

Beyond Bullet Points

Of course, the task is much easier said than done, as the entrenched problems of PowerPoint continue to display on screens everywhere.

21 tips to improve your presentations right now

Speak Schmeak

Stop wasting the audience's time with grandiose thanks and intros at the beginning of your presentation. Videotape or audio record yourself.

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Is your presentation like a flea market?

Speak Schmeak

Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro Presentations can go wrong in a lot of different ways. First, let's talk to the perpetrator: Have you ever had to create a new presentation for a meeting or conference and decided that you had all the information you needed in several previous PowerPoint slideshows? What's your objective? 2. Period.

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9 tips to design presentations for webinars

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Webinars have many advantages over live presentations: No travel (time or cost). Lack of engagement between the presenter and the audience.

Presentation Lessons from a Cooking Demonstration

Professionally Speaking...

What do a cooking demonstration and a business presentation have in common? More than you might think. In my volunteer role at the U.S.

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How to Use PowerPoint to Spruce Up Your Content Marketing Campaigns


PowerPoint not only rules the presentation industry, it also helps make content marketing much easier. For one thing, a lot more people — hundreds of millions at least — know how to use PowerPoint better than other visualization tools like Photoshop, After Effects or JavaScript. So rev up your presentation skills.

2 ways to collaborate with others on your presentations-Part I

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If you’ve been in collaboration hell, here is Part I of two techniques that might help. Add comments to a presentation.

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My sound won’t play! Embed narration or music so you can send the PowerPoint presentation to others

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A reader wants to send a PPS (a PowerPoint Show) file containing music via email but when he sends it, the viewer doesn’t hear the music.

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Side-by-side speaker video and slide content for a live presentation feel

PowerPoint Tips Is this a technique you can use?

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Create an interactive menu in PowerPoint Office Mix

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She is a new/old PowerPoint MVP. Below is a mix presentation I recently created and shared to Twitter. This post is by Heather Ackmann.

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How to copy a PowerPoint slide to Microsoft Word

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Recently I received this question: How can I copy a slide in PowerPoint to Word? See “ Export all presentation text.” 

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A message to those who create presentations for others

Speak Schmeak

The person who creates a presentation for someone else to deliver. Preparation Pet Peeves Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies PowerPoint

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