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I Am A Photographer…

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

With that said, I did receive some critical feedback from a then-friend & professional photographer from Frederick, MD. In our last conversation, he claimed I don’t think about exposure-related EXIF data because, as he put it, he’s a professional photographer and I’m not. Yes, I am an amateur photographer.

PowerPoint Tip: Full Screen Photos

Manner of Speaking

In it, Dave Paradi explains why photographs in a presentation can be more effective than reams of text when it comes to getting a message across to our audiences. Tags: PowerPoint Dave Paradi font size looking at pictures and text photographs I recently came across this short video. He then gives us his rationale for the change.

Oded Wagenstein – Travel photographer an

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

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Alec Baldwin Punches Tabloid Photographer!

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Uncategorized alec baldwin photographer punchAlec Baldwin has punched another journalist on the steps of city Hall. I say Baldwin should forget about ever running for Mayor. Instead, he should run for president! ” Baldwin is tough, macho and pugnacious–those are traits rarely associated with Democratic candidates.

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker photographed ‘shooting’ referee look-alike at party

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Instagram: iPhone app opens fresh career path for photographers

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Here's a case of an iPhone app creating a new line of work for photographers.  The iPhone application is Instagram. 

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Public Speaking: How to Work with Newspaper Photographers

Great Public Speaking

The next time a newspaper photographer takes your photo, remember the 8 things they hate: 1. Never tell the photographer whom to photograph.

photographer's tips on eye contact & more

The Eloquent Woman

Since some of our readers recently asked questions about eye contact and connecting with the audience, take a look at his advice on where to look.

The Old Lady and The Sea: Millennial photographer wanted to take my photo

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Hanging on my shoulder was my heavy laptop in my professional-woman attache case.    I assumed I looked like the old lady I was.

Icons are hot now — how to get, make, and use icons

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They are always simple, which can give them an advantage over a photograph which might contain extraneous content. Where can you find icons?

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Tell Powerful Stories with Pictures: A National Geographic Photographer Shares Tips for Speakers (WEBINAR)

Pivotal Public Speaking

If you want to use photos, come learn from Dick Durrance, one of the world’s top photographers who now uses that background to add impact as a professional speaker. He’ll show you how to better create or select photographs for your use. However, you’re not a professional photographer. with Dick Durrance.

Lessons from a Stunning Three-Minute Stop Motion Film

Manner of Speaking

According to the people who made this creative work, they took 60,000 photographs, developed 9,600 prints and reshot 1,800 photos.

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4 ways to get the right people images

PowerPoint Tips

Go around your office and ask people if you can photograph them. A client of mine needed images of people to make his presentation come alive.

4 tips and 1 Tool That Will Help You Perfect Your Slide Design

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Use the same typeface (or two), the same color palette, and photographs in the same style throughout. Let’s start with you. Good news! (I

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2 PowerPoint 2013 secrets

PowerPoint Tips

In PowerPoint 2010 and earlier, when you chose Insert > Clip Art, you could specify that you wanted only photographs. Find only photos.

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Use a texture as a frame for your slides

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Take a photograph of something that has a nice texture. Do you want an interesting background but fret that it is distracting from you message?

Camille Seaman on Taking Photos and Taking Risks

Duarte Blog

Camille’s documentary-style photographs reflect some of nature’s most breathtaking phenomena. Three days later, she was. on a Monday morning.

A Day In the Life of a Mighty Killer

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These are the magicians behind this incredible collective of photographers. Marvin King, Nikk La, Sam Graves, Salt Nuon and Moe Tang.

Being There, Before You’re There

Manner of Speaking

The photographs are helpful because they show the room from different angles and provide a good sense of the speaking area. Enter the Internet.

Photo Field Trip | Contrast

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Then he compiled the footage with our photographs to make this. We like photography. And we really like each other. I know.

Karen Jacobsen: The GPS Girl

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I am using professional photographs taken in the past 12 months. On Saturday she spoke to members of the NSA Northern California Chapter.

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Create a textured PowerPoint background that changes colors

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You can also create your own textured images by photographing water, stone, tree bark, sand, etc. You can create a background that changes colors when you change your theme’s color set. It’s really cool to watch. I’ve written about this before here , in an example that include a few objects on the slide.

Business concept diagrams: Group 1–Working together, parts of a whole, integrating the parts

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Sometimes, you need to illustrate a concept, but don’t want a photograph. In this situation, the graphic might replace a photograph.

Two Slides You Can Lose

Manner of Speaking

Today, I want to share another tip for your presentations: Drop the slides at the end that say: “Thank You&# and “Questions?&#. slide.

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Make your communication personal with photos

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I have particularly noticed the effect of eyes in a photograph. Some presentations cry out for a personal touch.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Shame on them: Facebook removed a photographer's post of a family holiday photo in which the mother and daughters had duct tape over their mouths, and the men in the family had a sign that said "Peace on Earth." But you won't miss a thing, since I'm summarizing that extra content and putting it here on the blog for all readers to see.

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The Most Talked About Super Bowl Commercial Was a Presentation in Disguise

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The commercial featured a slideshow of photographs, accompanied by the recognizable voice of radio personality Paul Harvey. Use Simple Visuals.

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On sharing your own personal story to make a difference

Presentation Zen

Megumi Nishikura''s talk visually contained a mix of short bilingual messages and photographs (and her movie trailer ). • YouTube link.). .

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"We don't deal with emotion"

Speak Schmeak

"For Browning Allen, City Hall's head honcho when it comes to transportation planning, maybe it qualified as a nice-try-but-no-cigar moment.

Nude conference shots: “I am very, like, remorseful for what I did.”

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

In court, the young photographer said: “I am very, like, remorseful for what I did.&#. Tags: Speaker Support Trends conference managers conferences flipping burgers McDonalds nude phone photographs As if in response to this afternoon’s post on public apologies, this story popped up.

Office Clip Art gallery is going away

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This means that you add a text box to your slide with the link to the website and/or the name of the photographer. When? I don’t know.

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Body Language Blunders Of Anthony Weiner -Media Training

TJ Walker Interactive

Anthony Weiner struggled to explain how a picture of somebody’s bulging underwear briefly appeared on his Twitter account, claiming in a back-to-back string of interviews that he was clearly hacked — but hinting the photograph could have been an image of him. [link] [link] Rep. Video anthony weiner Body Language Media Training

Why "but all my slides are pictures" isn't a smart public speaking strategy

The Eloquent Woman

And no, these speakers aren''t photographers for National Geographic. Often, it seems as if it''s about something other than images.

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Making conferences with @NoWomenSpeakers visible: 7 trends I see

The Eloquent Woman

People are picking up programs or looking at stages, seeing no or few women, and sharing photographic evidence and data. What's behind that?

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Smart self-promotion: 6 must-haves on your speaker page

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Again, sometimes your conferences will handle this for you, and your job will be to get permission and credit the photographer on your page.

Speaking as Artists

Speak and Deliver

Photographers, Artists, Musicians, Writers, Actors and Speakers are all storytellers. Dedicated. Passionate. Practiced. Still - we are artists.

Just get out there

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

It you want to be a great photographer, take photos. They both have a lot in common: Both are passionate about their respective professions.

Speeches from Film: Up in the Air

Manner of Speaking

Studies show that photographs are among the things that people hold most important when it comes to their belongings. Ryan is a solitary guy.

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Geoff Ramm Presenting With PowerPoint

Executive Speech Coach

The slides were real visuals – photographs. I watched my good friend from the UK, Geoff Ramm present at a few conferences. We were fellow speakers on this speaking tour. Geoff is a marketing expert and specializes in Observational Marketing. That means he looks around and reports what he sees – especially what seems to be working.

PowerPoint Presentation Do’s and Don’ts

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Photographs, graphs and diagrams do this much better than lots of text or tables. How easy would it be to maintain your concentration? Tweet.

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