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10 Tips on Moderating a Panel Discussion

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Panel discussions are replacing keynotes and solo break-out sessions by experts at conferences. Rather than a rock-star presenter, who might disappoint, meeting planners are choosing to put a panel onstage and hear from multiple points of view. Have you noticed? Thaler-Carter

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10 Tips for Speaking on a Panel

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

In a recent posting 10 Tips on Moderating a Panel Discussion I listed suggestions for anyone who has been appointed a panel moderator. In this companion piece, I’ll list tips for those of you who’ve been invited to speak on a panel. Tags: Business Communication Public Speaking Social Media panel speaking

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How to make your panel more fun

Speak Schmeak

Image courtesy of Sarah Dawn Nichols Last time I attended a panel discussion at a conference, I had a revelation: Panels lack humor.

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PowerPoint idea: Introduce a panel of speakers

PowerPoint Tips

To introduce a panel at a panel discussion or employees to a group, you can create a slide with their photos, name, title, and so on.

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My effort to reform the panel discussion, starting with the moderator

The Eloquent Woman

Panels, in my view, are often dreadful or just plain boring. Call this my little effort to reform the panel then, starting with the moderator.

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10 Tips for Moderating a Panel

Professionally Speaking...

Most of you would likely say that speaking on a panel is more difficult and requires more preparation than moderating one. The role of the moderator is critical to the success of the panel, success being defined as how much value both the audience and the panelists derive from the experience. And I'd say you're incorrect.

How should I evaluate invitations to speak on a panel? Pros and cons

The Eloquent Woman

The email or the call comes in: They want you as one of the speakers on a panel! The answer may hinge on many factors, so I've pulled together a list of panel pros and cons for you to consider when you're invited to join a panel discussion as a speaker. Pros: Panels are a great learning experience for speakers.

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5 secret advantages of the panel moderator

The Eloquent Woman

If you've been feeling kinda sorry for panel moderators, with such a small role to play, you're not alone--but you are mistaken. at the end.

What have we done to the panel discussion? How would you reform it?

The Eloquent Woman

Is it me, or are panel discussions in trouble? When they're done right, panels can be an inspiring source of varied ideas, sparkling discussion and crackling energy. But more often, you get panels that: Have too many speakers , like the one I turned down that wanted eight speakers, each of whom would have 2.5 minutes to speak.

How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide " Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

I’ve managed panels of dueling CEOs in the same industry, and even one of the most popular panels at the Web 2.0 Sadly, the value of most panels are really poor, and this is mostly due to the lack of moderation. what are the other panels? You should blog about the upcoming panel, and the panelists should too.

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Digital SHIFT: New Age of Freelancing – PWAC Toronto Panel Discussion – Mar. 22

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Can writers make money from new media? Learn about here-and-now writing styles, interactivity and electronic formats that promote conversation and reader participation. Understand pay rates for e-magazines, social media and online versions. Workshops, Seminars & Online Courses PWAC social media social media seminar social media seminar Toronto

Writers Earning a Living: Alternate Revenue Sources – panel session (Nov. 15, Toronto)

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Writers Earning a Living: Alternate Revenue Sources: PWAC Toronto panel talk and discussion. 15, Toronto. Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services Workshops, Seminars & Online Courses earning a living as a freelancer freelance writing marketing

The Best “San Francisco” Speakers at SXSW

DeFinis Communications

This panel, entitled “Thunder in the Clouds,” features the co-founder of , Parker Harris. I’ve listed below my top five.

Why panel sessions suck (and how to fix them)

Speaker Confessions

Most training conferences in most industries resort to what’s called a panel session. Why do panels still happen? For a panel to work the panelists must be comfortable disagreeing with, or passionately supporting, each other in front of a crowd. How to run a great panel session: Pick a strong moderator. One reason.

3 Presentation Lessons from Comic-Con 2012

Duarte Blog

I didn’t really think I’d get a lot out of panels on the upcoming issue of blah, blah, blah or previews of such-and-such show. I’d be wrong.

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10 Tips for Speaking on a Panel

Professionally Speaking...

I recently attended my local ASTD chapter meeting ( ) where a panel of CLOs talked about the role of global learning in tough economic times. I'm not usually a fan of panels, because they frequently appear disorganized with speakers rambling , cutting each other off and running out of time. What made it so good?

The speech I wish she'd given: The messy side of women's issues

The Eloquent Woman

If you've spent enough time in your profession, you've been on one of those panels about "where are the women?" Lipstick or Chapstick?

Panelists: Is that the way you look?

The Eloquent Woman

Consider the table, or lack thereof: Skirted tables for panels were created precisely because panelists also fidget from the waist down. panel

Should you display the live twitter stream on a large screen?

Speaking about Presenting

The decision depends on the nature of each session: is it a presentation, panel or a discussion? Live twitter stream during a panel.

Green Room Speakers: Avoiding Panel Hell

Green Room Speakers

Monday, June 1, 2009 Avoiding Panel Hell Why are panel discussions often so dreadfully boring? From the Green Room: End panel hell.

How to: Panel discussions in the Twitter age

The Eloquent Woman

These comments "in defense of panel discussions" remind you not to throw the panel baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.)

Tough Economic Times: Professional Speakers Panel (3 of 4)

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking


Tough Economic Times: Professional Speakers Panel (4 of 4)

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking


The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Off-key: If you don't think women have problems in public speaking, read this Nashville music exec's sexist rant about women during a panel.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

On the Moderating Panels blog, I shared 6 smart ways for moderators to interrupt speakers. Got a panel coming up? Did you miss?

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Can you do a better job moderating panels? 3 ways to step up your game

The Eloquent Woman

Moderating a panel can be a snap.or What else do you do to up your game as a panel moderator? Tags: panels moderation a snooze.

The Business of Books panel discussion – Toronto

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

The Business of Books panel discussion.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Learn how to be a better panel moderator with The Eloquent Woman's Guide to Moderating Panels. Did you miss? weekly speaker toolkit

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How to Speak on a Panel | Public Speaking Training

TJ Walker Interactive

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Panel presentation for freelance corporate writing

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Yesterday I spoke on the “Conquering Corporate Markets” panel at the ASJA conference in NYC (the American Society of Journalists and Authors). Since my first book ( How to Write & Give A Speech , St. My experience is deep, wide, and first-hand. Make good use of professional organizations: IABC, PRSA, NAGC, etc.

How to survive a panel

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Panels are a low form of public speaking.    Rarely does a panel provide memorable content.    The success or failure of a panel in the end all depends on the moderator.    Let’s imagine you’ve been invited to be on a panel.    So your goal is to be that one good person. 

What is the future of journalism?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

I look forward to attending “The Future of Journalism” panel at next week’s NAGC Communications School in Washington DC. This panel is being organized by NAGC’s current president, John Verrico. Career info Media training News, events, and awards Professional organizations

"End-of-Life Talks" v. "Death Panels" - Shift in Language Is Everything

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That's because they were quickly labeled "death panels."  For us Baby Boomers, death has finally come out of the closet.

#publicspeaking save: 8 ways to say "I don't know" gracefully

The Eloquent Woman

Creative Commons licensed photo by Randstad Canada ) Got a panel coming up? In fact, it can boost your credibility with an audience. Don't!

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Be a better moderator: Stay out of your head

Speak Schmeak

A lot of moderators just let the speakers go on and on and never make the effort to make the panel a better experience for the audience.

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Here's what I shared in the week just past: Like a boss: From my new ebook, lessons from Chelsea Clinton in moderating a panel. In 2015.

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

It's a look: On the Moderating Panels blog, I shared Moderators, is that the way you look? Optics for panels. You'll enjoy this read.

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My 5 favorite fixes for your #publicspeaking

The Eloquent Woman

Learn how to be a better panel moderator with The Eloquent Woman's Guide to Moderating Panels Enjoy putting them to use!

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

and the Moderating Panels blog looked at how conference organizers can set panel moderators up for success. Got a panel coming up?

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3 easy, evidence-based ways to calm your public speaking nerves

The Eloquent Woman

These are among the simplest tools in my coaching toolkit--so simple, many speakers dismiss them out of hand as ineffective. And it works.

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