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The New York Times - This dog can't hunt

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That seems to apply to The New York Times. Currently, both its digital and print sales are down. And, yes, it suffered another loss.

Making Data Meaningful

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million people and accounts for 20% of the population of New York State. Inspire Long Islanders to work together in new ways to achieve shared goals. Tags: PowerPoint data Duarte Emotion Keynote Long Island New York Newsday Presentation presentations Long Island has a population of 2.75 Encourage regional thinking.

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Attack on academic freedom

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Communication Skills Classes | Add your site ARCHIVE ▼ 2011 (18) ► April (1) Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Resisting. politician with no academic credentials demanding that a college follow his way of doing things rather than following the will of the Political Science Department is pretty incredible.

The New York Times: Will This Institution Be Saved/Transformed By Michael Bloomberg

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"In October [2014], the company [New York Times Inc.] As an institution, The New York Times is iconic.

Amazon - Was It Ambushed By The New York Times Or Is Toxic Corporate Culture For Real?

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In fact, last night I decided to order my next book from Barnes & Noble's site. Many wind up crying at their desks. Walmart?"

Pay Wall: End of THE NEW YORK TIMES?

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As most of us know, THE NEW YORK TIMES is now serious about a pay wall.  This approach to increase revenues and hopefully profits could be the end of THE NEW YORK TIMES.    There are similar sites which will likely remain free.    There are alternative ways of making money from a site

New York Times Co has loss: Can it afford not to be a sweatshop?

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Read the commentary by THE NEW YORK TIMES executive editor Bill Keller and the newspaper's genteel values are obvious.    One wonders if it can afford to stay that way and not morph into more of sweatshop like those operated by purely digital sites. million.    It treats its employees relatively well.

"Hulk Hogan v Gawker" - Would you advertise on that gossip site, hire former staff?

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Here is the coverage from the New York Post. And my mistake was even being a part of the Gawker site. It got 8 million page views.

THE NEW YORK TIMES - Who Will Actually Pay for Web Access?

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Two years ago, THE NEW YORK TIMES tried earning revenues and perhaps enhancing its brandname through the paid site TimesSelect.    With so much content available for free, we tend to put together our own versions of the news and analysis by clicking on a number of online sites

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The grapevine is crawling with rumors that Jared Kushner wants to be rid of his toy: THE NEW YORK OBSERVER.    THE NEW YORK OBSERVER no longer seems to be a must-check.    Here and here are my other digital sites. In addition to the matter of money, there is the matter of reach. 


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10.10.2010 Names Here’s a study on names (you can access the entire study from the website given here/above) that has received lots of attention— Psychology Today , The New York Times , etc. it was conducted in The Netherlands and so probably cannot be directly applied to the United States.

Talking about Relationships

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5.07.2010 Talking about Relationships The cover story in yesterdays AM New York was titled "Oh Boy!" Communication Skills Classes | Add your site ARCHIVE ► 2011 (18) ► April (1) Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Resisting. Makes you wonder about hypocrites like these. Impolite Questions, What Are They?

Relationships and Relationship Conflict

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by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times Magazine (April 18, 2010). Communication Skills Classes | Add your site ARCHIVE ► 2011 (18) ► April (1) Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Resisting. More interesting are the health problems that marital discord can create or make worse.

Anna Wintour starting to "get the web," Conde Nast insiders tell NEW YORK OBSERVER

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Meanwhile, reports  John Koblin at THE NEW YORK OBSERVER, McKinsey is focusing on VOGUE in order to develop a model for how to reset the organization and its publications for a digital age that demands extreme cost-efficiency.  McKinsey and Company at Conde Nast remains the big media story. 

Buzzwords of 2009

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Communication Skills Classes | Add your site ARCHIVE ► 2011 (18) ► April (1) Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Resisting. Categories: buzzwords 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Loading. Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Making Se.

Elections and Money

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11.29.2009 Elections and Money One thing is clear from the case of billionaire Michael Bloomberg who won the election for mayor of New York City after spending over $102 million ($175 per vote), outspending his opponent, City Comptroller William Thompson, Jr., 10 to 1—elections can be and are often bought. The media see to that.


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While we teach our students the principles of research and the importance of consulting reliable sources, we read ( New York Times , 9/11/09, B5)that several of the most important medical journals published articles actually written by drug company researchers but used the names of respected academics as authors. 9.12.2009 Research?


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8.17.2009 e-books An article published in the New York Times , “Moving into a digital future, where textbooks are history,&# discussed the changes taking place in education, specifically the move from written textbook to e-books. Enjoy a free, huge traffic to your sites. Almost all, in my opinion, miss the point.

Public speaking

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9.15.2009 Public speaking A recent letter to the editor (regarding the op-ed piece in the New York Times where a variety of professors gave advice to students and posted recently), makes the point that amid all this good advice, no one mentioned the importance of public speaking. is there any problem with this blog?

Crisis Communications - Pork Wins, Politicos Get The Flu!

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Democratic leadership had a relatively easy task - graciously accepting their new colleague.  The Ugly… Flying a jumbo jet over the site of the worst terrorist attack on American soil for a photo op for public relations photos  was a crisis communications disaster on every level.  What happened? 1. Words matter. 2. Have

Presentation Zen workshops in Washington DC, March 21-22

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Learn more about this cool seminar on the Ideas on Stage site The first seminar was held last October in Paris and it was a big success.

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Erotica Site: Will pay $100 for 4,000-word story (say it isn't so)

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Today, there is an ad in the New York City area for a writer.  The pay for that 4,000 words is $100.

Headlines Vital for Success of NYT, WSJ, NY Post—and Your Site

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It doesn’t matter that your site covers a niche that only some people care about. New York Times. Credit-Card Fees: the New Traps.

Missoni for $40: crashes but future looks amazingly profitable

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  Demand was so high that its site crashed yesterday, reports Stephanie Clifford at THE NEW YORK TIMES. 

Plan B presenting, from tech speaker and reporter David @Pogue

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Have you prepared that other presentation you're giving--the plan B version? What's your plan B? Share it in the comments.

Presentation Tip: Use pre-made slides to cut prep time

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In a consulting assignment I am working on with a client in New York, we are developing a set of slides that can be re-used in many different presentations. The slides I spoke about can be found on Microsoft’s site here. There are other sites that allow you to download pre-made slides.

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Univision Gives Nick Denton Some Pocket Change

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Univision is buying many of the sites under the Gawker umbrella. million New York City condo. Time will tell.


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Parent of POLITICO Allbritton Communications has taken over NEW YORK CAPITAL. will continue layoffs.   Here is that article.

Drudge Report - More Page Views in June Than Google, Yahoo, Fox Entertainment, NYT

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That's despite the reality that the site is conservative. Drudge Report remains where we go for our news, including the latest in politics.

BusinessInsider, et al. - The money is chasing growth

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In 2015, digital financial site BusinessInsider lost $11.9 Will investors stick with The New York Times Inc. million on $42.4

Gawker the Company Valuable for Ecommerce

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If Ziff-Davis buys Gawker the company, the high-profile content/commenting gossip site Gawker could disappear. As John Herrman points out in The New York Times , the company's value is in its potential for ecommerce. On those sites there could be enough content to keep attracting visitors.

Short Form - Writing for readers, not Google (we are a nation of eye-hops)

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On the popular site Medium, the average piece takes about four to six minutes to absorb. That's what Google gives high rank to.

Roger Ailes Hires Superlawyer Charles Harder for Possible Lawsuit against Journalist Gabriel Sherman

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Now with New York Magazine, journalist and book author, Gabriel Sherman, made his name covering former Fox head, Roger Ailes. Gawker."

Clickbait - Can Peter Thiel reverse that social media trend?

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Will other social media sites now put the law, journalistic ethics, and even good taste above the chase after traffic? Gawker."

The New-Form Press ReleaseTakes Talent, Tone, Timing: Question is will client take this risk

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New-form press releases, reports THE NEW YORK TIMES , "are filled with puns, jokes and witticism."

First Reaction: President Obama’s Second Inaugural Address

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Update: A transcript of the address can found on the NPR web-site. A President’s first term is all about getting a second term.

Howard Kurtz: Comeback will be piece of cake

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So, Howard Kurtz screwed up, like the rest of us less well-known, less successful writers.    He will come back. 

Famous Speech Friday: Aimee Semple McPherson's speech in a speakeasy

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She built the first megachurch, seating 5,000, in Los Angeles and filled it sometimes daily. There is something on the other side.

NYT Pushing Its Reporters To Think Mobile

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Kelly, New York Post, June 12, 2015. " - Keith J. Here is the article. Currently, most of the NYT articles are l-o-n-g.

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NYT Paywall: Question of Ethics

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This is one which the Ethics column in the NEW YORK TIMES SUNDAY MAGAZINE could deconstruct at length.   Values