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Publishing Tips for the Multimedia Age

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Greg will present Publishing Tips for the Multimedia Age, a look at how you can turn the material you produce for your agency into […]. On Wednesday, November 16, the National Association of Government Communicators hosts Greg Leatherman, managing editor of ECO magazine and former communicator for NASA, the U.S.

Discover PowerPoint Mix for interactive online lessons

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Multimedia: Music, sound & video Resources lessons Mix SCORM training What is PowerPoint Mix? You can add quizzes. How to get started.

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Side-by-side speaker video and slide content for a live presentation feel

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Multimedia: Music, sound & video live video and slides side-by-side videoStart by watching this short video. What do you think? ”).

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Create a screenshot and screen recording in PowerPoint

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Images Multimedia: Music, sound & video screen capture screen recording screenshotIf you have all of your updates, you should see it.

4 steps to create a video from PowerPoint slides

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Animation & transitions Multimedia: Music, sound & video export video video YouTubeYou can create great videos using PowerPoint!

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Sync animation with a video or audio

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Animation & transitions Multimedia: Music, sound & video animation audio sync synchronize triggers video link]. Add the bookmarks.

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Invisibly control when a sound plays on a slide

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Multimedia: Music, sound & videoBut, when you insert the sound, there’s that ugly sound icon and you would rather not have it show up.

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Create an interactive menu in PowerPoint Office Mix

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Hyperlinks Multimedia: Music, sound & video Training clickable button custom menu menu Mix Office MixThis post is by Heather Ackmann. Enjoy!

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My sound won’t play! Embed narration or music so you can send the PowerPoint presentation to others

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Multimedia: Music, sound & video audio embed link music play soundKnow the difference between linked and embedded sounds. Advantages.

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Public Speaking Presentations - Multimedia

Great Public Speaking

In the good old days (translates to last year), multimedia meant using several different media in the same presentation. Now the term multimedia carries a whole new meaning. In present day terms, multimedia means you are using a computer-controlled presentation that may include full color, sound, video, graphics, animation, and text.

Easily sync lyrics with a music video in PowerPoint

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Animation & transitions Multimedia: Music, sound & video sync lyrics with video sync text This is a guest blog post from Larry First.

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Hi-impact, lo-cost marketing with presentations

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Tags: Content Multimedia: Music, sound & video authorstream marketing

How to create a self-running presentation

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Content Delivery Hyperlinks Multimedia: Music, sound & videoIn this situation, the learner controls the presentation. Add narration.

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Resource for free sounds and sound effects

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Tags: Multimedia: Music, sound & video

Can you teach an online multimedia class?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

I’m a long-time member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and I just learned about this job opportunity: “We’re looking for an experienced teacher to run an online multimedia class through ASJA. so that by the end, they will have a published multimedia piece.

How to Attract the Eyes in Your Multi-Media Presentation

Executive Speech Coach

multimedia visuals principles business presentations PowerPointHave the lights slightly dimmer at the back of the room.

Impressive PowerPoint Presentation for a change

Executive Speech Coach

sales presentation multimedia visuals presentation mistakes slide show business presentations presentation resource PowerPoint

Secrets for successfully narrating a presentation

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Tags: Multimedia: Music, sound & video authorstream narration sound quality truncated narration

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How to turn any interview request into a multimedia opportunity -Media Training

TJ Walker Interactive

They provided emailed questions in written form but we felt like this was an excellent opportunity to create interactive multimedia content so we recorded his answers. Tempo magazine recently requested an interview with media trainer and communications expert TJ Walker. Analysis Video Media Training tempo magazine TJ Walker

Steve Jobs: "People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint"

Presentation Zen

This was a point that was made too by Steve Jobs in several of his interviews with biographer Walter Isaacson in his book called simply Steve Jobs. (In

Lucas, Scorsese: On the need for visual literacy

Presentation Zen

A professional or student in the 21st century needs to have a good degree of multimedia literacy. This is especially true in education.

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Presentation on Blogging: Tri-Valley Consultants

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I discussed how new multimedia web-based technologies add exciting options [.]. I enjoyed presenting this morning to the breakfast meeting of the Tri-Valley Consultants Forum. There was a sold-out audience of 30 East Bay consultants in the room. Uncategorized blogging Social Media tri-valley consultants

Happy New Year — 2014!

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PowerPoint Tips Multimedia: Music, sound & video Happy New Year 2014 [link]. Did you find this post useful? Get my free ebook "From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint." Click here to find out about training to bring your presentations to the next level! The post Happy New Year — 2014! appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

Story structure, simplicity, & hacking away at the unessential

Presentation Zen

Multimedia—if you use it—comes last Multimedia is wonderful. Hack away at the unessential." Not at all. Every possible avenue is open.

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A remote control can set your presentations free!

Presentation Zen

A good remote allows you to get away from the lectern and your laptop. This is a rather old model, but I love it. alternative link on Amazon ).

Kamishibai: Lessons in visual storytelling from Japan

Presentation Zen

It’s easy to imagine how we can apply the same spirit of kamishibai to our modern-day presentations that include the use of multimedia and a screen.

What is your intention?

Presentation Zen

When they ask me what I think, I usually begin by asking them what there intention was. What's your intent?" I ask them. Well done, Mr. Hockenberry.

Sir Ken Robinson gives best talk yet at TED Talks Education

Presentation Zen

His first talk —presented sans multimedia in the true Sir Ken Robinson style — was made in 2006 and is the most viewed TED talk of all time.

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To live is to have a story to tell

Presentation Zen

We can apply the spirit of this to the world of multimedia presentations as well. “But how could you live and have no story to tell?”

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In Love Poems and Presentations, Less is More

Duarte Blog

The latest installation in our Duarte Gallery is a series of blackout poems. Specifically love poems, in honor of Valentine’s Day.

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4 tips and 1 Tool That Will Help You Perfect Your Slide Design

Duarte Blog

A good presentation depends, at least partly, on good slide design. Let’s start with you. The presenter was vulnerable. Good news! (I I think.)

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A Conversation with Sanjay Nambiar

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

In addition to being a speechwriter and author, Sanjay also is the CEO of SDPH Media, the company behind the multimedia global brand platform for the Super Duper Princess Heroes. On Thursday May 5, members of the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable hosted a conference call with freelance speechwriter, author and publisher Sanjay Nambiar.

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Find a Presentation Designer Here

Speaking about Presenting

Are you looking for a presentation designer? Rick Altman, Better Presenting. There are plenty of PowerPoint trainers in the world. Better. Easier.

Robert McKee: Persuasion through storytelling trumps statistics

Presentation Zen

The effective ones almost always incorporate elements of story and good storytelling , regardless of whether they use multimedia or not.

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4 finds to streamline your public speaking and presenting

The Eloquent Woman

That''s the case with this quartet of apps and devices, which combine multimedia features with easy-to-use efficiency. No projectors needed.

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Your Audience’s Audience

Duarte Blog

Will you support your presentation with multimedia or follow-up communications that extend the life of your message? Can’t wait for that one.

What to do when you’re losing your audience

Speaking about Presenting

Your audience’s attention will fade over time unless you take specific steps to keep them engaged. Push your audience’s Attention Reset Button.

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My First Year – From Intern to Duartian

Duarte Blog

Academy, Account, Content, Design, Events, Multimedia) work together to create a visual narrative for any speaking engagement. Casey Neistat.

Storytelling lessons from Bill Cosby

Presentation Zen

No multimedia at all, and yet his presentation is very visual — he is the visual. He's the master storyteller. you can). H/T Al Pittampalli

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Shokunin Kishitsu & The five elements of true mastery

Presentation Zen

Well, public speaking, including presentation given with the aid of multimedia, is an art. I can't believe you have not seen this movie!"

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