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6 famous extemporaneous speeches by women from The Eloquent Woman Index

The Eloquent Woman

Do these famous speeches inspire you to be a little more extemporaneous in your next talk? Check out how then-Yahoo!

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: What you have in common with Tina Fey

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What is the secret to great extemporaneous speaking? Public Speaking exercises extemporaneous speaking practice practicing public speaking tips Tina Fey People who are good at improvisational comedy have learned to adhere to 9 basic maxims.

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How to speak extemporaneously | Presentation Skills

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Uncategorized extemporaneously How to speak extemporaneously presentation skills public speaking

Extemporaneous speaking

Pivotal Public Speaking

Extemporaneous speaking should be practised and cultivated. impromptu speaking quotations about public speaking extemporaneous speakingIt is the lawyer’s avenue to the public… Abraham Lincoln.

4 Methods to Deliver a Great Speech

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Extemporaneous. While many people think extemporaneous and impromptu are the same since they are both speeches that are not read or memorized, there is one key difference. The impromptu speech is completely off the cuff; the extemporaneous speech is thoughtfully prepared, planned and practiced. . Memorization. Impromptu.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Then, after the third or fourth class, we were told to hand over our notes and to speak extemporaneously. Discomfort zone? It actually worked.

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My favorite fixes for public speaking: Write and learn a script

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I can hear you saying now, "But I don't want to sound scripted," or, "I'm only at my best when I can speak extemporaneously." favorite fixes

King, Hamer, Ginsburg, Obama: Speech collections & a memoir

The Eloquent Woman

Houck, is the first collection of speeches by the noted civil rights activist, including transcriptions of her extemporaneous remarks.

7 secret advantages of the speaker who practices

The Eloquent Woman

You can only get that extemporaneous, casual look through practice--and it's the biggest practice advantage. A big ending? You can do this

No excuse for boring an audience: Advice on giving technical presentations

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Better to lower the level of verbal excellence and raise the level of extemporaneous energy.". Really bad presentations. So spread the word.

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Another tip for reading from a script

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Then they proceed to rehearse and memorize until those lines sound extemporaneous and unscripted. Wrong.

Famous Speech Friday: Actress Viola Davis: "What keeps me in the business is hope"

The Eloquent Woman

A recent example happened at ELLE magazine's Women in Hollywood awards last October. Well, I'm black ," she replied. That's what we do as actors.we

The speech question: Use notes--or not?

The Eloquent Woman

Over on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook , I asked readers: "Speakers, do you prefer to use a written speech, just notes or speak extemporaneously?

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

About the quote: Oh, that Margaret Edson, having some fun in a stunning extemporaneously delivered commencement address. Oh, snap: In the U.S.,

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Famous Speech Friday: Viola Davis: "Everything should be spoken"

The Eloquent Woman

So you''ll hear ums and pauses aplenty, and yet she''s among the most eloquent extemporaneous speakers I''ve heard. I''ve stolen for food.

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More ways to use The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Women's Speeches

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This year, we''re slicing the Index to make it more useful. speeches. famous speeches

The Eloquent Woman Index hits 200 famous speeches by women!

The Eloquent Woman

Do you have any famous speeches by women more recent than Eleanor Roosevelt?" was a common question, even though she died in the early 1960s.

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Famous Speech Friday: Marilyn Mosby on Freddie Gray homicide

The Eloquent Woman

This last section let us see her speak extemporaneously as well. She said,"I have heard your calls for 'no justice, no peace.' At just $3.99

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19 famous humorous speeches by women

The Eloquent Woman

Margaret Edson's 2008 Smith College commencement speech is not only remarkable because it's extemporaneous, but because of her sly humor.

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Can you speak on the "Battledecks?"

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11 famous speeches by women about work from The Eloquent Woman Index

The Eloquent Woman

This talk is extemporaneous, a real tour de force. Women''s work is never done, they say--making it a natural topic when women give speeches.

From the vault: 7 secret advantages of the speaker who practices

The Eloquent Woman

You can only get that extemporaneous, casual look through practice--and it''s the biggest practice advantage. A big ending? You can do this.

7 secret advantages of the story-telling speaker

The Eloquent Woman

If you're a speaker who works from a text, but would like to look more extemporaneous, work in a story or two that you can tell without reading.

Speech triage — 5 questions to ask yourself to prepare a presentation quickly

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Ask yourself the following 5 questions: >>> Tags: public speaking speech writing extemporaneous speaking impromptu speaking Here’s a quick and effective method for preparing a presentation when you’re under the gun and can’t spend a lot of time brainstorming.

What to do when your speech follows a tragedy

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On Saturday, I had two coaching clients heading to the stage. You, too, may face such a challenge in your speaking career. Be ready. invaded Iraq.

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For #BlackHistoryMonth, 38 famous speeches by black women

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An eloquent extemporaneous speech. Sojourner Truth's 1851 speech "Ain't I a Woman?" Ida B. Wells to learn more about her campaign. Congress.

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"Thank the Academy" analyzes Oscar speeches & gender issues in interactive site

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Acceptance speeches with notes are longer --just over two minutes--than the extemporaneous ones, which average about one minute, 23 seconds.

What not to mention: Why airing the speaker's laundry doesn't help

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inspiration for women speakers accidents and mishaps extemporaneous speakingInstead, figure out how to make a positive out of it.

The Eloquent Woman Index reaches 150 famous speeches by women

The Eloquent Woman

That would be ambitious enough. But within that framework, I set myself some additional goals: An international mix of women speakers. Please join me!

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For #BlackHistoryMonth, 46 famous speeches by black women

The Eloquent Woman

An eloquent extemporaneous speech. And every year, this expanding collection of speeches by black women is the most-read post on the blog!

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Famous Speech Friday: Viola Davis at the 2015 Emmy Awards

The Eloquent Woman

So this short powerhouse of a speech will also be getting on my list of famous extemporaneous speeches by women soon. No words minced. No notes.

2015 23

Get 'Good On Your Feet' as a speaker in our March 2-3 workshop

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workshops extemporaneous speakingHow will you remember what you want to say, without looking at notes? workshop here.

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Tipsters: Can you contribute to Famous Speech Friday? Here's how

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If you like our Famous Speech Friday series and want to see more of it, I welcome your suggestions and contributions. inspiration.

9 famous TV and radio speeches by women

The Eloquent Woman

They run the gamut from politics to humor and popular issues like cooking and weight loss. No balcony needed for this speech to have lasting impact.

Vital Speeches weighs in: "notes or not?"

The Eloquent Woman

I've asked some speechwriters I admire to share their perspective on whether speakers should choose a written speech, notes or extemporaneous speaking , a discussion we started on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook. Tags: speechwriter secrets speaker preparation extemporaneous speaking For others still, it’s something in between.

Are you hiding behind your written remarks? Stand and deliver

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speechwriting notes scripts extemporaneous speakingThere's absolutely nothing wrong with using notes or a fully crafted text for your speech.

Famous Speech Friday: Sarah Winnemucca's San Francisco lectures

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The Paiute people living on the Malheur Reservation were caught in the middle of a 1878 war between the Bannock people and the U.S. Hayes.

Share your accidents (& saves) on the podium

The Eloquent Woman

Tags: accidents and mishaps extemporaneous speaking

"How can I take my presentation style to the next level?"

The Eloquent Woman

workshops extemporaneous speaking handling questions gesturesGood public speaking and presenting skills don't come naturally.

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Famous Speech Friday: Jessica Mendoza calls major league baseball playoff

The Eloquent Woman

The ability to speak extemporaneously and with authority requires that knowledge base. But the big challenge? games is a rarity. Join us!

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