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When is your next public speaking engagement?

Manner of Speaking

It doesn’t have to be a TED Talk or a formal presentation at a conference. It could be a five-minute status report on your project at the next team meeting; it could be saying a few words about a colleague … Continue reading → Motivation Leonardo da Vinci Nike public speaking

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Is your audience suffering an engagement drought?

Speak Schmeak

For speakers, there are also many, many ways to achieve your goal of engaging an audience. One solution to the drought: Succulents! Great!

How to Engage Your Audience In Three Sentences or Less

Matt Eventoff

Imagine opening your presentation by immediately engaging your audience. The audience is seated. The lights dim and the room quiets.

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Contribution: the key to authenticity, engagement, & meaning

Presentation Zen

Or a student completing a presentation that actually engaged the audience and taught them something important. It's not about showing off.

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Engage in the Power of Negative Thinking

More than PowerPoint...

Instead, I try to spend some quality time every day engaging in negative thinking. Engage in a little negative thinking. I feel better.

4 ways to move people from attention to engagement

Speaking about Presenting

The task is not to grab attention, but to actively nurture the attention that you have and transform it into engagement. Sell your presentation.

4 ways to move people from attention to engagement

Speaking about Presenting

The task is not to grab attention, but to actively nurture the attention that you have and transform it into engagement. Sell your presentation.

Practical Audience Engagement Ideas For Public Speakers

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Do they lack audience engagement ideas ? Do you lack audience engagement ideas? Set a deliberate intention to engage your listeners.

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Top Tech Tools to Build Audience Engagement

DeFinis Communications

Imagine having an audience truly engaged from your first word to your last, because you know without a doubt that you’re delivering the information they find most useful. Need more audience engagement? But still, it’s nice to know that technology can help with the engagement factor and actually encourage input and participation.

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18 Tips on How To Conduct an Engaging Webinar

Speaking about Presenting

Here are the tips and tricks I’ve learnt on how to conduct an engaging webinar: 1. Use more visuals. Keep things moving visually. Have a clock.

Engage: How to avoid becoming a human tranquilizer by Paul B. Evans

PowerPoint Tips

The post Engage: How to avoid becoming a human tranquilizer by Paul B. Content Delivery audience engage What do you think? Need training?

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How to design your talks to engage an audience without resorting to nudity

Kate's Voice

Since then, there’s been progress; there are many advocates for storytelling and other fresh approaches to presentations. However, […].

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Lessons in engagement from Flight of the Conchords

Presentation Zen

Watch Jemaine and Bret below keep an audience engaged and following their words even when it's a story "about nothing" at all really. computer.

The need for connection & engagement in education

Presentation Zen

Still, it is possible even given the constraints of the lecture hall to engage the audience and have them engage with each other.

Presentation: The need for engagement in education (redux)

Presentation Zen

Still, there are things we can do to engage students that increase the effectiveness of the large classroom. What's the use of lectures?

How to Engage the Audience When Your Data is the Story

Presentation Guru

How can presenters keep an audience engaged when going over large sets of data?

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October 12for12 Challenge: Increase audience engagement

Speak Schmeak

Now, for our tenth challenge: Increase your audience engagement. 12for12 Engaging the AudienceYou have a whole month to practice!

Is Your Company Socially Engaged?

Communication Steroids

When employees feel involved and engaged, they’re more productive. That’s social engagement. ″ And it makes sense.

Positioning Yourself For More Speaking Engagements

Pivotal Public Speaking

These steps are based on my experiences in booking more than 2,200 paid engagements. Mary McKay, speaker marketing specialist, is the founder of the Turnkey Speaker Booking System, where you learn to position your expertise for more paid speaking engagements. 12 essential Steps to Attract Your Ideal Customers. No cynics, please. Wrong!

The all-in-one on engaging your audience: 11 resources for speakers

The Eloquent Woman

Even a keynote can engage: Making the audience part of your keynote tells you how to take that big spotlight and share it for even better results.

Engage through Storytelling

Duarte Blog

Story has played a significant role in all cultures but its adoption into professional cultures has been painfully slow.

How to Keep Your Audience Engaged with Compelling Presentation


The post How to Keep Your Audience Engaged with Compelling Presentation appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Presentation Tips

Power Presentations Tip 47: How to be more engaging

Executive Speech Coach

Friday, February 18, 2011 Power Presentations Tip 47: How to be more engaging Have you ever seen people talking to or yelling at the TV? Because they are engaged. How can an inanimate object like a television engage, excite and enrage viewers? How can you make your presentation more engaging? Because they are engaged.

Presentation Tips: Inform, Engage & Move to Action video

Executive Speech Coach

Inform, engage and move to action - your presentation formula for success. The three things you need to do in every presentation to be successful. Enjoy this short video with valuable presentations tips. video free presentation tips presentation skills coaching business presentations public speaking

If You Really Want To Engage Your Audience, Kill The Exercises!

Presentation Guru

But do they really work to keep the audience engaged, or are they just a distraction?

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10 Ways to Engage Your Audience in Your Presentation

Executive Speech Coach

Engaging your Audience Listeners who are actively engaged in your presentation will remember more and are more likely to act on what you say. You might engage them intellectually, emotionally, visually, and/or physically. There are many subtle and overt ways that you can engage your audience. Here are 10 ideas for you.

Who says technical presentations can't be engaging?

Presentation Zen

People often ask if technical or science-related presentations can be as compelling as presentations covering other less technical topics.

Why You Should Never Be Late for a Speaking Engagement

Manner of Speaking

In fact, I had the honour of being the very first person to go to him for confession … The moral of the story: Never be late for a speaking engagement! The humorous story below is a slightly modified version of a joke forwarded to me by one of my contacts on LinkedIn, Daniel Bernstein. Thanks, Daniel! Hundreds of people attended.

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Your voice on conference calls: How to show up when no one can see you

Kate's Voice

Presence Vocal Image conference call engagement perceptionRecently, I facilitated a workshop for a group of people who work in their pajamas. One of them told me that she will do her hair and makeup for the rare call when her customer turns on her video camera, but normally she doesn’t have to worry about being seen.

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Drowning your audience? Try these 3 livesavers.

Speak Schmeak

Because some of us are so convinced that we need to use every minute to speak that we forget about interaction and engagement. Not much!

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Emoticon: Counterproductive tactic for ROE [return on engagement]

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The reality seems to be this: the emoticon is downright counterproductive in creating a high return on engagement [ROE] in social media. 

How to be more expressive

Kate's Voice

Delivery engagement expression vocal varietySome people are just more expressive than others. Vocal expression was something you had […].

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Storytelling in 30 seconds - can you do it?

Speak Schmeak

Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Stories TV inspiredCan you paint a picture with a few words and some visuals?

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4 Proven Tips to Increase your Ability to Engage by 87%

SpeakerSue Says...

Increase your ability to engage without words and you can count on more persuasive presentations, more successful conversations and greater influence in everything you do. 4 Proven Tips to Increase your Ability to Engage by 87%. They can focus more on what we have to say and are more comfortable engaging. choices. Grunt.).

Invisibility works for superheroes -- not for speakers

Speak Schmeak

What your audience wants is to be engaged, to hear something original, to feel motivated and excited and inspired. Clown shoes? Been there.)

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Information doesn't excite your audience

Speak Schmeak

What excites people is your own emotional engagement with the topic. Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Research

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Lose the Grocery List

Kate's Voice

Content Public Speaking engagement practicing presentations public speaking tips storytelling

Frank Sinatra Demonstrates Audience Engagement Effortlessly

Speaking Freely

The post Frank Sinatra Demonstrates Audience Engagement Effortlessly appeared first on Speaking Freely. I’m honest.

Excuse #923: "I'm not a presenter."

Speak Schmeak

Preparation Engaging the Audience TV inspired Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies The Business of Speaking We''re physicians."

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Stay weird.

Speak Schmeak

Awards shows Engaging the Audience Entertainers Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Speakers This bridge was built on hope. Yes, you do.

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