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Infografik: The anatomy of content marketing – the heart of online success – Infographics

Content Marketing Today

The anatomy of content marketing – the heart of online success. Via www.contentplus.co.uk.

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How to have a conversation with your audience

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Audiences long for presenters to be real with them, and just have a conversation.    That’s hard for speakers to do. 

SweetBay: Shocking Shopping Cart Content Marketing Secrets

Content Marketing Today

It’s All About Making It Easier for the Customer to Buy. OK, I’ll admit it. I not the primary grocery shopper in the family.

What’s Yours Is Mine – Copyright in the age of Social Media – Part One


Part 1 – The Shift to Sharing. If there is one concept that sums up the way we use the internet today it, would be “sharing” We share interesting articles and blog posts that we find. We use services like Foursquare to share our location and activity. We share reviews on everything from book purchases to holidays.

Presentation Tip: Use pre-made slides to cut prep time

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

In a consulting assignment I am working on with a client in New York, we are developing a set of slides that can be re-used in many different presentations. It is a good idea because it cuts preparation time dramatically. In addition to creating your own slides, you can also download pre-made slides from different sources.

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Hispanic Market: How outsiders can get inside

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Sure, there's plenty of incentive for companies to go after the Hispanic market in the U.S.   You can read that here.

Effective Communication Tips for Web Designers

Content Marketing Today

Our designs tell visitors something about us and build emotional bonds to brands through first impressions and reputation. Via sixrevisions.com.

News Corp: Those 2 attempted suicides by journalists at SUN

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Time does not seem to be on the side of the employees at the SUN, the UK newspaper owned by News Corp.    Here in the U.S.

Podcast: Communication on a Smart Phone

Communication Steroids

Smart phones have dynamically changed the way we communicate. Tim and Roger take a look at how that change affects us all. Smart phones have dynamically changed the way we communicate. Tim and Roger take a look at how that change affects us all

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New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal: Mike Bako on KXYL Texas Radio and Internet Radio

TJ Walker Interactive

The New Orleans Saints face a crisis communication situation on the field and off. Can they use public relations to get back into the good graces of their fans, the media and the NFL? Analysis Audio Press Room daily national drew brees mike bako new orleans saints

Your Question and Answer Session – 3 ways to set yourself and your audience up for success

Pivotal Public Speaking

Encourage questions. I’m sure you have been to a seminar or presentation where the speaker asks for questions and there is an uncomfortable silence. It is embarrassing to say the least – for the presenter and for the audience. Perhaps it has happened to you. There are four ways to avoid this situation. Some people ask for “ah-has”.