Thu.Mar 08, 2012

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Nuggets of Storytelling Wisdom

Manner of Speaking

In this post, I return to one of my favourite themes that run through this blog: the importance of storytelling. Below is Stanton’s TED Talk.

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When Is Rehearsing a Presentation a Bad Idea?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

When is rehearsing a presentation a bad idea?    Clients often try to talk themselves out of rehearsal, because they’re pressed for time, because they don’t like the feeling of rehearsal (you’re not in control yet), or because they argue that rehearsal will make them stale.    Those are bad arguments.    A lot. 

Dynamic transitions help you connect two slides

PowerPoint Tips

Here’s a common scenario. You have  a table of Excel data and you need to discuss it in detail at a meeting. But there’s no way it will fit on one slide. What are your options? You could print out the data so people can see it up close. recommend doing this when necessary. Dynamic transitions are new for PowerPoint 2010. Don’t you?

What Dr. Seuss can teach you about copywriting | SEO Copywriting

Content Marketing Today

Written by Heather Lloyd-Martin. Looking for some writing inspiration? Why not check out some Dr. Seuss books. Confession time: I love Dr. Seuss.

SEO 13

Congratulations to the winners of the “stickout” photo contest!

PowerPoint Tips

held a contest (the deadline was 3/5/2011) and it was my most popular contest ever! received many entries and I thank you all! Congratulations!

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The news has a strange story on its hands.    It's called "Western Psych."    Few other details are available.