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Free PDF book giveaway: Books on writing and business of freelance writing

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

To kick off the New Year, I am giving away PDFS of my books–any of my books that might be of interest to you. So if you want a PDF of one of my books, email me–but you have to email me by the end of the week (Jan. 8) to get your free PDF book. That is all you have to do. Scout’s honor ! Happy New Year

2017 29

5 Reasons Every Speaker Should Write a Book (and How to Write Yours in 90 Days)

Succeed Speaking

If you’re a speaker, or if you want to speak, you should write a book. You don’t believe you really need a book, or.

2015 46

Write a Book. Change the World.

Content Marketing Today

Great business books do change the world. You may have the beginnings of a great business book lurking within your brain.

2013 35

Turn a presentation into a report or e-book

PowerPoint Tips

You might find it valuable to create a report or e-book from a presentation. But how do you turn a presentation into a report or e-book?

2015 83

5 Questions to ask before you start to write your non-fiction book

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

A friend of mine told me he was starting to write a non-fiction book. suggested that he take a look at the W5, from the perspective of thinking about and planning his book, before he started to write. congratulated him and asked, “Have you answered your who, what, where, when and why yet?”.

2012 24

In time for Christmas: Books on business, promotional, article writing and business of freelance writing

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Just in time for Christmas for the writer on your gift list: popular print and e-books (for Kindle and Kobo) on business, promotional, book, article,  social media and website writing, self-publishing and the business of freelance writing. Book How to Write Media Releases to Promote Your Business, Organization or Event.

Book review: Your Best Just Got Better

The Presenter's Blog

This is a book that you can immediately gain from. My timer tells me that I’ve now been writing for 29 minutes and 15 seconds. Team You.

2013 64

Books & eBooks on copywriting, business writing, business of freelance writing and related topics

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

In 2006, I set out to write a book on the business of freelance writing. Seven years later, I find myself the author of 18 books and short reports. OK, that''s not quite true. I''m only half way through the 18th book. And one book is no longer in print.

2006 12

10 Books for the 21st-Century Presenter, Storyteller

Presentation Zen

And reading books is the best form of reading. prefer books over articles and blog posts in the same way that I prefer albums over songs.

2014 61

How to write perfect press releases … how to choose the right typeface … how to handle intellectual property: Book reviews for anyone who writes

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Technical Communication runs an excellent book review department. In the hard-copy issue I’m looking at (ISSN 0049-3155), the book review section runs from pages 57-79. Books reviewed include: Conquering the Content: A Blueprint for Online Course Design and Development How […]. That’s amazingly large.

Book helps aspiring writers keep their New Year’s resolution: to write daily

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

From my experience over the last decade, there is no real accounting for book sales. My books How To Write A Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days ,  Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing  and Say it Right: How to Write Speeches and Presentations tend to sell well year ’round.

Tweet & win free business writing or freelance writing e-book

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

My Books business writing book contest freelance writing book contestIt's time for a spring blog contest. All you have to do is sent out on of the following tweets, notify me, and you can win one of my ebooks.

Mini reviews of Paul Lima’s books on freelance writing and writing

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Mini reviews of Paul Lima''s books on freelance writing and writing. My Books books on copywriting books on freelance writing books on writing

2013 10

How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days: Review

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Paul Lima has written a thin paperback called How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days. If you are an aspiring writer of non-fiction, you should read Paul’s book and take his advice. How to Write explains the steps you should follow to create the first draft of a 25,000- to 50,000-word manuscript. publishers.

2014 24

Chapter 1: How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Chapter 1: Can You Write A Book In 60 Days? Is it possible to write a book in 60 days? have written 11 books and short reports —each in less than 60 days. Many other writers I know have written books in under 60 days too. This book will show you how to do it. Write your first draft. Good start.

2014 22

Fundamentals of Writing – introduction

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

My Books Fundamentals of Writing Paul Lima writing articles writing case studies writing media releases writing social media content

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Mini review: On Writing Well

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

On Writing Well , 30th Anniversary Edition: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction. If you write, or aspire to write, long-form non-fiction, go forth and get this book. Any writer will benefit from the book, but it’s primarily aimed at long-form non-fiction writers. by William Zinsser. Today.

2015 21

Book Preview: The Age of the Image, by Stephen Apkon

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This looks like a significant book for anyone [.]. Book Review Business Communication Cultural Differences Culture Shock!

Book Review: 10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech, by Fletcher Dean

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech: The Definitive Guide to Professional Speechwriting, by Fletcher Dean Fletcher Dean is a working speechwriter at the Dow Chemical Company where he is Director of Leadership Communications. An added bonus are the Last Word and the Appendix which list practical tips that are worth the price of the book.

New Book for Researchers, Scholars, & Technical Presenters

Presentation Zen

The book is Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks by data-visualization pro Jonathan Schwabish. Check it out.

How to Write a Bestseller – 10 Lessons Learned from Jack Canfield and Steve Harrison

Succeed Speaking

It’s no secret that a good book can help you achieve greater success as a speaker. They both have books on leadership.”

2012 56

Write a Great Book, Create a #1 Bestseller – 8 Simple Steps

Succeed Speaking

Brendon Burchard’s new book, The Millionaire Messenger, is #1 on both the New York Times‘ and USA Today‘s paperback advice/how-to bestseller lists. Well, I got an email from Brendon this week and he broke it down into eight steps: Write a great book with a core message that helps people. How did he do it?

Do e-book sales cannibalize print sales?

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Do e-book sales cannibalize print sales? Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services My Books Self-Publishing & Print On Demand creating e-books creating e-pubs e-books Kindle books sales of e-booksFind out what Paul Lima has experienced.

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Microstyle: The art of writing little

The Presenter's Blog

It is a travel guide for writing within the information economy. He wants us to play with language in all it’s textures.

Speakers - Where's Your Book?

Speak and Deliver

It's a good book, with some life-changing advice, if one chooses to apply it. Which brings me to a larger point: Where's YOUR book?

Author sells 10,000th self-published books

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

We interrupt this blog to make what I consider a wonderful announcement : Paul Lima has written and self-published 11  books in six years and has sold 10,000 copies of his books. Several of his books on writing are used by colleges and universities. Uncategorized business writing Freelance Writing Self-publishing

This week’s read – Writing great speeches

Pivotal Public Speaking

Writing Great Speeches : Professional Techniques You Can Use (Part of the Essence of Public Speaking Series) . by Alan M. Perlman.

Read a book -- you'll be a better speaker

Speak Schmeak

Dog-eat-dog" world sounds like "Doggy dog world" (although it makes no sense in context) if you've never seen it in writing. Read cookbooks.

2013 63

2 Webinars – Writing Query Letters & Finding Corporate Writing Gigs

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

I will be offering two webinars in September: How to Write Query Letters for Newspapers and Magazines Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (EDT) This webinar focuses on the writing and structure of query letters that you would submit to editors of newspapers and magazines to sell your article ideas.

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Create your own deadlines and get writing

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

From  Unblock Writer’s Block: How to face it, deal with it and overcome it  – with over 70 writing exercises to get you started and keep you writing. I am a freelance writer. earn my primary living writing news and magazine articles and documents (case studies, media releases, website content) for clients. And write.

2014 20

52 Books in 52 Weeks - 2014 Challenge Wrap-Up

Speak and Deliver

Below is my list of 52 books (which turned into 61 as I added new books along the way) that I set a goal to read and review in 2014.

2014 17

Writing services you can offer corporate clients

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Writing services you can offer corporate clients. Excerpt from  Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing: How to Develop Article Ideas and Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines & How to Find, Price and Manage Corporate Writing Assignments -  [link]. The writing is also frequently contracted out.

Now avail. as an ePub: “How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days”

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days is now available as an ePub you can read on your Kobo, iPad, Sony Reader or other devices that let you read ePub files. My Books how to write a non-fiction book in 60 days non-fiction book write a book

2011 10

How to write a presentation title that gets people flocking to your session

Speaking about Presenting

This is the way professional copywriters write headlines. The title of the book is a big part of it’s success. Promise benefits.

2010 96

Non-fiction book titles and SEO

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Excerpt from "Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook" on using SEO in your non-fiction book titles. Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services My Books Search Engine Optimization

Book 9 of 52 in 52: The Message of You - Judy Carter

Speak and Deliver

I named ''The Message of You'' as one of my top books of 2013 - and vowed to re-read it this year. It''s THAT good. Hire Judy. Hire me.

13 great books to help you succeed, create, & communicate better in 2013

Presentation Zen

One of the many things from his book that resonated with me was his strong belief that voracious reading was a key to his creativity. White.

2013 62

ASJA offers writing conference in Atlanta: Sat Nov 5

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Saturday, November 5, 2016: Dream Bold Atlanta Join ASJA for Dream Bold Atlanta, a one-day writing conference at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA, where freelance writers will have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with editors, content providers and agents. Freelance Writing News, events, and awards Professional organizations

GUEST POST: A literary agent reflects “On Authors and Book Talks”

Joan Detz Speaker Services

On Authors and Book Talks By Debbie Carter of Waverly Place Literary Agency Living in the hub of America’s book publishing capital, I see new books churned through New York’s publicity machine of readings and TV talk shows.  Every new book competes for a slot in bookstores, libraries, bars and colleges.

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2 Keynote Home Study Courses: Books 37 & 38 of 52 in 52

Speak and Deliver

Craig Valentine Darren LaCroix Keynote Speaking Patricia Fripp Speaking Audio Programs Speech Close Speech Marketing Speech Openings Speech Writing