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The Visual Thinking Revolution is Here!

Duarte Blog

Nor is it just a Western phenomena; visual thinking is going global, from Asia to Africa to South America. Want to create threat conditions?

Famous Speech Friday: Essie Washington-Williams: "I feel completely free"

The Eloquent Woman

In fact, an over-the-top array of adjectives and adverbs would have turned it into a parody. You can see her statement below. famous speeches

Schwarzenegger, like Reagan, knew power of performance art

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In the darkest days of California, which included the recall of then-governor Gray Davis, Schwarzenegger, reports Molly Ball in POLITICO , "emerged as an over-the-top parody of a take-charge politician.    He pulled that off with his genial persona and the promise of morning in America.

Observational Humor — Case Study #63

Humor Power

Bobby was a guest from another club.  He is a very funny guy and often kids about stealing other people’s jokes. 6.  As one of his amazing guitar numbers, Mike did a musical parody of Dueling Banjos , where he played a duel between a guitar and a middle-eastern instrument, using only an accoustic guitar. 7.  THE MONOLOGUE. Good laugh.).