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7 Tips to Ensure You’re Understood when Speaking to a Foreign Audience

Speaking about Presenting

If English speaking audiences find excessive use of these confusing, how much more our crowd of focus! AudienceSpeak to 12 year olds.

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How to Change the World: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

However, as soon as the audience figures out that you’re reading the text, it reads ahead of you because it can read faster than you can speak. The result is that you and the audience are out of synch. The symptoms of Ménière’s include hearing loss, tinnitus (a constant ringing sound), and vertigo. You can.

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what to do when you're losing the audience

The Eloquent Woman

We spent a lot of time talking about the need to start with your audience's needs, and the limited attention spans of modern audiences.

Some tips from a tip jar

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While waiting for our order, we noticed a large tip jar on the counter, with a list of names on it. Simple: It's a tip jar with a list of names.

Build the audience into your presentation

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Here's a quick tip to make your audience more receptive to your presentation: use their names in your talk!

How to accept a gift from your audience

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You've worked hard to give the audience your best. Doug Stevenson, over at Story Theater International , has a lovely post about how to handle your audience's praise. Go read Doug's tips and next time you speak, you'll be open and ready to receive your audience's gift of praise. What now? It's about them.

Picture Your Audience in Their Underwear

Executive Speech Coach

Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. Depending on your imagination and familiarity with your audience that might make you giggle uncontrollably. Ignore it. Never.

speaker/audience senior moments?

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The goal: you shouldn't lose your train of thought and the audience should be able to recall what you said. What to do?

20 tips for better conference speaking ~ Authentic Boredom

20 tips for better conference speaking ~ 16 February 2009 ~ View from on stage as I’m preparing to speak at An Event Apart New Orleans 2008. I’ll be straight up with you: I don’t profess to be an expert speaker. I’ve had my share of presentations that have been total flops, along with some very successful ones.

Guest post: 5 Tips for Conquering Q&A

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

When roles are reversed, and audience members are handed the microphone, many public speakers turn a brighter shade of purple. It entails giving the audience members opportunity to reply to the material you’ve been presenting by having them ask questions. So here are seven tips for conquering Q&A: 1) Use the Bucket Method.


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My tip of the day: Breathe. The other day, I was on a teleseminar where the speaker was out of breath the whole time.

hat tip: New Zealand gets our intro tips

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Using a lectern: do or don't?

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Following up on my post about where to put your notes , here's my quick tip about using a lectern: Don't. Okay, that's a little harsh.

Come early and stay late

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One of the easiest things you can do to alleviate anxiety before a presentation is to arrive early, hang out, and meet the audience members.

is your audience mumbling? or is it you?

The Eloquent Woman

Read this one if you--or a fellow speaker--complains about your audiences, and take Lim's advice: Be a healthy speaker and get your hearing checked!

Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

Web Ink Now Follow me on Twitter Your email address: Powered by FeedBlitz Search this blog WWW THE BEST OF WEB INK NOW Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking The one question to ask your prospective social media agency No blog? speech is not about you; it is about your audience. Thanks for the tips.

How do you know when you've nailed it?

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Because the audience was engaged the whole time. Why was the audience engaged the whole time? So I used the fresher story instead.

Presentation Tip - Ignore Grumpy

Executive Speech Coach

Presentation Tip - Ignore Grumpy Don’t get hung up over the one person whose body language suggests that he hates you. Don't focus on Grumpy.

No systems, no formulas

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That doesn't mean that there aren't some quick tips and tricks along the way. That's what everyone wants, right?

Give something of value - even if it's free

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Make it all about you instead of the audience, and you might find the crowd "hanging up" early. Is it just me? After a half hour, I hung up.


Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

How about "A Winter's Tale" for tips on coping with mid career changes? relate the stories to your audience's lives. (C) 2008 www.schrift.comIf you really want to succeed in business, study the masters: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates. and William Shakespeare. The Coach thinks. there is a message here for speakers.


Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

Here are some tips to reduce speech anxiety that I have gleaned from working with professional speakers over the last 24 years. Greet your audience as they arrive in the room. So harness your nervousness and focus your enthusiasm, your attention, and your message on the audience. Visualize your success at the lectern.


Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

Other successful speakers connect with their audience in the first few minutes with a riveting story, a funny incident, a startling statement , or perhaps a poem. For more articles on speaking tips go to: [link] The Coach quotes an easy way to craft your speech. And then tell ‘em’ what you told ‘em.’ (C)2008

How to Make a Favorable First Impression

Duarte Blog

Here are some tips to help those stepping into the spotlight shine. Practice - Audiences can tell when you’re unprepared.

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Speaker updates: Kindle, audioconference tips

The Eloquent Woman

On our sister blog, don't get caught news & info , you'll find we often cover topics and tips of interest to women and public speaking.

How to be a Great Speaker

Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

And there are many actors/actresses who can not speak to live audiences without cue cards. Here are a few tips I learned from them. 1. There are basically two kinds of presentations – Informative (to know) Persuasive (to do) Be sure you know what you want your audience to do as a result of your presentation. Body – Tell ‘em.

Free Presentation Tips

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Free Presentation Tips Register for your free Power Presentation Tips from George Torok, "The Speech Coach for Executives". Receive these free presentation tips every two weeks by email. Click here now to start receiving your Free Power Presentation Tips. What are people saying about the Power Presentation Tips?

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Top 6 Touchy-Feely Presentation Rehearsal Tips

More than PowerPoint...

Remember, you want to make an emotional connection with your audience. Get an Audience. An audience gives you emotional energy.

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Power Presentations Tip 46: Open and Close with Silence

Executive Speech Coach

Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. The audience is judging you and hence your message before you start speaking. That’s what the audience wants.

Presentation Tip - Speaking to the seven dwarfs

Executive Speech Coach

Presentation Tip – Speaking to the seven dwarfs Every member of your audience is different. Consider this challenge. Think again.

Power Presentations Tip 04:

Executive Speech Coach

Power Presentations Tip 04: Zip it. If that is your style then be aware that the audience isn't listening. Pause before you answer a tough question from the audience to emphasize the credibility and importance of your answer. George Torok Feedback "Love receiving "the TIPS". Zip it good. Your silence. As long as needed.

Power Presentations Tip 02

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Power Presentations Tip 02: Begin with the end in mind Stephen Covey offers this advice in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Give your audience a roadmap. Tell your audience, early in your presentation, where you are going. George Torok Speech Coach for Executives This tip is from the Power Presentations Tips.

A Magician’s Trick That Will Get Your Audience At The Edge Of Their Seats

The Public Speaking Blog

Steve tells us how to do this; before you step in front of an audience, take a deep breath. Audiences will always applaud skill. Really.

PowerPoint Tip: Using a Venn Diagram

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

The Venn diagram makes these distinctions visually clear for your audience. Here is an example I show in my workshops.

Power Presentations Tip 15: Move on Purpose

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Power Presentations Tip 15 Move on purpose Should you move when you present? Move when you want to catch the attention of your audience. After you have their attention and want your audience to listen, stand still while you speak. If you pace while you speak your audience will watch more than listen.

Power Presentation Tip 10: Emphasize key points

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Power Presentation Tip 10: How to emphasize your key points Your audience doesn't need to remember your presentation word for word. What must you do to ensure that your audience remembers your key points? Help them understand Use language that all of your audience can easily understand. Say the important point slower.

Power Presentations Tip 47: How to be more engaging

Executive Speech Coach

Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. The audience cheers in ecstasy, groans in disappointment or screams in anger. Engage your audience in your presentation.

Power Presentation Tips 14: Blackouts and Brownouts

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Power Presentation Tips 14: Shining through blackouts and brownouts One thing you needn't worry about is experiencing a blackout during your presentation. Someone else has to decide what to do with you and the audience. The bonus is that your smile tells the audience that everything is ok. mean you - not the room lights.

Power Presentations Tip 16: Open with Pizzazz

Executive Speech Coach

Power Presentations Tips 16 Open with Pizzazz Your presentation is composed of three parts - the opening, the body and the close. Your opening is important because it should do three things for you: Grab the attention of your audience. Establish rapport Talk and look directly at individuals in your audience. try this.

How to Establish Connection and Engage Your Audience like Barack.

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

NTU PPT TRAINING FILES The Shy Speaker's Guide to Success on Stage Tips & Strategies to Help You Speak Effectively to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Stay updated via RSS Get Gary Now!: Fear Busters - 10 Tips to Overcome Stage Fright! – 5 Tips to… Interview with Gary … on FREE MATERIALS! What was it?