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Steve Jobs on marketing & identifying your core values

Presentation Zen

It took Steve Jobs coming back in 1997 to get the Apple brand back on track after years of neglect. No company is. What's your core message?

1997 60

Rhetorical Devices: Epizeuxis

Manner of Speaking

Tony Blair, British House of Commons, 30 January 1997. And that means all of us. The And then they really didn’t like the way I looked, ’cause now I am black and bald and sitting on TV. This post is part of a series on rhetoric and rhetorical devices. For other posts in the series, please click this link. beautiful

Will the 2010 UK general election be the first one to leave us speechless?

Max Atkinson

So what? Otherwise, how could anyone get so excited about the dreary prospect of lengthy televised election 'debates' between party leaders?

Why did Labour members boo and clap when Miliband mentioned Tony Blair?

Max Atkinson

who led Ed Miliband's leadership campaign would be reminding us of these very same words (with apparent pride) in an interview with Kirsty Wark on BBC2's Newnight. If he isn't, I'm left with little or no idea about what he really stands for or what he's trying to tell us about the direction in which he plans to take his party.

Politicians and broadcasters in the UK: collaboration or capitulation?

Max Atkinson

General elections – as seen on TV – came across as lively contests between politicians who doing their best to persuade us with passion and conviction. For example, here's a BBC Newsnight report from last year, in which Michael Crick tells us what Messrs Clegg and Cameron have been up to during the day.

Speaking and sport

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

The version I did on this occasion allowed me to go into extra detail about comedy writing itself. I can remember how one of my earliest talks back in 1997 went very well at a Hampshire luncheon and led to a super testimonial letter and an invitation to return less than a couple of years later to speak some more on the same subject. Beware!