[Podcast] Boost Your Speaker Bookings with Social Media with Erin Gargan

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As a professional speaker, you likely have a presence on social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or something else. I mean, for years the experts have been telling us that we HAVE to be on social so by now, we’ve all jumped on that bandwagon. The post [Podcast] Boost Your Speaker Bookings with Social Media with Erin Gargan appeared first on Jane Atkinson. For many of us, the unfortunate answer is “No.”

7 Public Speaking Social Media Strategies

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How about Twitter, Linked In, and all the other Social Media platforms that exist today? What we read doesn't have the same effect on us as what we hear, does it? Even the jokes and placards of wisdom we share are essentially us sharing our voice with our followers.

Speaking lessons from a social entrepreneur

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I've always admired her loving and gracious approach to her work and her customers (even those of us on the periphery who show up at a trade show once a year!). I had the great pleasure of hearing Zhena Muzyka speak at a luncheon yesterday hosted by the Santa Barbara chapter of NAWBO.

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Storytelling through Social Media

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With the explosion of social media and mobile devices, the impact of these presentations has the potential to be felt far beyond the board rooms and conference halls for which they were originally designed. Come join Nancy Duarte at ad:tech SF on April 21st, as she speaks about transforming ideas into action through storytelling and amplification via social media. Tags: Event Message Strategy Technology ad:tech facebook linkedin social media storytelling twitter

Using storytelling to make a case for social change

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Sahel’s presentation is a wonderful example of a presenter using their personal story to (1) shine a spotlight on a social issue, and (2) to make a pitch for people to support her cause. Sahel takes us on a journey that begins with her own harsh childhood spent in an orphanage in Iran.

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"Social Disconnection" - Patches of It, Sure, But an Epidemic, Probably Not

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Only the condition is now called "social disconnection." " And, psychologist Jean Twenge has become famous documenting how socially disconnected Generation Z is. He argues that there isn't a social disconnection health epidemic.

Social Comparisons: For Class Discussion

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And so I thought this might make a useful class discussion in the interpersonal or hybrid courses—simply asking: In what other ways do social media encourage/make easy/facilitate our comparing ourselves to others? And, if you want to feel good about yourself, you might compare yourself to those you know are less effective than you (it’s called downward social comparison ), though there are values in comparing yourself to those you think are better than you ( upward social comparison ).

Is Your Company Socially Engaged?

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Podcast: Social Media is NOT New | Communication Steroids

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We have news for you: Social media has been around awhile. Tim ‘Gonzo’ Gordon and Roger Pike dig into the social media world and discuss the so-called ‘newness’ of those bright and shiny toys called Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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5 famous speeches by women candidates for U.S. president or vice president

The Eloquent Woman

But we do have a representative sample of the women who wanted to represent us through the ages, from the first to the most recent. She was not only the first woman to run for U.S. Shirley Chisholm''s 1969 introduction of the Equal Rights Amendment preceded her run for U.S.

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BigPR in U.S. - Will Mueller Investigation Throw Shade, What PR Firms Must Do

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Like many leaders in BigPR, Levick head Richard Levick is active on social networks such as LinkedIn Update. Some of us watchers of BigPR have a hunch that its mission is under attack. It isn't just the Mad Men industry-advertising-which is under attack.

Corsets come off in Downton Abbey. Time they come off for us as well

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World War 1 has changed the Downton landscape of Season Three socially, morally, and economically. When we ring-fence our IP it is because scarcity mentality tells us that if we release this precious idea, we’ll never get another one. Poor Lord Grantham. He has no idea what’s coming.

Social Recruiting: Strategy is everything

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  At the time we saw our mission as proving that social media was an effective low-cost tool for messaging and marketing.  Of course, we can regain our footing in the social media space. Get on board with social recruiting or get left behind." 

[Podcast] 6 Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Fix Them with Chris Tompkins

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Social media mistakes. Agency drops by to highlight how can you go from making common social media mistakes to a social media platform that on-boards people and converts them into enthusiastic evangelists. Social media mistakes. We’ve all made them.

Make Sure Everybody Knows Company's Social Media Rules.

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Make Sure Everybody Knows Company’s Social Media Rules by Roger Pike on February 1, 2011 Clients have been lost. Despite the undeniable, and exploding, market presence of social media, US business has been slow to react in at least one very important way.

The Worker Bee U.S. President

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They are: Withdrawing the U.S. Essentially this prohibits any NGO receiving U.S. Members of the media and users of social media will be busy. The conservative Drudge Report spent most of the weekend on football. But today, Monday, it got back to covering the dynamics of Trumpism.

The Future of Work - When That Means No Work for 50% of Us, Embrace of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

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The brutal reality is that the future of work could mean none of work for about 50% of us.   Clearly, in America, much of the population might have to be re-socialized to be willing to not think in the work box. The creation of 209,000 jobs in July 2017 is being cheered.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: KEY TO YOUR CAREER | Communication Steroids

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92 percent of businesses use social media to help find prospective employees. 70 percent check social media profiles at some point during the hiring process.* Another study found that 58 percent of business hired through social networks.*

Socialization/Capitalism and Their Discontents - Living Off Grid on Northwest Coast of WA

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So many of us have become downright overwhelmed by social pressures and the increased difficulty to survive financially.  But as in all societies, even ancient ones, mankind must be a bit social to survive. For socialization, their common beef is body shame.

11 Tips: When Technology Comes to Work

Matt Eventoff

Be aware of that when you pull one out in a meeting; so, #4 Tell us! 5 Social Media – Many organizations have a social media policy (and every organization should!) Technology in the workplace has certainly become a proverbial “double-edged sword.”

[Podcast] What’s New (and working) in Social Media with Chris Tompkins

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Chris Tompkins, social media expert and CEO of the Go! Agency is back to tell us what’s new and working, in social media. Social media changes fast. The post [Podcast] What’s New (and working) in Social Media with Chris Tompkins appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Chris Tompkins, social media expert and CEO of the Go! Agency is back to tell us what’s new and working, in social media. Social media changes fast.

Famous Speech Friday: Frances Perkins on the roots of Social Security

The Eloquent Woman

Frances Perkins led one amazing life focused on labor and social issues. As a social worker and political activist, she witnessed the infamous Triangle Fire in New York City in 1911 and ran the National Consumers League.

9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations With Social Media


Pioneer presenters are using social media to engage their audience and extend the reach of their ideas. Here are 9 tips for improving your presentations with social media. Recruit a Backchannel Team Social media can enrich your presentation, but it’s an extra ball to juggle.

9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations With Social Media


Pioneer presenters are using social media to engage their audience and extend the reach of their ideas. Here are 9 tips for improving your presentations with social media. Recruit a Backchannel Team Social media can enrich your presentation, but it’s an extra ball to juggle.

Social Network Wars - Snap Winning

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It's obvious that Facebook has become the social network for the demographic advertisers aren't interested in: The aging. It found that 47% of U.S. There are lots more grandkids photos than party-like-an-animal ones. And the text is full of middle-aged platitudes.

Social Media And The Economics Of Attention

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Each of us only has a “bank” of twenty-four hours in a day; and we have endless places to spend that time. There simply is no denying where that is: social media. The reason for social media’s growing dominance of the attention economy is simple. Look at me! Read me!

How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide " Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing


38 mins ago « Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: Jan 30, 2008 Silicon Valley Sightings: San Jose Mercury News » 67 How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide Categories: Conference Posted on January 30th, 2008 Yesterday, I moderated another panel, ( here’s a review ) and I’m told by the conference organizers it went well. Posted by Ignite PR | Blog - vlabFeb08, How To Advice, social networking on March 10th, 2008 at 12:07 pm [.]

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How social media remixes public speaking

The Eloquent Woman

More and more, I'm seeing that standard recipe get re-mixed, thanks to the influence of social media--and not just one kind of social media, either. Speakers who address audiences with "just between us in this room" remarks, beware.

From Creative Process to Global Politics: Insights from SXSW Interactive

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Where else can you hear Rainn Wilson’s thoughts on spirituality, Ray Kurzweil on artificial intelligence, Anthony Bourdain on social media, and Al Gore and Sean Parker on democracy? We learned about technology, transmedia, advertising, design, social media, and social change.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONTHLY: Print publication for web-based/mobile era

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONTHLY , published by Cool Blue Company, is a new print periodical focused on the evolution of social media. That   It's titled "Viral Video is Milli Vanilli, Social Video is the Rolling Stones."

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Snap + Twitter - Facebook's Social Dominance In Play

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As a result, Facebook is increasingly vulnerable to being squeezed out of owning the social territory. In Vanity Fair , Nick Bilton points out that recently Facebook has lost about one million users in the U.S. Both Snap and Twitter have learned how to make money.

Becoming CEO via Text Message

Matt Eventoff

Gerry Storch, former night news, sports and business editor of USA Today, and now editor of a new combination of blog/book called Ourblook , recently interviewed me regarding social media, journalism and the future of online communication: You work with corporate execs, politicians and other leaders in public speaking … what to say and how to say it. How do social media such as Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc.

Sex Offenders & Social Media

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Does banning sex offenders from posting on social media such as Facebook violate their right to free speech? That's what the U.S. Convicted of a sex offense years before, he was barred by the 2008 North Carolina from using social media such as Facebook which children can join.

Microstyle: The art of writing little

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The key-verb in that last sentence was “to play” This is exactly what Christopher Johnson wants us to do. He wants us to play with language in all it’s textures. Christopher Johnson would urge us to heed that lesson from history.

Famous Speech Friday: Victoria Woodhull's "Principles of Social Freedom"

The Eloquent Woman

The sisters also were the first women to found a newspaper in the U.S., Woodhull was a confidante of Henry Ward Beecher, one of the most prominent ministers and social reformers of the day. Victoria Woodhull led a fascinating life, without a doubt.

Talk like a human, not like a robot

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The rise of social media taught us that robotic corporate scripts do little to help customers connect to the brand. Coaching social mediaThis morning, a company rep told me, “”Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.”

Get Noticed in a Noisy World

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Good news, he was once one of us. Book Reviews Business Strategy Tips audience book marketing Michael Hyatt Platform review social media twitterMichael Hyatt will try to tell you he’s just like you and me.

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"Cool" - Is that a social-networking, media term?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

   Not by the trainer who is a Generation X, not by us participants who range from Baby Boomer me to members of Generation Y, and not by vendors from Generation X who made presentations.

Book Review: The Art of Immersion, by Frank Rose

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Immersive storytelling Today’s world is nonlinear, filled with always-on devices giving anywhere, any time access to media generated by those of us with a WordPress blog and a point of view. Business Communication Social Media Speechwriting Book Review storytelling transmedia

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Social Media Presence - Liability or Asset

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Forget all the free speech issues embedded in developing a social media presence. That is, the reality of the possible correlation between a social media profile and being hired for a job and/or being admitted to the state bar. A newer player in social media has been Preet Bharara.