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The fields of social media, sales, and public speaking, can all benefit when they work together. It teaches us to think in compelling sound bites. It teaches us to think in headlines that capture attention. It makes us think about the story-boards behind that story.

Speaking lessons from a social entrepreneur

Speak Schmeak

I've always admired her loving and gracious approach to her work and her customers (even those of us on the periphery who show up at a trade show once a year!). I had the great pleasure of hearing Zhena Muzyka speak at a luncheon yesterday hosted by the Santa Barbara chapter of NAWBO.

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The New Socialization: Be Authentic

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Platitudes spin us in an endless loop of pain.  Across America, the meme in communications is  authenticity.    That has displaced old-fashioned politeness and even civility in how we human beings interact with each other. In theory.

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Social Comparisons: For Class Discussion

The Communication Blog

And so I thought this might make a useful class discussion in the interpersonal or hybrid courses—simply asking: In what other ways do social media encourage/make easy/facilitate our comparing ourselves to others? And, if you want to feel good about yourself, you might compare yourself to those you know are less effective than you (it’s called downward social comparison ), though there are values in comparing yourself to those you think are better than you ( upward social comparison ).

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[Podcast] 6 Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Fix Them with Chris Tompkins

Speaker Launcher

Social media mistakes. Agency drops by to highlight how can you go from making common social media mistakes to a social media platform that on-boards people and converts them into enthusiastic evangelists. Social media mistakes. We’ve all made them.

Social Network Wars - Snap Winning

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It's obvious that Facebook has become the social network for the demographic advertisers aren't interested in: The aging. It found that 47% of U.S. There are lots more grandkids photos than party-like-an-animal ones. And the text is full of middle-aged platitudes.

Distressed Harley-Davidson's Brilliant Marketing Initiative - Hiring Interns to Ride/Document on Social Media Hogs Across U.S. of A.

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

and document their adventures on social media.   In addition, if the interns are cunning about marketing, they can leverage that experience into a big-time job with a public relations agency or launch a social media communications startup. 

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Podcast: Social Media Monitoring

Communication Steroids

Tim Gordon and Roger Pike take a look at a number of free social media monitoring tools. And check out Steve Farnsworth’s list of Free Social Media Monitoring tools.

7 Public Speaking Social Media Strategies

Speak and Deliver

How about Twitter, Linked In, and all the other Social Media platforms that exist today? What we read doesn't have the same effect on us as what we hear, does it? Even the jokes and placards of wisdom we share are essentially us sharing our voice with our followers.

How Gretchen Rubin Uses Social Media to Lead The Happiness Project Movement

Succeed Speaking

That’s an important lesson for all of us, isn’t it? Marketing Social Media Time Management Website StrategyWhen speakers ask me how to get more exposure for their speaking business, I often advise that they think of themselves as the leader of a movement.

Using storytelling to make a case for social change

Presentation Zen

Sahel’s presentation is a wonderful example of a presenter using their personal story to (1) shine a spotlight on a social issue, and (2) to make a pitch for people to support her cause. Sahel takes us on a journey that begins with her own harsh childhood spent in an orphanage in Iran.

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Snap + Twitter - Facebook's Social Dominance In Play

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As a result, Facebook is increasingly vulnerable to being squeezed out of owning the social territory. In Vanity Fair , Nick Bilton points out that recently Facebook has lost about one million users in the U.S. Both Snap and Twitter have learned how to make money.

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Sentence Structure: Admission to Elite U.S. Universities

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" The specific target market I was referring to was an elite university in the U.S.   My point was that the admissions committee, seeing all those run-on sentences, would assume the applicant in China would have difficulty with both classroom and everyday communications in the U.S.

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Financial Services Firms - If You Don't Leave Us Alone.

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For 27 months I lived among those who were essentially dependent on Social Security.   They had had the financial common sense to relocate from more expensive areas of the U.S. That's about half the average Social Security monthly payment. 

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Social Media Trumps Establishment Media (pun intended)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Not those of us who want to keep up with developments in Trumpville. If we decide we want to ponder some analysis of a Twitter Storm, we can roam without charges or gatekeepers to other social media sites such as, well, this blog. Who needs a paid subscription to The New York Times?

Social Media Presence - Liability or Asset

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Forget all the free speech issues embedded in developing a social media presence. That is, the reality of the possible correlation between a social media profile and being hired for a job and/or being admitted to the state bar. A newer player in social media has been Preet Bharara.

Storytelling through Social Media

Duarte Blog

With the explosion of social media and mobile devices, the impact of these presentations has the potential to be felt far beyond the board rooms and conference halls for which they were originally designed. Come join Nancy Duarte at ad:tech SF on April 21st, as she speaks about transforming ideas into action through storytelling and amplification via social media. Tags: Event Message Strategy Technology ad:tech facebook linkedin social media storytelling twitter

Speakers, You’ve GOTTA Get On Periscope!! (Says Who?)

Succeed Speaking

Maybe you’ve heard about this new social media/video streaming app called Periscope. So can YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and numerous other social media platforms. Maybe it seems like you’re hearing about it everywhere.).

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[Podcast] Boost Your Speaker Bookings with Social Media with Erin Gargan

Speaker Launcher

As a professional speaker, you likely have a presence on social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or something else. I mean, for years the experts have been telling us that we HAVE to be on social so by now, we’ve all jumped on that bandwagon. The post [Podcast] Boost Your Speaker Bookings with Social Media with Erin Gargan appeared first on Jane Atkinson. For many of us, the unfortunate answer is “No.”

Is Your Company Socially Engaged?

Communication Steroids

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The Worker Bee U.S. President

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

They are: Withdrawing the U.S. Essentially this prohibits any NGO receiving U.S. Members of the media and users of social media will be busy. The conservative Drudge Report spent most of the weekend on football. But today, Monday, it got back to covering the dynamics of Trumpism.

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The New Aging - Taking Social Security Early, Reverse Retirement

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Part of that is to sign up for their Social Security "early." According to the Social Security Administration, 57% are not waiting until 66. At age 62, 34% start drawing on Social Security. Both the cost of living, even in supposed affordable locations like the U.S.

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Podcast: Social Media is NOT New | Communication Steroids

Communication Steroids

We have news for you: Social media has been around awhile. Tim ‘Gonzo’ Gordon and Roger Pike dig into the social media world and discuss the so-called ‘newness’ of those bright and shiny toys called Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Boo! Financial Services Types Compulsive about Trying to Scare Us Aging

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

boost in our Social Security monthly payment, beginning in 2019. We received a 2.8% Medicare only went up $1.50 a month. At my apartment complex I get 25 bucks off a month because I am a senior. At Regal Cinema. Current Affairs Games legal Media Personal Musings Politics Values Web/Tech

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How to communicate social issues through art and parody

The Speaker Point

April 12, 2011 Posts Comments The Speaker Point Helping you master public speaking and communication skills Home Delivery Speech Analysis Making Money Preparation Reviews About How to communicate social issues through art and parody April 1, 2011 By Alex Cequea View Comments I’m using the term “art” very broadly here, because there’s really no other way to categorize these beautiful acts of self and collective expression.

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Death Penalty for Rober Bowers - Dangerous Move for U.S. Attorney's Office

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The U.S.   As the New York Daily News reports, U.S. Attorney Scott Brady has requested permission from U.S. That sure appealed to many of us until society overrode the message and directed us to college and a career path in Corporate America. 

Social Media And The Economics Of Attention

Communication Steroids

Each of us only has a “bank” of twenty-four hours in a day; and we have endless places to spend that time. There simply is no denying where that is: social media. The reason for social media’s growing dominance of the attention economy is simple. Look at me! Read me!

Content-Providers - Social-Media Presence Is Mandatory

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Help-wanted for content-providers ask us to frontload in our reply the social media platforms on which we were active. You bet, they want us to leverage those to repurpose. It happened abruptly.

Podcast: Communicating at Social and Business Events

Communication Steroids

Podcast: Communicating at Social and Business Events [11:12m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download From → Networking , Podcast Comments are closed.

Social Media And JOBS

Communication Steroids

If so, then chances are you’re going to be involved in social media. For the job seeker, Social Media is where it’s happening. The importance of the social media in today’s job market extends well beyond the job board / application process.

Social Media & Intimacy: It's possible

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Much of the interaction on social media is as stylized as the old corporate rhetoric of the 1970s. Things changed when one member of "The Group" shared with us that her daughter had breast cancer.

SOCIAL MEDIA: KEY TO YOUR CAREER | Communication Steroids

Communication Steroids

92 percent of businesses use social media to help find prospective employees. 70 percent check social media profiles at some point during the hiring process.* Another study found that 58 percent of business hired through social networks.*

Personal Branding - So Pre-Social Networks

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That's not how to sell, at least for most of us in 2015. Personal branding is totally 20th century, pre-social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Google+. It's through our timing, tone, content, and follow-up on social media that we sell in the era of social networks. That's why all law firms are posting those help-wanted for marketing directors who have social down cold. The bottom line is about getting business.

The New Aging - Benefits from Socializing Come Even From Relationships Lite

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

But, the older professionals I coach, although lonely, often don't even try to enhance their social circle. Well, research proves out that the benefits of socializing when aging come even through casual relationships. Of course, Medina hammers how important socializing is.

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Tim Ferriss Recommends Social Media Fast - Not on My Network

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The only-work-4-hours-a-week guru, Tim Ferriss, has a new meme: Taking a break or fast from social media. As Recode reports, Ferriss posits a correlation between reactivity and high consumption of social media. He perceives social media as a negative force, dragging down our spirit.

Podcast: Changes in Social Media Sites

Communication Steroids

Podcast: Changes in Social Media Sites [17:39m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download From → Uncategorized Comments are closed.

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Famous Speech Friday: Elizabeth Warren's silencing in the U.S. Senate

The Eloquent Woman

We always tell the smartest women to shut up because we recognize how powerful their words are and it scares us. Use your other microphones: As Warren demonstrates, you're not limited to the venues that ban your speaking, especially not with social media tools at your disposal.

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Jeb Bush - Time to let us in

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Tonight in South Carolina, Jeb Bush did the inevitable: He ended his campaign for the U.S. His book "A Common Struggle" let us in to the minds, hearts, and daily lives of the 1%. We Bush can also let us in.

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Social Media Influencers, like Ana Marie Cox, Elie Mystal, et al. - They guide only some of us if we should use the f-word

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It's by observing the communications habits of these social media influencers that we figure out if we should also leverage industrial-strength profanity in our public discourse. On Twitter, Ana Marie Cox uses the f-word. On Facebook, Elie Mystal does likewise.

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The First Social Media President

More than PowerPoint...

Barack Obama became the US president today. In a way, this inauguration marks the dawning of the age of our first social media president. Obama's team appears to have embraced social media. Tags: Blogging social media

How social media remixes public speaking

The Eloquent Woman

More and more, I'm seeing that standard recipe get re-mixed, thanks to the influence of social media--and not just one kind of social media, either. Speakers who address audiences with "just between us in this room" remarks, beware.

Crisis Media Preparation – 6 Crucial Rules

Matt Eventoff

The week began with the social media storm surrounding GreenPeace, Sinar Mas and Nestle, playing out on Nestle’s Facebook fan page. government U.S. This week has been rife with examples of organizations that have had a rough go in the media. There are new issues, a record fine and overall Washington troubles for Toyota (more on this here and here ). Front and center has been Massey Energy and the unspeakable tragedy unfolding in West Virginia.

Degree in Social Media?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Because social media was relatively new and involved instincts more than a knowledge base, I assumed it was insulated from the over-educating of America.  This help-wanted indicates that a degree in social media would be useful.