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Six straightforward speeches then facing up to a problematic presentation

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

April was fairly busy for talks, beginning with an evening booking speaking about The Power of Humour in Everyday Life for the Ringwood Tuesday Club at the town's Conservative Club. Whereas the room in the Con Club in Ringwood where I had spoken the previous week was brightly-lit, the bar-room this club uses is rather less so and I had to make sure that I was speaking from a position under a light where I could see my notes (as well as being a little more visible to the audience).

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Speaking and sport

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

Because my talks often involve anecdotes about amusing incidents that have happened at other speaking engagements, audiences usually assume that at my next booking I will be telling a story about them! In July, following my talk on My Life as a Freelance Comedy Writer for Durrington WI I sat at the front of the room in the village hall while they had their business meeting. I had a double booking the next day, the morning engagement being for Odiham District U3A in Hampshire.