How To Create Online Courses


What’s even more interesting is that online courses specifically comprise $46 billion of the total e-learning market. These numbers should come as no surprise as teaching online has become easier than ever. Anyone can now sign up with an e-Learning platform and publish an online course, and the great availability of learning management systems (LMS) allows you to host an e-course on your own website. Creating Online Courses: a Step-by-Step Guide.

How to Record a Presentation in PowerPoint


The options in this tab enable you to initiate recording for your presentations, take screenshots, add apps and quizzes to PowerPoint, preview your video, as well as to upload your video online or to export it offline. The supported features allow you to export and manage your Mixes online or as an MP4 file. As mentioned earlier, you can also upload your Mixes online and even manage them from your Office Mix account.

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10 Of The Best Tools For Hosting A Webinar

Presentation Guru

These may include: advertising online using pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, posting a YouTube video of screencasts, demos and events, or simply, conducting a webinar.… There are a number of methods used by individuals and organizations to reach a wide audience using the internet. … Technology Interaction presentation technology Video Webinar

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Blended Learning Models and How to Implement Them


Blended learning is a teaching method by which online educational content is blended with traditional teaching approaches. The teacher is responsible for delivering most of the curriculum, while employing the help of digital tools to provide online learning resources to students. The teacher might use a lab or make learning content available online for students to learn from. Students receive a lecture and then get some time to online work. Online Labs.

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Quick takeaways from Presentation Summit 2011–Day 3

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Connie Malamed on planning online learning. Production: S electing an authoring tool, finding graphics, recording audio & video, producintg interactions, animations, screencasts. ” It was a blend of two other presentations, I’ve done, but you can see one of them online here. Day 3 was the last day of the Presentation Summit and had fewer scheduled sessions. Nick Morgan on using stories to lead an audience to action.

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How to present like Michael Wesch

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You can now find an online video on virtually any topic. Screencast of process of lending money through Kiva. But a screencast (a screencast is a video of a computer screen) would be that much more real. Michael Wesch studies YouTube the way David Attenborough studies insects and lizards. Along the way he’s developed a superbly engaging presentation style.

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Making slides special: A presenter's quartet of great resources

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Here's a quartet of fresh resources, ideas and inspiration that will help you think about (and make) a presentation that's more energized and effective: Do you screencast? Just as with webinars and conference calls, there's an art to screencasting, an online presentation in which you show what's essentially a movie of how a website changes from page to page, with audio or sometimes inset video narration.

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