Don't Cry Massachusetts For Scott Brown

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Scott Brown is not one of the five defendants in Andrea Tantaros' sexual harassment lawsuit. But he is mentioned in that complaint about what sex-related antics allegedly went down at Fox News.

Democrat Elizabeth Warren has defeated Republican Sen. Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race

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In Morning Joe Interview, Obama Talks Libya, Debt, And Ideas ‘I Stole From A Massachusetts Governor’

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Newtown, Connecticut: It could become tourist mecca like Salem, Massachusetts

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This is a capitalist society so some alert entrepreneurs could spot the tourism potential in Newtown, Connecticut just as they did in Salem, Massachusetts

How You Can Profit from the Massachusetts Gubernatorial Race

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Here in Massachusetts, we have a gubernatorial race that is an object lesson for students of public speaking everywhere.    The result is that annoying nasal sound that has made this campaign seem inordinately long to voters in Massachusetts.     More importantly, perhaps, the voters of Massachusetts would be far happier listening to them speak. 

The Presidential Debates: Round 1. Our Analysis

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Finally however, the reason Romney gets full points, was that he ended with talking about his pride in how he created the Massachusetts health care program while he was that state’s Governor, and strongly framed it as being an example of cascading more power to the states.

James Comey - Hexed?

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There are several in Salem, Massachusetts.  Perhaps James Comey has been victim of a spell cast on him. Not only did he lose his powerful position as F.B.I. director. Last January, report the Daily Mail , he took a $500k hit on the sale of his Westport, Connecticut house.

Want to boost conference attendance? Add women speakers

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I think "mainstream" conferences should get smart and take your cue from conferences like the Massachusetts Conference for Women , which can brag about a sold-out attendance of more than 10,000.

Presenters, Be Thankful For These 4 Things

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In the early 1600s around Plymouth, Massachusetts the pilgrims observed days of thanksgiving to offer gratitude for the bountiful harvests. Some 400 years later we celebrate a day of Thanksgiving to offer gratitude for our bounty -- friends, family, good health and good fortune.

RFK Family Mischief - How Quaint

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The Kennedy aura has hovered again in Barnstable, Massachusetts. An arrest of two members of the Robert F. Kennedy dynasty for loud partying brought us back to a more simple time. That was the early 1960s and the emergence of the Kennedy dynasty.

Nicholas Paggi - The Hacking Mindset

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That has been a quest among many associated with that STEM-oriented institution of higher learning in Cambridge, Massachusetts.   What generations before him called a "prank," Millennial IT expert and MIT alumnus - Nicholas Paggi - thought of as "hacking."

President Trump Blows It with Over-Used Buzzphrase "Witch Hunt"

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"Witch hunt" should be buried along with those who had been convicted of being witches in colonial Salem, Massachusetts. At a time when the new U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions needs top-level support, the president Donald Trump blows it.

Famous Speech Friday: Lupita Nyong'o on following your fear

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And in late 2014, she tackled a more challenging speaker role, as keynote speaker at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. Oscar winner Lupita Nyong''o has already made her mark as an actor, as a style icon, and as a public speaker.

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The Top 5 Communications Lessons from 2010

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  For example, Scott Brown won the by-election in Massachusetts not only because he was an effective communicator, but also because his opponent, Martha Coakley, was ineffective, and managed to insult not only Massachusetts voters, but also Red Sox fans, something you don’t do in the Bay State.  One last item to tick off the list for last year before I get fully up to speed in 2011:  who were the best communicators in 2010 – and why? 

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Tuning yourself mindfully: What meditation can do for public speakers

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Kabat-Zinn, author of many books and recordings about mindfulness meditation, including Wherever You Go, There You Are , is an emeritus professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts medical school.

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Harvard University - Job Opening As Director Of Communications

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Now, the plum is an opening in the Department of Public Affairs at Harvard, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The last time I posted a help-wanted in communications on this blog was for an opportunity at The Economist. To me, that was a job to die for.

Famous Speech Friday: Angelina Grimké's 1838 speech at Pennsylvania Hall

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Angelina Grimké was the first woman in the United States to address a legislative body, testifying about slavery in 1838 before the Massachusetts State Legislature.

Joe Kennedy III Establishes Meme of Midterm Elections with "This Is Not Right"

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Joe Kennedy III, grandson of Robert Kennedy, stole Donald Trump's thunder (which endured 70 minutes) with a short talk in Fall River, Massachusetts.

How Rush Limbaugh is helping me celebrate Women's History Month

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Elizabeth Warren, currently a candidate for the Massachusetts state senate, was called a whore by a heckler in November. I have to confess: I struggle with Women's History Month. Every year when March rolls around, I'm reminded how tough it is to write about an issue like women and public speaking when, as Kathleen Hall Jamieson so succinctly put it, "History has many themes. One of them is that women should be quiet." Not a great start for a post celebrating the month, but true.

Cambridge, MA - Major Step for Shutting Down Puppy Mills

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If puppy mills in New England can't sell their products (ranging from dogs to gerbils) in stores in classy Cambridge, Massachusetts, they might decide to shut down. 

Christopher McCowen - Public Relations Push for New Trial

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Eventually, the Truro, Massachusetts trash collector - Christopher McCowen - was convicted of murder and more. She was a brandname fashion writer for glam publications such as Elle. Her father was a Harvard-educated lawyer.

World Champion Speakers

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Loghandran (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Second Runner up--Katherine Morrison (Massachusetts) What can we learn from these champions?

Iowa Caucus: Mitt Romney Wins Squeaker Over Rick Santorum. Mike Bako on Headline News

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Mike Bako on Headline News: It came down to a razor-slim margin of votes Tuesday night (January 3) between former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Senator Rick Santorum. Romney came out on top after running in a tie with Santorum at 25 percent of the vote for much of the night, winning the Iowa [.]. Analysis Crisis Communications Government & Politics News Press Room Video headline news mike bako Mitt Romney Ron Paul

Elizabeth Warren - Megawatt Celebrity Doesn't Necessarily Mean Electability

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Warren has a lot of grassroots outreach to do with voters in Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren , like Hillary Clinton, has achieved megawatt celebrity status. Just about everyone knows her name. But stardom doesn't necessarily translate into electability. Clinton lost Campaign 2016.

Mitt Romney Bobs and Weaves: Mike Bako on Wall Street Journal Radio

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Mitt Romney’s rivals for the Republicanpresidential nominationlaid into him during a heated debate Tuesday night, accusing him of a lack of commitmentto conservative values and attacking the health-care overhaul he shepherdedinto law as Massachusetts governor.

Vanessa Marcotte, Karina Vetrano - Lookalike Victims of Serial Killer?

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As the Daily Mail reports, Massachusetts law enforcement is not ruling out the possibility that Vanessa Marcotte and Karina Vetrano were killed by the same person. Could there be a jogger serial killer along the Northeast Corridor?

Vanessa Marcotte, 2nd Female Jogging Alone, Murdered

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A Google employee based in New York City, she had been jogging by herself near her mother's house is Princeton, Massachusetts. Have being a female and jogging alone become reckless behavior? Or, should the accountability for two recent murders fall on public safety officials? 

Addiction Meme - No Joke in MA

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But, in Massachusetts, addiction is no joke. For too long humor has taken the form of saying one is "addicted to a certain television series such as "Breaking Bad" or food like Doritos. The expected response is laughter.

Fortune 500 - Use of Blogs, Social Media Declines

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No reason is given by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research for the decline in the use of blogs and social media by the Fortune 500.

It's Brown: Will Dobbs Be Next?

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Senate seat by a significant margin in Massachusetts: 53% to his Democratic opponent's 46%.    This Massachusetts earthquake is already affecting influence and power Inside the Beltway.  GOP previous-unknown Scott Brown won  a U.S.   The Democratic hold on the U.S. Senate has taken a hit.    The President, only one year into his first term, has been delivered a nasty message from the people about his seeming socialistic policies. Political

Speechwriter - Author

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She has speechwriting credits from South Africa to Massachusetts. Congratulations to political journalist and speechwriter Charlene Smith for her biography of Nelson Mandela. Charlene had her first face-to-face interview with Nelson Mandela on his third day in prison. This authorized biography contains a foreword by Nobel Peace prize-winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. . I met Charlene when I conducted a speechwriting workshop for ASJA (the American Society of Journalists and Authors).

Time Zones Matter - A Lot

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So, it's puzzling why Charlie Baker, who is the governor of Massachusetts, wants to opt out of the annual ritual of daylight savings time. As the followers of Donald Trump well know: Gov over-regulates.

Contract Drivers v. Uber - It's back to the drawing board

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Uber Technologies" as well as a similar class action suit in Massachusetts. No surprise, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen rejected the proposed $100 million settlement in class action "O'Connor v.

Salem 1692 - Yet Happy-Valley View of Human Nature Dominates U.S.

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During nine months in 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts, 20 people were murdered by the state. They were convicted of being witches or wizards. Nineteen were hanged. One was crushed to death.

Sins of Sons, Well-Being of Parents - Cameron McDermott, Andrew Bachman

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This reminds us of the situation of Boston, Massachusetts entrepreneurial millennial Andrew Bachman.  The New York Post refers to Carmeron McDermott, 31, as a preppy trust-fund kid in the headline. So, of course, we are all going to be all-eyeballs.

AirBnb Vs. Small Town America

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Take Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Airbnb is usually associated with large urban areas. There, motivation is high to get a deal on lodging for a short-term stay. Hotels can run into the hundreds of dollars per night. 

FUN! When It Pulls Revelers toward Death

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During the Boston, Massachusetts Cocoanut Grove fire on November 28, 1942, 400 had died. On February 20, 2003, about 11 P.M., the Great White concert pyrotechnics ignited flammable foam used to soundproofing. The setting was the crowded Station nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

Tourism - Selling Experience, Not Scenery

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The "witch shop" in Salem, Massachusetts takes tourists in the back and trains them to conjure up their own spirit guides. "The Pine Tree State kicked off a review of its tourism PR account on Oct. 2, putting the mid-six figure account in play for the second time in two years." 

Staples, Tech & Small Business - Mahria Barango To The Rescue

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 I ask the powers that be at Staples headquarters in Massachusetts to recognize Barango's outstanding customer service.  Yesterday was my first tech crisis in my new location - Tucson, Arizona.  The client wanted documents scanned.

MASS - Lots of Blame To Go Around

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The political sites will have server-crash tonight when the winner in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race is announced.    It will likely be GOP Scott Brown and the blame game has already started among the Democrats.    Democrat state attorney general Martha Coakley is blaming the White House and the Democratic National Committee.    That list of miscreants will be expanded.