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Consider attending the NRECA conference in Kansas City, MO … May 10-13. (No, NRECA consistently offers an outstanding conference, covering a wide range of communication topics: * Integrating Social Media into Organizational Communications. * Communicating through Crisis. * How to Use Social Media to Save Your Marketing Dollars. * All Politics is Local: Our Energy, Our Future. * Leading a Culture of Service Excellence.

How to Speak & Deliver in 2016

Speak and Deliver

I've been OUT there speaking and delivering - at conferences is New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas City. I'm going to be less so this year, while still aiming to bring new thoughts to topics that might be old ground here. Great Caesar's Ghost! Has it really been since September 7th, 2015? Has Speak & Deliver been left dormant for 4 long months? Indeed, it appears so.

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Book 9 of 52 in 52: The Message of You - Judy Carter

Speak and Deliver

I now use her format, and variations of it based on topic, audience, and discipline, to coach my clients - and they''ve had great results. I''ve used the format on my own keynotes, and my presentations in Kansas City & Toronto last Fall were improved over anything I''d done in the past. I named ''The Message of You'' as one of my top books of 2013 - and vowed to re-read it this year.

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Famous Speech Friday: Debi Jackson on her transgender child

The Eloquent Woman

cities this year. Mothers get five minutes or so on stage, and cover every topic under the sun. In Kansas City in May, Debi Jackson''s turn at the microphone captured listeners all over the world as she described her 6-year-old transgender daughter''s transition from boy to girl at age four. The Listen To Your Mother tour (motto: "Giving motherhood a microphone") is an important platform for women speakers, with events in more than 30 U.S.

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