Create a soft look with semi-transparent images in PowerPoint

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You can’t make an image itself transparent in PowerPoint, but there’s a workaround. Why would you want to make an image transparent? To overlap images. How to create a semi-transparent image. Here are the steps: Insert the image onto a slide.

4 secrets to choose the best images for your slides

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You use images in a presentation for 3 reasons: To help your audience understand what you are saying. How do you choose the best images for your presentation? It’s simple, but big images will be more impactful than small ones. Images images photos pictures

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Quickly create a grid of tiled images

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They help you lay out multiple images in a preset pattern. They even crop the images for you! ” An array of product images. I was able to search for “hand” and get a number of images showing hands. S elect the images that you want.

Don’t use placeholders for images, unless…

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She would click the Picture icon in the content placeholder to insert the image. But whenever I reset the layout, PowerPoint would do weird things with the image, resizing it or moving it. For most slides with a large image, I use the Title Only layout.

A complete repertoire of image treatments

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I’m sure you know that images are important for presentations. (If I’ve realized that I have a repertoire of image treatments that I use. With these treatments, you’ll always have a way to create beautiful image slides. Isolated image. Images in SmartArt.

How to specify the position of an image or object on a PowerPoint slide–precisely

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Recently someone left a comment on my website asking how to specify the position of an image precisely. Setting the position of an image is easy — what’s hard is finding the setting! To switch an image, right-click it and choose Change Picture.).

Highlight one part of an image in color

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Highlighting a part of a grayscale image in color really makes it stand out! Backgrounds & color Contests & giveaways Images background color image photoRic Bretschneider wrote a blog post a while back that uses a similar technique to create a blurred background.

Five Ways to Polish Your Vocal Image

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On this long weekend, you might want to take some time to work on your vocal image while you have some time. vocal power intention vocal imageHere are five ways you can use the time to your advantage (Note: This also might be just what you need to add the icing to the cake when you are speaking with [.].

Book Preview: The Age of the Image, by Stephen Apkon

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Christopher Caldwell writes in the Weekend FT about a new book, The Age of the Image: Redefining Literacy in a World of Screens, by Stephen Apkon (available tomorrow on Amazon). Apkon argues that there is a new kind of global literacy, based not on words, but images.

Use abstract images to create backgrounds for slides and shapes

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You can use abstract images to create interesting, textured backgrounds for slides or shapes. For example, Nancy Duarte’s signature slide uses a textured image background. Here’s an example, using abstract images as a fill for the shapes of a diagram.

From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – Finding the Right Images

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Hours can be wasted searching online image libraries and copying images from google is a big no. There is an art to finding visuals that support your message.

Remove an image background in PowerPoint 2010

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One of the new features of PowerPoint 2010 is the ability to remove the background of an image. PowerPoint 2010 lets you specify which parts of the image you want to keep or discard. It doesn’t always work perfectly, but for the right image — usually one with clear outlines — it’s a great tool. Tags: Images background images PowerPoint This is different from making one color in the background transparent, which you can do in earlier versions. (I

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Book Review: The Age Of The Image, by Stephen Apkon

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Stephen Apkon’s new book, The Age of the Image: Redefining Literacy in a World of Screens more than lives up to last week’s preview in the Financial Times. Images are replacing written communication Newspaper circulation is down while [.].

12for12 April Challenge: Review Your Image

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Now, for our fourth challenge: Review Your Image. The question is this: What image are you consistently portraying to your customers, clients, audiences and prospects? Review Your Image Challenge 1. Is it consistent with the image you hope you're projecting?

How to combine images and make them look like they belong together

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It’s hard to find a series of images that work together, in this case the broken egg and the whole egg. Actually, that wasn’t hard; I found them both in Microsoft Office’s Image Gallery. Images combine images persuasion

3 techniques to copy formatting in PowerPoint

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Here are the steps: Format an object the way you like; it could be a shape, some text, or an image. You can use the Format Painter or Pick Up and Apply Style on a picture or shape, but let’s say you want to change the image or shape without losing the formatting.

Increase understanding and retention with the Tell ‘n’ ShowSM method

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What their studies found in common was the importance of using images. To me, the concept of pairing images with text is a no-brainer and obviously helpful to the audience. Then add an image, chart/graph, map, or other graphic to show your point.

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Congratulations to the winner of the “Highlight one part of an image in color” contest!

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Congratulations to Rae Drysdale for the winning entry in the contest. I received several excellent entries, but Rae’s choice of photo made the color really stand out! The photo’s movement is also striking.

Office Clip Art gallery is going away

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Also, the post says, “Customers can still add images to their documents, presentations, and other files that they have saved to their devices.” The blog post says that you can add images using Bing Image Search. In the Bing Image Search box, enter a keyword.

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How to insert 3D into PowerPoint

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Images 3d in powerpoint 3d into powerpoint 3D model how to insert 3D into PowerPoint insert 3d insert 3d in powerpiont insert 3d into powerpoint Paint 3D Remix 3D3D is here! Yes, you can now insert certain types of 3D models into PowerPoint, rotate them and even animate them.

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Using BIG circles on slides to make a bold, modern statement

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Fill a large circle with an image. You can fill a large circle — or a portion of a circle — with an image. Your choice of image will make a big difference. I sometimes like to work backwards, so start by inserting the image you want to use.

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Inserting icons in PowerPoint 365

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Icons are vector files, just like PowerPoint drawing objects are, so you can resize them and they never get pixelated — unlike bitmap images such as JPGs and PNGs. Designer: Slide layout suggestions when you insert an image or bulleted text.

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Create a vignette effect to make a photo more powerful

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Designers use this effect to make the center of the image stand out. Insert a rectangle over the image. Images gradient shadow vignette A vignette effect on a photo typically places a dark, semi-transparent border around it.

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Crop a picture by an exact measurement in PowerPoint

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This will involve cropping the image to get rid of the parts that I don’t want — and leave just the head. Here are the steps that I used in PowerPoint 2013: Right-click the image and choose Format Picture. Images crop image measurement photo picture precisely

How to format photos that are cut off — like part of an arm

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What if I can’t move the image to the edge of the slide? Sometimes, you just can’t move the image to the edge of the slide. Images cut-off formatting images photos

Anatomy of a custom graphic

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” I needed a striking graphic for the first slide that combined the concept of the mind with an image of DNA. I certainly wasn’t going to find it, so I knew I had to create a custom image. I started with an image that I’ve used before.

What's your vocal image? part 1

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(Editor's note: I asked vocal trainer Kate Peters to share a guest post on one of her specialties, helping speakers develop a great vocal image--and she's generously provided enough material for a three-part series. What makes up vocal image?

Three traps when using images in your presentation

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My post Presentation Images: Are you making these mistakes? German presentation trainer, Anke Troeder wrote about combining words and images in your presentation , and I invited her to elaborate on that comment. Image traps. Images can mean different things to different people.

Format quotations to get attention

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The ideal way to format a quotation is with an image of the person who said it. I also added a shadow to match the shadow on the painting image. Shapes & text boxes ImagesI see a lot of presentations with quotations on them and they’re almost always boring.

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How to show paper forms or software screens on a PowerPoint slide

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If you have a paper form (or document), you’ll need to scan it and save it as a JPG or PNG image. I recommend saving all images in the same folder as the presentation file itself. Then insert the image onto a slide by choosing Insert> Picture(s).

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Icons are hot now — how to get, make, and use icons

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The idea is that you look at the image and immediately know what it means. Because our brains remember images better than text, your audience will be more likely to remember the concepts you want to convey with an accompanying image. Iconography is hot in design now.

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A quick way to design better photo slides–the 3-side rule

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A vertical image covering 1/2 of the slide. A horizontal image covering most of the slide. A horizontal image covering the entire slide. Design Design principles Images images photos slide design

Create training courses with screenshots within PowerPoint

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Back in PowerPoint, choose the Insert tab and in the Images group, click Screenshot. You see thumbnail images of the available screens, as shown on the right. Move and/or crop the image. Images courses screenshots trainers training

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Your presentation deserves the same respect as your website and brochures!

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But her slides didn’t reflect that high-end image. And be in line with the image you want to portray? But… There were lots of images and lines of flying in, mostly in from the bottom. Format images nicely. A story.

Create a screenshot and screen recording in PowerPoint

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If you create training presentations, especially technical ones, you often need to include screenshots (static images of the screen) and screen recordings (videos showing activity on the screen). Images Multimedia: Music, sound & video screen capture screen recording screenshot

5 Steps to Greater Influence in Meetings (PSSST)

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vocal image vocal power conversations leadership listening One of my clients, who is determinedly on track for a promotion in a fast-paced corporate environment asked me, “How can I insert myself more into conversations and meetings?”

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Create a checklist graphic in PowerPoint

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I’ve also used images from Fuzzimo, which you can get here. The Fuzzimo images contain a number of Post-it notes, so duplicate the file and then crop to the one you want. I used the Fuzzimo image and cropped it to eliminate some extra white space around the edges.

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Your voice on conference calls: How to show up when no one can see you

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Presence Vocal Image conference call engagement perceptionRecently, I facilitated a workshop for a group of people who work in their pajamas. One of them told me that she will do her hair and makeup for the rare call when her customer turns on her video camera, but normally she doesn’t have to worry about being seen. What she has to worry […].

Create clear, iconic illustrations in PowerPoint with (gasp!) clip art

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When you choose line art, you usually want to find WMF images. The great feature of WMF images is that you can convert them to PowerPoint objects and ungroup them. Hover your cursor over any image to see its specifications. You’re looking for WMF images.

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From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – and Why It Matters

Presentation Guru

In this article, Robert Lane shares his helpful and relevant advice on how our brains behave when faced with text over visuals. … Powerpoint Visuals Design Principles featured Making it Memorable Stock Images Visual Language