A Quick Guide To Write a Project Charter


In particular: Ensure that the font sizes will work for different screen sizes Avoid using animations as these may not look great during screencasting if someone’s connection is slow Provide enough white space to make the on-screen reading experience easier.

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How To Create Online Courses


You can also replace videos with animated, interactive PowerPoint presentations and screencasts. Below you’ll find format and layout tips, advice on fonts and navigation, plus some great educational PowerPoint templates you can swipe. Fonts and Font Pairings. Avoid using overly decorative or script fonts as those will be harder to comprehend, especially on smaller screens. Go classy with a sans serif or a serif font for your main texts.

Little-used methods to make the delivery of your PowerPoint stand out

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This works best with a PowerPoint slide with a plain background with your message written on it in a clear font in a large point size. PowerPoint doesn’t have an easy way of printing the SlideSorter view, click here for a screencast on how to do it. There’s a revolution in the design of PowerPoint slides, but not the delivery. Most speakers still rely on their slides to cue them.