4 Ways to Use Storytelling in Marketing That Have Nothing to Do With Heart Wrenching Videos

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Relating to your customer can make the difference between a well-received campaign or a flop. The key to convincing execs to up your budget is to prove to them past ROI. In fact, studies reveal that marketing leaders who were able to prove ROI were 1.6

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Overcoming Sunk Cost Fallacy: Get Better at Decision-Making


In other words, you incur certain sunk costs when you are launching a new product or an entirely new company. Treat every investment as an option – to experiment with a new product, test a new marker, etc. ROI achieved so far.

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How to Start a Presentation: 5 Strong Opening Slides and 9 Tricks To Test


Knowing how to start a presentation is crucial: if you fail to capture the audience attention right of the bat, your entire presentation will flop. I was receiving thousands of emails saying that someone just bought another product from our company.

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